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  1. Took the plunge and added these to the collection, the photos don't do them any justice at all.
  2. Hi Marc, can you PM me a list when you've got time please. Regards Darren
  3. Very kind, but you sent me one the other day😉
  4. Gotta love it when the postie turns up, 2002 half proof and 2003 quintuple 😊
  5. Took the plunge and bought this 1701 William III 5 Guineas fine work. Quite pleased as you don't see too many around
  6. I'm going to have a look at this coin tomorrow and it's been described as VF condition (Spinks 3456) I know there were low grade counterfeits for this year, so should be easy enough to spot, but does anyone else have any knowledge on them? As per usual the internet throws up weird and wonderful prices. All opinions welcome Cheers
  7. Interested in the Canada Sov, if you have a price in mind?
  8. A little bit of Canadian shiny goodness 😊
  9. I had the same email, I sent a reply but nothing back from them
  10. I'd take the 10oz if you end up seperating
  11. Can I have one of each please. Cheers
  12. Too slow again, drop me a pm if anything changes please
  13. Is the sovereign box still available? If so yes please
  14. Today's haul l received courtesy of a friend that went to the coin fair last weekend. 1932 SA George V small head 1862 L WW on truncation 1918 I 1917 C
  15. Can I take the 1918 please Rich? Cheers
  16. A little bit of overseas gold for today
  17. Can I have 5 of the timeless ones if @Madstacks changes his mind. Thanks
  18. I popped them in the "what I bought thread"
  19. Thanks for the advise, I bought them today...very pleased
  20. After much consideration I decided to buy the 1979 proof set... The others just happened to be there at the same time 😁😁😁 Marks on the half sovereign are on the plastic, not coin