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  1. Yeah, like I said, I know nothing about American/old numis coins in general, just a bit of fun.
  2. Na, paid a fiver - took my nan out for the day and was bored haha 😆
  3. Hey SF members, Time for a chuckle. Took my nan to a flea market. Got bored. Bought some moody silver on a punt (was wrapped and caked in dirt/grub) and a cup of tea. Cleaned em up at home and had a good ol' laugh to myself. Pictures below. Feel free to have a chuckle 👍
  4. SamCW

    2019 oriental border

    Nice, but I prefer the last set tbh! New one looks a little cluttered IMO.
  5. @kneehow2018 Thanks for the coins mate! Turned up nice and quick and look great! Packaging was bullet proof!😆
  6. Thank you to everyone that has commented and contributed so far on this thread, I'm glad that it has been of interest to some of you as much as it has to me. Admittedly, it is very cherry picked data as @vand and some others have pointed out. But it serves as basic illustration for the crux of the discussion.
  7. I agree that paper trading is a more effective way of capitalising on market fluctuations. But similarly to Kevin, I’m not savvy enough yet to take a meaningful position with an acceptable margin of safety. I have found physical metals far more accessible while I learn. With that in mind, my plan is to stay in physical while I learn, then move across when I am ready. But with a view to maintain some metal. In the mean time I can pretend to be a pirate 🏴‍☠️
  8. @KevinFlynn I am of a similar mindset. I think 1:32 is a solid ratio and something that I would certainly like to rebalance to... Gotta keep a bit of room for a shiny extra 😎 after all you might as well have some fun along the way!
  9. @Pete Haha audience members watching dancing on ice had me in bits 😂 I do agree with you on the GSR rebound, but how high it will go is of course open to speculation. I, for one, certainly wouldn't complain if it rose significantly.
  10. @HawkHybrid Thank you for your reply. May I ask what your GSR is roughly?
  11. Hello all, Was having a chat to a friend this morning about precious metals as an investment and we got to discussing how well they fare during a severe market correction, particularly silver. I thought this might be an interesting discussion to bring to TSF. Forgive me if this is covered ground. The gist of our conversation was as follows: "Yes, a large portion of collectors/stackers are in this for the long haul and many have been in it for a while and we all have our own reasons for investing. It's hard to deny that a lot of people are in it as a hedge against a SHTF scenario and a potential fiat collapse etc, but let's step away from that and ask "what if the market simply goes through an aggressive correction eg 40-50%?" Historically when the market has crashed silver has, more often than not, dropped with it while gold prices have remained relatively stable or have seen a slight uptick. (See attached image) Being that we are due a correction in the market, what are your thoughts and approaches to your current positions in precious metals? Are you keeping any cash on hand to capitalise on a potential price drop? Do you think it will go the other way and silver will perform strongly? With the current GSR being so high, silver is constantly being touted as the 'investment opportunity of a generation'... but what if it's about to take a bit of a heavy hit to the proverbials?" FYI the majority of my position is in silver. I just though it would be great to see what some of your thoughts on it are?