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  1. Local coin dealer came up trumps with these two. 1979 full proof and 1980 half proof, pleased with these
  2. Can you send me pics of the 1873 and 1901 please. Many thanks
  3. Anyone got a link for the double 2020 Sov? I seemed to be chasing shadows..lol
  4. @Brucey I think you should've contacted @Bullionbillyprior to sending any gifts, as there's been a slight mix up. How did you send the gift, as we've not exchanged and details? Cheers Darren
  5. No problem, hope you enjoy them and have a great Christmas. I'll be opening mine on the day too! All the best🎄🎅
  6. Should've added *for the man in the street date run😂😂
  7. A little bit of liquorice allsorts from postie today, very pleased with the Canadians, just need a couple more to complete the date run... And of course they'll be the expensive ones 😂
  8. I'm in please. I'll pop this one into the offerings 👍
  9. At a fraction over Spot, these were too nice to pass up, a nice little addition 😊
  10. Nice addition today from my local coin aficionado 🙂👍
  11. Lovely delivery from postie this morning of a pair of shiny proofs😊