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  1. Silverdad

    Canadian buyer

    Thanks! Would be nice if sorting by price/oz was an option. Does look good overall.
  2. Silverdad

    Canadian buyer

    Since i’m new I opted not to be as blunt. lol kitco does seem quite pricey. I have a local dealer that is ok with $2 over on small purchases. Seems to be among the best option right now. The lowest for larger purchases seems to be silvergoldbull but their ebay listings as opposed to the site. Strikes me as odd but they didn’t follow my logic when I messaged.
  3. Thanks! I kept trying to save to buy kg bars. Always seem to fall short and spend it on other things so I bought 14 oz yesterday. I do like to keep it regular.
  4. Silverdad

    Canadian buyer

    Thanks! The only numismatics that have caught my interest are a few Chris Duane. I tend to cringe paying the premium but some of those designs are sweet. I sell comic books and generally avoid collecting. I am focused on stacking so i’lltake Another look. Initially Kitco seemed very pricey.
  5. Silverdad

    Canadian buyer

    And what would you buy?
  6. Silverdad

    Canadian buyer

    Price match. I hadn’t considered that. Now i’m curious if they would do current exchange to match. Thanks for the input.
  7. Silverdad

    Canadian buyer

    Much appreciated. I do use a mail forwarder for my us purchases so the combined shipping along with my comics may work out.
  8. Hi Father of 3 relatively new to PM looking to learn. Been watching YouTube probably a little too much and it’s challenging to get the straight goods. Looking to source silver and hold. Likely convert some to gold when the ratio improves. Treat me like a noob because I am. I see silver as security and try to avoid the collectibility but there are some sweet designs. I buy and sell comic books as one of my incomes so the collector in me is often tempted. Thanks for any advice Jeff
  9. Silverdad

    Canadian buyer

    Brand new and hoping for silver near spot. Relatively new to silver overall and having trouble getting below $2 over spot locally. If anyone can point me in the right direction, have any to sell or want to tell me I am crazy then I would appreciate it.