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  1. Darren9330

    completed ***Reduced*** 1902 Matte Proof Half PR62

    Any pics of the matte?
  2. Darren9330

    Today I Received.....

    Today's haul l received courtesy of a friend that went to the coin fair last weekend. 1932 SA George V small head 1862 L WW on truncation 1918 I 1917 C
  3. Darren9330

    completed 2015 Proof Sovereign **Reduced**

    Can I take the 1918 please Rich? Cheers
  4. Darren9330

    Today I Received.....

    A little bit of overseas gold for today
  5. Can I have 5 of the timeless ones if @Madstacks changes his mind. Thanks
  6. Darren9330

    IOM 4 coin proof set

    I popped them in the "what I bought thread"
  7. Darren9330

    IOM 4 coin proof set

    Thanks for the advise, I bought them today...very pleased
  8. Darren9330

    Today I bought.....

    After much consideration I decided to buy the 1979 proof set... The others just happened to be there at the same time 😁😁😁 Marks on the half sovereign are on the plastic, not coin
  9. Darren9330

    IOM 4 coin proof set

    Lovely looking coin, I might go for it...but i'd really like to find out about mintage numbers if possible
  10. Darren9330

    IOM 4 coin proof set

    Thanks, really struggling to find anything relating to the set
  11. Darren9330

    IOM 4 coin proof set

    Hi all, Bit of advise please, I've got the opportunity to buy a 1979 IOM 4 coin proof set but I cannot find out much about it. Does anyone have any thoughts? Cheers Darren
  12. Darren9330

    completed Half sovs

    Another interested buyer😁
  13. Darren9330

    Bit of advice please

    I've decided to move on a few pieces, but having trouble putting a price on this... Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  14. Darren9330

    for sale 2016 Lunar Monkey 1/10 oz

    Can I grab the halves please.
  15. Darren9330

    Today I bought.....

    My local coin dealer sourced this little bit of shiny goodness. An 1823 George IV £2, most pleased😁