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What I am collecting / Investing in.

  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Seller of .999 Silver crystal.
    Buyer of full gold sovereigns any condition.

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  1. Sold really well so far, fresh batch just arrived.
  2. 999Ag

    completed 2x 250G UMICORE 7x Britannia's

    All Brits gone.
  3. Hi all, Took these in part exchange against some pure silver crystal this week so there up for grabs here 250g Umicore £125 + postage SOLD 250g Umicore £125 + postage SOLD 7x 2017 Britannia's (all good condition) £14.50 + postage SOLD Or I'll trade against gold sovereign's.....
  4. Great stuff, send me the link when its done.
  5. Its sat here with your name on it Even if your not casting this is one of the best ways to buy silver at a low premium.
  6. Can confirm this has been through assay with the birmingham assay office and returns 999+.
  7. 999Ag

    Introducing myself

    Hi Paul, Welcome, great to have you aboard!
  8. 999Ag

    Hello there everybody

    Welcome from a cold Manchester!
  9. Hi all, Are you looking for pure silver in a form that can bought in any fraction. Ideal for melting and pouring into bars, jewellery making or simply putting away as an investment giving you the flexibility without the large bar and coin premium. Then look no further, pure sliver crystal is about as close to elemental silver as you could possibly get certified by the Birmingham assay office as .999+ pure silver Any quantity available. Price is spot +10% Buyer pays postage. Attached is a picture of a BYB bar cast using the crystal.
  10. 999Ag

    My Firs GAW Win!

    Well done!
  11. 999Ag

    European Mint 100gm Bars

    Very nice, like the bold large writing.
  12. 999Ag

    Limited Run Modern Maples

    Love these, hopefully the new coating stands the test of time.
  13. 999Ag

    Plaster casting?

    Just be careful, the last thing we need is a valued member wounded in action!