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  1. I like these, a lot. They look great. Hopefully more Assay office trips for you!
  2. This feels like a very mainstream view of gold. I see where he's coming from with his points, however he only seems to be speaking about one side of the coin.
  3. @BackyardBullion Any idea if the EUMint recieved the silver Coat of Arms shipment? Looking at getting some, so I was curious if they would be included in this shipment.
  4. Sometimes i feel like putting money into precious metals is such a straight forward and dilligent thing to do, but when asking for peoples opinions they'll shrug their shoulders and tell you about the new Jag they're paying 500/600 a month for on a 28k wage. Blows my mind man.
  5. Probably sold so many due to the "it's only three quid, worth a gamble" atitude. You'd be surprised how many people do it - or maybe you wouldn't!
  6. Evening all. Looking for a 1/10th platinum Brit. Cheers
  7. Something to hope for. Wouldn't put money on it though.
  8. It gets better on a tuesday...
  9. CGT exeption just makes the Britannias more worth while i think - does in my eyes anyway.
  10. Maybe the government just goes with a "business as usual" approach when/if we crash out of the EU, then the silverforum/BYB/EUmint would be the regulators haha
  11. Yes. Silver is very cheap historically speaking (adjusted for inflation and all that fun stuff), also pretty cheap in the past few years too. Don't worry too much about when you buy, if you get caught up in that you'll never end up buying it
  12. Silver is still pretty cheap!
  13. It's almost as if they have a vested interest in gold...
  14. Thanks for this however we already spoke. 👍
  15. Looking to buy my first gold 1oz Britannia, prefer a new design and would like to use @BackyardBullion's middleman service unless buying from a forum veteran. Posting here to see if anyone will be willing to sell below the 3.5-4% premium on Chards/Atkinsons Cheers.
  16. Toddie

    First oz

    Blimey, weak £ is pushing the price of an oz up quite a bit. It's a shame i don't have half a mill sitting around.. You know what, that never even crossed my mind - cheers!