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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Medals Bullion Bars And Coins also pre 1920 coins

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  1. HI BYB Thanks for the reply can i reserve 066 in the 100g size as my order last year please. I will think about eating later.
  2. Hi BYB any plans for a 100g bar this year.
  3. HI BYB I purchased number 107 off ebay last year could i reserve that number if still available please.
  4. Hi BYB Yes just had to have it even if i did pay over issue price worth every penny will look great next to my 100g bar. medalman.
  5. Hello Everyone My names David I am a keen collector of Victorian and WW1 campaign medals.Over the years i have handled thousands of ounces of Silver in medal form. But only in the last 6 Months have i started to stack silver bullion coins Brittania's Maples US silver eagles and bars at this stage i have no stacking strategy at all. I certainly seem to be in the right place to learn all about Stacking/Collecting PMs. All the best David (medalman).
  6. Hi BYB I would like to confirm my order for 100g Bar number 66 Although i am a new member to this forum could i possibly request this number if not already taken for any future 100g issue please. All the very best. David (medalman).