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  1. @greektony Hey, bit late now, but just an FYI I have purchased items from @Bizzle in the past and everything was totally above board. He's one of the good ones, so buy with confidence 👍
  2. @trp oh I’m sure she would, can’t see her having any problems with it at all 🙃 haha cheers man.
  3. @trp do it! It’ll be good for em character building. Then you can explain how awesome they are and then buy both prints to prove your point. ...So really when you look at it, buying Gorillaz prints is just good parenting 😂
  4. Hi All, Bit of a wild card here but I am selling my last two Jamie Hewlett stained glass prints - originally issued by POW in London. They are awesome prints and getting very hard to come by. If any of you are fans of or know any fans of the Gorillaz then these could make great Christmas prezzies - stupidly sold the others on flea bay before thinking about selling here! Medium sized print is £450 and smaller one is £400 - happy to exchange for bullion. Cheers, S.
  5. Scottsdale 2018 Dominica 1oz coins. Really charming, fun coins. 3 for sale, sealed w/capsules and card backed. £18.50 each + postage PP f+f or bank transfer Cheers, S
  6. Selling some kooks! Lovely coin. Limited mintage of 8,000 from Perth Mint. Features a panda privy mark. All coins come in capsules. £26 a coin + postage. PP f+f or bank transfer. 5 available! Cheers, S.
  7. Yeah, like I said, I know nothing about American/old numis coins in general, just a bit of fun.
  8. Na, paid a fiver - took my nan out for the day and was bored haha 😆
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