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  1. Should've added *for the man in the street date run😂😂
  2. A little bit of liquorice allsorts from postie today, very pleased with the Canadians, just need a couple more to complete the date run... And of course they'll be the expensive ones 😂
  3. I'm in please. I'll pop this one into the offerings 👍
  4. At a fraction over Spot, these were too nice to pass up, a nice little addition 😊
  5. Nice addition today from my local coin aficionado 🙂👍
  6. Lovely delivery from postie this morning of a pair of shiny proofs😊
  7. Myself included takes the rough total to 15 coins at £37.50 each, I think don't think it's unfair to expect a reply by now. Could be a completely rational explanation, although I am starting to wonder a bit.
  8. Yes that's valid to a point, but when you take money for an order and the delivery deadline comes to pass without contact, it's natural to be concerned
  9. I asked this question on 22nd Sept and was advised it was 2-4 weeks and he was told that on 15 Sept. Followed this again this week (12th Oct) but no reply yet....
  10. Today's bits from a good friend, always nice to add sets where possible. This is the first Ducat that I've managed to get hold of
  11. Very pleased to add the 1911 "C" to the collection, just need to fill the odd gaps in the date run 😁
  12. Darren9330

    closed Sigma

    It's definitely on my list of things to buy. At the end of the day for the sake of a few bullion sovs I'm surprised more people don't have one. *goes off to look at purchasing 😉
  13. Not the prettiest, but certainly not the ugliest one of the group... And anyway needs must 😂