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  1. spanit

    Hi, I am new

    Very welcome.
  2. I ever experienced buying a box of 100 perthmint coins. Like this case, singles or tube of 20 are priced lower than a full box of 100. I just ordered the cheapest and add comment asking the coins sent in the mint box. Then I got a full mint box of 100 coins at cheapest price.
  3. spanit

    9 Fine Mint

    Chunky bar with nice packaging.
  4. I have just noticed that on BU version it is not NIUE like the proof.
  5. LPM just raised its price.
  6. Agreed. The 3rd one I am wondering why they don't take a better picture.
  7. Which one do you like ?
  8. That is akso my question. I asked LPM before. They told it would be on sale end of Feb. Exact date and time was not mentioned.
  9. I don't think so but you can try. I ever bought from LPM, they declared the package straighforwardly.
  10. You must be fast. They will jack up the price. I have seen it many times on this series.
  11. APMEX do international shipping with minimum order.
  12. It was scrofa that made me decided to start collecting this series. I bought Gallus after seeing it. When learning there was also ghost version and saw its price, I was thinking of giving up. However, I was able to get a good deal for the pair of scrofa, I continued getting them and so on the Canis. I read scrofa story that she could duplicate herself, that made sense for ghost vesion but the latest one I don't think so. Ghost version is fascinating. More than this, it means more of business.
  13. So many versions. I wish one ghost version is enough.