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    Toddie reacted to BeeCee in 1oz Gold Britannia 2015-2019   
    Mines is gone now @BackyardBullion ... Made a great purchase with the funds though 👌
    Hopefully something crops up @Toddie
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    Toddie got a reaction from KDave in Who Do You Rate as Best for Explaining Gold Trends ?   
    It's almost as if they have a vested interest in gold...
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    Toddie got a reaction from Kookaburracollector in 1oz Gold Britannia 2015-2019   
    Looking to buy my first gold 1oz Britannia, prefer a new design and would like to use @BackyardBullion's middleman service unless buying from a forum veteran. Posting here to see if anyone will be willing to sell below the 3.5-4% premium on Chards/Atkinsons
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    Toddie reacted to Kookaburracollector in First oz   
    I only said that because I have a couple 😂 .
    I do actually have a 2017 Gold 1oz Britannia and a 2017 Britannia 30th anniversary edition. Both brand new and bought from Atkinson’s..problem is i don’t like selling things! PM me if interested, but only if you can’t get a good deal elsewhere.
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    Toddie reacted to caloundracats in Today I Received.....   
    British currency rules dictate that all legal tender show the current monarch on the coins.  Our sovereigns are sovereigns for life. They are not voted in for a term of office.
    When the Queen has had her day, Charles will be the new monarch and will continue to do so until his day is up. Then it will be William, then George.
    It's called a monarchy. 
    History is a subject worth understanding.
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    Toddie reacted to BackyardBullion in New Series - World of Dragons!   
    We are trying to get silvers and coppers. Don't know exact prices yet but when we have worked it out we will let you guys know. 
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    Toddie got a reaction from diesel in First oz   
    I think i'll be a lucky man if i find a new year one for just 3% over spot. Considering i'm only looking to buy the one. Looks like i'll have to settle for 4.5% so far.
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    Toddie got a reaction from NRSovereign in Huge Gold Chain   
    Right up my street, what a beauty.
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    Toddie reacted to NRSovereign in Huge Gold Chain   
    Mine I had was a nice pattern for a Belcher sold few months ago now 

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    Toddie reacted to Abyss in First oz   
    Yes worth buying a new coin but I would never pay more than 3% over spot.
    Current GBP gold price spot £1015 +3% = £1045.45. Had to sell the coin you could always sell for spot (only lose 3% provided spot prices did not change). Unfortunately I have not come across any UK dealers selling brand new 1 oz Gold Britannia bullion coins for 3% or under spot.
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    Toddie reacted to Pritchard in First oz   
    Be careful, you might start a long debate
    ive used Hatton. i work near them, easy and straightforward, no postal concerns as i can walk in.
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    Toddie reacted to Sliopjbsail in Deadpool   
    Thanks both, I’ll hop onto the group order if nobody pops up with one for sale on here. 
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    Toddie got a reaction from Sliopjbsail in Deadpool   
    Would recommend the group order, that's where I got my Deadpool - at a very reasonable price too.
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    Toddie reacted to caloundracats in Silver Deals.....   
    Just received and email from the European Mint.
    We just dropped the premiums on the Silver Britannias 2019 until Brexit happens! Prices as low as 1.85 EUR over spot, this is the cheaper price for Silver Britannias anywhere in Europe! Take advantage of this opportunity now! 
    They are offering Britannias 2019 at EUR 15.67
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    Toddie got a reaction from Alex in Which year of Britannia Oriental Border do you prefer?   
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    Toddie reacted to AuricGoldfinger in How not to do a 1kg gold pour   
    Yeah but what a way to go. In a flaming ball of molten gold. Thats how i wanna go!
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    Toddie reacted to Xander in How not to do a 1kg gold pour   
    I hope that isn't his wife's kitchen table.
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    Toddie reacted to RichRock in Best/cheapest for Britannia coin   
    Bullionbypost charge 20% tax.
    Cheapest and most secure for UK residents:
    small orders: private deals through the forum and also through group orders with @BackyardBullion
    For larger orders: www.europeanmint.com  (VAT free)
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    Toddie reacted to KevinFlynn in How much silver/gold to own to be classified as rich or upper class   
    Years ago Deutsche Bank divided their customers into preferred customers, with a wealth of €250,000+ and normal customers with a wealth under that. Apart from criticizing that decision, I would conclude that €250,000+ would fall into well off and rich would be a multitude of that (be it €500,000 or €1,000,000).
    Do not forget that regular income always plays a role as well, when judging class. Rich begins at monthly earnings of €4,400 for a single or €9,230 for a family of four over here (2017 numbers).
    After a collapse, sensibly we would say that the amount of gold to reach that number would be the same as right now - as they say, 1900 an ounce of gold would have bought a well made suit, and 2018 an ounce of gold would have bought a well made suit. So I would agree with the posters above in that some amount of inbetween 500 and 1,000 ounces of gold would break the rich barrier in regards to wealth.
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    Toddie got a reaction from dicker in When a developer gets bored - queens beast app   
    If i'm not mistaken, you got a nice little £40 bargain.
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    Toddie reacted to Guybrush in When a developer gets bored - queens beast app   
    No, someone did but not me.  Perhaps I should explain it.  The green line is my investment cost, how much I paid per coin.  The blue line it what they are fetching at the last auction price  (I've just added functions to show me this after any fees too), the red is the current buy now at last price (All are actual sold items)
    This allows me to see (f I was to sell today) how much profit/loss I would expect.  With my updates, the one showing minus all fees. I can see that I could cash out of my lions today and expect to make about £10 per coin at auction assuming I use the £1 max selling fees offer ebay does.
    I am adding all my coins so I can see the exact profit (Or loss) on each coin I purchase and track the results.  It should help with timing when flipping coins I have purchased for that reason.
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    Toddie reacted to Guybrush in When a developer gets bored - queens beast app   
    Got bored and decided to graph out the lions vs how must I paid for them.  When I first started stacking the "Stack and flip" method was touted quite a bit so after just buying anything, then getting some premium and then some to flip (Feel free to read any story about mistakes, and how your stack changes over time)   Ultimately my goal is to be able to see all my metals and charts in one place.
    Anyway here is a little graph showing the profit I could take from the 2oz lions I purchased in 2016.

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    Toddie got a reaction from BackyardBullion in buying gold on forum   
    Just search up the person you're looking to buy from, use a middle man like BackYardBullion if it's a sizeable order. The prices here tend to be pretty competitive.
    I've bought a couple things on here, no problems so far.
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    Toddie reacted to KDave in sovereigns for sons security   
    Devils advocate for stocks - In twenty years what will the stock market look like. Demographics are not looking good for continued growth, governments are skint, currency is being devalued which makes it look like stocks are going up, but after taxes it's not always the case.
    Taxes may change for both assets. Value will change for both but know one knows which way. There have been a couple of 20 year periods in the past where stocks only just broke even, same with gold, decades of stagnation. 
    I go half and half for my two kids, half ounce of gold a year the rest into isas. Only thing not worth saving for them is cash as you say.