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  1. Very pleased to add the 1911 "C" to the collection, just need to fill the odd gaps in the date run 😁
  2. Darren9330

    wanted Sigma

    It's definitely on my list of things to buy. At the end of the day for the sake of a few bullion sovs I'm surprised more people don't have one. *goes off to look at purchasing 😉
  3. Not the prettiest, but certainly not the ugliest one of the group... And anyway needs must 😂
  4. Mine will be here tomorrow... Hopefully
  5. Can you put me down for a Marvel one when they're ready please Alun
  6. Nice addition yesterday 1823 double Sovereign
  7. Poor quality pics, but nice coins👍
  8. Hi Rich, Many thanks for the insight, I picked up 3 of them and took a bit of a gamble not knowing too much. Seems like it might have been one of my better impulse purchases!
  9. I picked up these today without knowing a huge amount about them, good price though. Have anyone come across them before?
  10. Well not actually received today, it was yesterday! 😂
  11. A few little additions arrived yesterday
  12. I'd be interested in the shields... but I guess every one would be 😂
  13. As above, if anyone has either or both and want to sell please pm me Cheers