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  1. It gets better on a tuesday...
  2. CGT exeption just makes the Britannias more worth while i think - does in my eyes anyway.
  3. Maybe the government just goes with a "business as usual" approach when/if we crash out of the EU, then the silverforum/BYB/EUmint would be the regulators haha
  4. Yes. Silver is very cheap historically speaking (adjusted for inflation and all that fun stuff), also pretty cheap in the past few years too. Don't worry too much about when you buy, if you get caught up in that you'll never end up buying it
  5. Silver is still pretty cheap!
  6. It's almost as if they have a vested interest in gold...
  7. Thanks for this however we already spoke. 👍
  8. Looking to buy my first gold 1oz Britannia, prefer a new design and would like to use @BackyardBullion's middleman service unless buying from a forum veteran. Posting here to see if anyone will be willing to sell below the 3.5-4% premium on Chards/Atkinsons Cheers.
  9. Toddie

    First oz

    Blimey, weak £ is pushing the price of an oz up quite a bit. It's a shame i don't have half a mill sitting around.. You know what, that never even crossed my mind - cheers!
  10. Toddie

    Huge Gold Chain

    Right up my street, what a beauty.
  11. Toddie

    First oz

    I think i'll be a lucky man if i find a new year one for just 3% over spot. Considering i'm only looking to buy the one. Looks like i'll have to settle for 4.5% so far.
  12. Toddie

    First oz

    Looking to buy my first gold oz sometime in the next week or so. I'm looking at a new Britannia https://www.chards.co.uk/2019-gold-britannia-one-ounce-coin/2978 I've looked at atkinsons, hatton, gardens, BBP etc, can anyone suggest other places to look? Is it worth me paying for a brand new coin? Cheers
  13. Would recommend the group order, that's where I got my Deadpool - at a very reasonable price too.
  14. Thanks for posting this, i was going to buy a gold Brit on payday from Chards as that was the cheapest i could find, but it looks like you've saved me a fiver or so - much appreciated.
  15. Think i'd rather have a year of the rooster than that.
  16. If i'm not mistaken, you got a nice little £40 bargain.