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  1. Just a reminder that the Gruffalo coins are released at midnight tonight. Anyone staying up late? I might be in for a silver proof if they've got 'em
  2. FrozenMojito

    £1 sold for £5000 ?

    I've got one of those £1 coins. If anyone wants it I'll accept £4995 😀
  3. FrozenMojito

    Anyone like Chess?

    I kind of expected that I image-searched the picture and found a company called powercoin.it pre-saleing it for €290 which is a bit much for the silver in it but I kind of want one. I imagine the delivery would be pretty expensive too though.
  4. FrozenMojito

    Anyone like Chess?

    Where can I get one of those chess set coins?
  5. FrozenMojito


    I have always been fascinated by treasure hoards that are occasionally dug up in the countryside and so on. In 2007 a more recent hoard was discovered in a garden in Hackney- a jam jar full of American gold double eagles was dug up. It turned out it was put there by a German Jewish refugee in WW2. The Museum of London tracked down their descendants and handed over the gold. Must have been a nice surprise. I like to think I am an honest chap but really I'm not sure what I would do if I ever discovered a treasure like that. Especially if nobody else was around at the time. There's an interesting book called "Hoards: Hidden History" by Eleanor Ghey published by the British Museum that I highly recommend to anyone else who is similarly fascinated. Picture is of the Hackney hoard.
  6. FrozenMojito


    I guess many of us who collect/stack silver and gold probably have a little bit of the "hoarder gene"- I certainly do and if I didn't keep it in check, then instead of living with my wife and a few thousand books I'd be living here alone with several million books. Of course with some people it gets a bit out of control and the result is videos like this- a Canadian antique shop owner buys a hoarder's house and spends weeks clearing out all the stuff... following the story through the set of videos is fascinating.
  7. FrozenMojito

    Outrageous train prices

    Bus from Swansea to Cardiff airport : £4.75 Flight from Cardiff to Faro (Portugal) on FlyBe : £57 Flight from Faro to Gatwick on EasyJet : £92 Bus from Gatwick to central London : £10 There ya go matey I've saved you a few quid and you get to see a bit of the world at the same time, what's not to like 😀
  8. FrozenMojito

    Silver in London

    On Charing Cross Road at the National Portrait Gallery end there is a little coin shop. As far as I know It has been there for years and I have peeped in the window but I have never actually been inside the shop. Does anyone know it? I've been in the ice cream shop next door though and that is highly recommended 😀
  9. FrozenMojito

    Plan B

    No they don't. No "expert" claims this. Maybe some nut with a Youtube channel might.
  10. FrozenMojito


    When I Google the words it leads me here: https://md5hashing.net/hash/md5x2/376fa84f6b669da686533638128c5fee So are the first and last words dedicated and reduce?
  11. FrozenMojito

    Grand Solar Minimum

    Meanwhile Australia has had its hottest month ever with bushfires raging and animals dying from the heat in their thousands. If you're using one of Trump's loopy tweets to bolster your argument, you're really scraping the barrel.
  12. FrozenMojito

    Motivational videos

    Likes classic metal
  13. FrozenMojito

    $840 million in gold on a plane

    "Guys, now we're in the air and there's just the three of us and the 20 tons of gold in the back, I've got an idea I want to share with you..."
  14. FrozenMojito

    Need help with Excel

    It's possible but you'll need to do some work in VBA. There are some web services that return the spot price of precious metals. Some are free, some aren't. This one is free but you need to register: http://www.freewebservicesx.com/SilverPrice.aspx You can call a web service like the one above in VBA and display the output in an Excel sheet. There are some guides on how to do that on sites like Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/474936/call-web-service-in-excel Somewhere I've got a spreadsheet that gets share prices from the web in a similar manner, I'll see if I can find it.
  15. FrozenMojito

    Fakebook strikes again

    I don't have a "real" Facebook account (i.e. in my own name) but I do have about a dozen accounts that I use for a variety of nefarious purposes 😈