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  1. Things were so much simpler in the old days
  2. FrozenMojito

    Hook a Floater

    For most adults this would just be a reminder of the days before dog owners were quite so conscientious about picking up after their canine companions. And, "Grow Your own Poo"? I do that every day all by myself 😃 💩
  3. FrozenMojito

    Anyone invest in copper bars?

    The current spot price of copper is $6277 per tonne* = £4929 per tonne = £4.93 per kg = £2.47 per 500g Copper rounds come in some interesting designs and are cool to have but a ~500% markup for a 500g bar is a bit too much for me. YMMV etc etc * https://www.lme.com/en-GB/Metals/Non-ferrous/Copper#tabIndex=0
  4. FrozenMojito

    What Does It Mean If A Coin Is A Privy Coin

    i've got two in my flat. One in the en suite and one for visitors 😃
  5. FrozenMojito

    Grand Solar Minimum

    Erm - you do know that's a scene from a computer generated video, right? It's done using the Unreal Engine. There are many fascinating undersea ruins around the world, but that's not one of them. Amongst the real discoveries are the cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus. There was a fascinating exhibition about them at the British Museum a couple of years ago. It included a number of very beautiful and well-preserved silver and gold items including coins depicting Ptolemy I and Alexander the Great.
  6. FrozenMojito

    Today I Received.....

    Today the nice DHL man brought me a tube of shiny silver eagles, tasty and fresh from the oven. So now I'm listening to Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers, naturally 😃
  7. FrozenMojito

    Grand Solar Minimum

    Sounds like something James Lovelock said (although in his case he said it "will" happen, not that it "needs to" happen). But then he's always been a bit of a silly sod. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Lovelock#Climate
  8. FrozenMojito

    Sovereign packaging

    Thanks folks, you've convinced me. They're staying in their little red packages.
  9. FrozenMojito

    Today I Visited

    Wow I always thought that was the outside of a building, an opera house or something, on the coin. It looks a bit like the front of the British Museum. Still, nice to see a massive organ once in a while...
  10. FrozenMojito

    Sovereign packaging

    Hello folks I have a small handful of sovereigns, most of which I keep in capsules. But, I have a few which, when I bought them, were supplied in dark red cardboard blister packs (front and back shown below). I've thought about taking them out and putting them in capsules, but I'm wondering if it's better to keep them in this packaging, in case it makes a difference should I want to sell them at some point. These are bullion coins, so I suspect the answer is "no", but I thought I'd ask the knowledgeable folks here as well. What do you think? These are from 2015. Are new sovereigns still supplied in this kind of packaging?
  11. Hello folks I like finding these unusual coins in my change but on this occasion it wasn't me but my dear old Mum who got them and passed them on to me 😊 First one is one of the original £2 coins from the 90s (specifically 1995 in this case, 50 years anniversary of the end of WW2) released before the current bimetallic £2. Same diameter but slightly thicker than the current £2. I know they're not rare but I didn't realise many of these had actually entered circulation so I was surprised to see it. Second one is one of the very nice 350th anniversary of the fire of London £2, also not rare but I don't recall finding many before. They've both gone in my tin of interesting coins 😃
  12. Evening folks New member from the trackless wilds of east Hampshire here. I guess my story is not that unusual- I started out investing in shares and ETFs- I don't mean that to sound grand, I'm just a small time investor- but even so after my portfolio reached a certain size I decided I needed to branch out into some different asset classes including precious metals. Of course, shiny things are alluring, so I've ended up with slightly more physical metals than I originally planned and I've also become a bit more numismatically inclined too. I refer to my collection as my micro-hoard. It is mostly made up of British gold and silver (Sovereigns, Britannias, Queen's Beasts etc). I'm sure it will never be massive, but it's a lot more fun to look at than numbers on a screen. Apart from that, I work in IT, travel a bit, and I live with my wife, some guitars and a squillion books. See you around in the forums --- Col aka FrozenMojito