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  1. Everyone has been asking for the same items. So it’s now 1st come 1st serve dont want to upset anyone but everyone messaged around the same time.
  2. 100g bar might be sold. Il will update soon. But 1oz bars still available
  3. Huge thanks to @Piggybank for my prize coins are a Beut
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Haven’t seen many people say thanks or post a pic of the item after delivery.
  5. Thanks, think il get gold membership 1st before buying lol
  6. Anyone selling 100g bars? How much? Not fussed on the brand. Thank you
  7. Hey, so I’m going to buy some 100g silver bars the cheapest I’ve found so far is 58 pound a bar with Free P&P from atkinsonsbullion is this the cheapest il find or do any of you have some tips? im pretty new to stacking so I’m sure there’s some tips and tricks I still need to learn Thanks in advance
  8. I was just having a look at some of his threads, thank you for sharing that... speak to ash’s for 10% commission 😉
  9. Il sure check out some of the deals being posted around here, I’ve been buying some Silvers bars. About to order a few 100g silver bar off eBay, £68 each, good price?
  10. No lol. Just general silver talk. Being nosey at other people stacks. I buy my silver from Mad-4silver and a certain seller on eBay, Reddit isn’t very active for silver tho
  11. Thank you, I’ve been using reddit and this whole time there was a silver forum 🙈