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  1. I was saddened to see no change in the 2020 when they could have done a series on the fight from start to finish not just the death blow. Total lack of imagination and or managerial support.
  2. My question is "Does the Royal mint make coins dated from a previous year without using the current year that it was minted in?" I ask as I see large qty of QB both 1 oz and 10 oz coins from prior years being offered in BU condition and "new" both from APMEX and SD Bullion. Since they are in the 100's of coins I dont see the source as a individual reselling/flipping them.
  3. Cant you get around they by just using a vpn with a source country ip of your choice?
  4. Diamagnetic materials such as pure gold and silver have a weak, negative susceptibility to magnetic fields. Diamagnetic elements like pure gold get slightly repelled by magnetic fields. So diamagnetic material will move away from a magnetic source which is not to be confused with being attracked to a magnetic source.
  5. Q1. Unboxing video. If they have a clear to you return policy, a solid industrial reputation and are not new to this industry, then I would say no. You also can do a unboxing video with no intentions of posting it so there is no editing or extra work on your part just to clearly prove its condition upon getting into your hands. Q2. Damaged goods. For Ebay items that are not from known source such as APMEX it happen more frequently as a average selling that is not in the business of selling may not have proper materials or knowledge of packaging PM's. Q3. Compensation for damaged goods upon delivery. I just received at 10 oz silver QB from APMEX. The capsule was cracked. The capsule also had light to medium scratches on the queens side. I called told them the issue and I was asked if I wanted a refund or replacement right off the bat. I asked for a replacement and was emailed a pre-paid shipping label with insurance on the item all payed by APMEX. This will vary on each dealer and wildly vary with individuals (Such as Ebay) that are selling PM's as well. I sent the item back to APMEX and they emailed upon the items return to their hands. Now I wait 5 to 10 days for them to inspect and ok a replacement. I assume the time frame they gave me is what they always say and it may be less than 10 days. I am based in the US so my experience maybe different than yours. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  6. For new customers of Nation Wide Coins. Up to 10 1/10th oz gold sovereign coins AT SPOT with a max of 10 pieces or 1 total oz. . I do not know if you can buy one at a time or if you must buy all 10 at once to get that deal. This is at https://nationwidecoins.com/product/government-issued-90-gold-american-eagles-at-cost/ I have not done business with this company before but will be in the coming week unless the only way to get the max deal is to buy all 10 at the same time. Then I just save up and buy them later.
  7. I thougth the Canadians ended the milk spots back in 2017 or 2018 mint dates to current date? No ...?
  8. That is part of what makes this coin hobby great as we all don't have the same opinions of what is beautifully or valuable. n Or we would all go for the same items making prices so high as few of us could ever get a piece we truly desire.
  9. Both the 1/4 gold QB Lion and Dragon had light scratches on Queens cheek but not on the same size Griffin (all one order and delivery). Why we pay a premium over a same size/metal of a US eagle that is in worse condition? I also pay extra for the dealer to inspect the coins for the extra money. If not, the dealer could have easily sent the coins back to the mint they came from but choose to pass the on to the public. In short this dealer do not do there due diligence not once but twice in the same order. I sent this same message to SD Bullion and have yet to here back. They have more than one business day to respond but have not yet. They appear to care for their products the same as a bank may care for the condition of a penny. We payed extra for that penny for its condition. So for bullion only SD Bullion seems fine but for BU condition, my experience say no.
  10. I recently bought 1 oz gold Britannia that was deliverer in good consideration. I also bought several QB /4 oz gold dragon and Lion . I called SD bullion were I was told by SD customer service that they are all BU condition although from 2016 and 2017. Some may but THEY All in BU. QB Lion 2016 is not, QB Lion 2016 is not. Scratches on queens cheek. Problem is those both Lion and dragon have micro scratching on the queens cheek. These are support to be in BU condition but are clearly of a lessor value. Either SD has excepted sub par product for the royal mint OR mishandled their gold sorter when sorting it on table exam tables. Do not any numismatic coins form somewhere else.
  11. The background design of the British Silver Valiant backdrop has tiny square type shapes in it. What is this background called or the effect it creates called? Tag on question, does anyone know what month last year the 2019 Valiant silver coin was released? I love the 2018 version of this coin as it has the greatest overall of this background effect compared to the 2019 version of the same coin.
  12. 2020 American Silver Eagles on January 6, 2020 for $19.94 each but there is a limit of 6 coins per household. This price is premarket for it will change but they are currently only asking $1.99 over spot per oz. I have done business with this company before so I cannot speak to its quality. https://www.universalcoin.com/2020-1-american-silver-eagle-?sscid=11k4_c78ib& Let me know if anyone has done business with them before and your experience. Happy treasure hunting!
  13. Do you guys have a limit in ounces or Ero's worth of metals that you can legally cross borders with? Does it make a difference if you take a car ferry, Chunnel or plane etc.... when going from country to country for any claims?
  14. I'm in the US as well and have thought of doing CraigsList but not comfortable doing transactions i.e. Alone or in a parking lot. Generally how do you do transactions and things like time of day, in public, a fast food place etc.... for safety purposes that customers are also ok doing? Thanks for any practical information you can pass on.
  15. When the 2021 Eagles do show up in January of 2021, I would tend to see the new version going for more that the 2020 just because its "NEW" design whether good, bad or indifferent. People prefer the newness of stuff. I also believe that this will fade after a few years as the new design becomes the same old coin as last year all over again for another 25 years. The old design will have the following going for it that the new one does not for now. That is world wild recognisable design and as a result inherent trustworthiness as a result. They both have trust from a sovereign mint and additional protections since it is legal tender in the US.