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What I am collecting / Investing in.

  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Buyer of full gold sovereigns any condition.

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  1. Bullion grade only please, let me know what you have and price.
  2. From left to right: 1. £5 2sov 2.£5 Sov 3.£10 sov 4.sold
  3. Hi all, Need to complete a tube of theses and I'am one shy. Any year or condition just bullion grade please spot or as close to a possible. If you fancy a trade Ive a 1980 NGC 1/2 proof sovereign listed on hear that I'd have a deal with.
  4. 999Ag

    closed 100g Umicore

    Keep your eyes peeled for me bud.
  5. Does anyone have a spare 100g Umicore bar in descent condition, looking to pay around £50. PM me if you have. Thanks
  6. Something different.... 7.62mm Nato 2oz .999 Fine Silver bullet pendant with 36' .925 ball chain (its a good quality nice length, not short and tight) In my opinion it would work really well as a keyring also and Iam happy to keep the chain as its new so Ive split the price. With chain £120 Without Chain £75 + Post
  7. 999Ag

    closed 1/4 Gold

    Preferably in a coin. Bullion grade only please. Paying spot + postage. PM me what you have. Thanks
  8. Hi All, As above something 1/4 oz bullion grade coin please, not bothered what it is. PM me what you have.
  9. Hi All, Tube of .999 fine silver shot. £40 + Post