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  1. adamantio999

    How do you enjoy your gold/silver?

    Today for the first time, i took all my gold/silver off the shelters, i've put them on the table and made a video with the phone. Seeing them all together is awesome.
  2. What do you think is going to happen to the future Pound/Euro exchange rate?
  3. adamantio999

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    She is sooooo sexy
  4. adamantio999


    I bought 1 ounce bar some months ago, when it was not at its peak, and hopefully it will prove a good investment
  5. adamantio999

    Brexit status ...

  6. adamantio999

    Hello from UK

    Thank U very much all of U. Already the 1st issue lol. How can I disable the e-mail notifications for the replies?😂
  7. Hello everyone. I do apologize in advance if it's the wrong section. I'd like to ask: how do you plan and organize (in the long run) the staking of your precious metals? More specifically: 1) how much of your portfolio do you invest in physical precious metals? 2) gold/silver weight ratio? How many ounces of silver do you buy for every ounce of gold? 3) do you mostly buy bars or coins? 4) what about the denomination of the pieces? A kind of pyramid scheme (the lower the weight, the more pieces you buy)? 5) how frequently? Monthly, yearly? Thank you very much
  8. adamantio999

    Hello from UK

    Hello everyone. Greetings from United Kingdom. I didn't start staking precious metals until recently. Better late than never. See you around.