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  1. Darren9330

    Today I bought.....

    Quite pleased with this little find.
  2. Darren9330

    New Series - World of Dragons!

    I've bought a couple of the Copper dragons, no value at all but very pretty to look at
  3. Interested in both of the Silver £1 sets. Regards Darren
  4. Have you got any left? If so can I get 2 of each please?
  5. Darren9330

    Fake Proof 2015 Sovereigns

    Not encountered any yet, but I think a lot of the problems are encouraged (if that's the right wording) by the ability to purchase genuine boxes and certs from a well known auction site and pass the contents off as the real deal to the uninitiated.
  6. Darren9330

    Today I Received.....

    Received this quintuple today, very pleased. Is it worth getting graded? (Sorry newbie question)
  7. Darren9330

    Midland/ Birmingham coin fair

    That's what I was thinking but wondered if it was worth making the journey
  8. Apologies if this is in the wrong section but... As a newbie to the collecting/stacking way of life is it worth a trip the Coin fair? Bear in mind I'll be coming up from the Isle Of Wight. Is it the sort of place where good deals are to be had or is it a case of as it's a show, then show prices apply? Any advice taken on board, Regards Darren
  9. Darren9330

    Today I bought.....

    Well yesterday, not today I picked this up.
  10. Darren9330

    Isle of Wight

    Good evening from a dark Isle of Wight, I've just found this forum after watching a few videos on Youtube and thought I'd better get a some knowledge of coins, what is a collectable and what is good as an investment. I've bought a few pieces already and it's turning into an addiction, terrible hobby😁😁 Regards Darren