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What I am collecting / Investing in.

  • What I am collecting / Investing in.

    Buyer of full gold sovereigns any condition.

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  1. Hi All, Have the following up for grabs. Full proof finish as new with each coming in protective capsule and COA. There are 22 in total, each weighing 1.25gms of fine .999 gold. With the box being sold separately with eye glass. Prices are: Any one: £49 + Postage Any Two: £47 Each Any Three + : £46 Each Box in mint condition sold with eye glass and space for 16 coins: £29 + Postage (Consider p/x for bullion sov’s full or half with cash either way) If you need anymore close up pictures just PM. The Full List: Sydney Opera House Pitcairn Island Queen and the Lion John Lennon x2 Ballerina Belarussian Centenary of Scouting x2 Available Scott Base: 50th Anniversary Maria Theresa Thaler Vice Admiral Lord Nelson x2 Available Mozart 250th Anniversary Henry VIII Royal Heritage King Richard II Isambard Kingdom of Brunel x2 Available Christopher Columbus 500th Anniversary Queen Mary Nelson Mandela Queen Elizabeth I "The Lost Dutchman Mine"
  2. Hi All, Few bits for you. Heraeus 20g .999 sealed £645 + Postage of your choice 1990 Isle of Man Proof 150th Anniversary "Black Penny" Crown £10 + Postage If you need more pictures or info drop me a PM.
  3. 999Ag


    Welcome aboard buddy
  4. Hi All, Looking for some full sovereigns, to add to the collection. Condition is not important just bullion grade, let me know what you have. Looking to pay spot (around £235.00 today) + postage.
  5. Come see me for some crystal if you need. Good luck and be safe!
  6. Hi all, 3x 2016 Britannias up for grabs two in capsule's one in small plastic wallet, Good condition, please see pictures. £15.50 each + postage
  7. Nice to have you on board!
  8. Big thanks to @MANJSK and everyone else for there orders this week.
  9. Sold really well so far, fresh batch just arrived.