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  1. hey, can I get rectangle 1oz Perth capsules and 2oz QB capsules.
  2. Yeah, Here is my collection of gold, silver, platinum and copper. https://imgur.com/fsdmbYQ Here's the copper 2nd Amendment coins. The copper value is only £0.10. I got the coin for what it stands for. https://imgur.com/RFc2j3Y https://imgur.com/Skq8nxx
  3. Finally received my items today.😂 In the 3000+ oz' video I got: the gold maple leaf @ 11:33 the Platinum Britannia @ 12:03 the 2nd Amendment Copper coin @ 12:39 I also got different silver coins.
  4. Last package still on it's way. Delivered to Northern Ireland (Nightline/Parcel Motel) and on it's way down south. The courier provided the photo.
  5. Hi, My name is Brian and I see YouTube channel BackyardBullion buying high silver orders worrying about Brexit . I was wondering what If you could get Cheap EU VAT free silver (or anything) after Brexit with Republic of Ireland (EU) into Northern Ireland (UK) in the case of a No Deal Brexit. Ireland is staying in the EU, no matter what happens. I ( or anyone else living in the Republic) am able to buy VAT free EU silver coins no hassle after Brexit. The EU or Britain won't be able to block the border. Farms cross the border into each other counties on both sides. Technically, roads can be bordered checked after Brexit, but private farms can't. I (or anyone) could be invited by the private owner to walk through the border on these farms and then the silver is in the UK, tariff and VAT free. You could also look at the Isle of Mann. They aren't in the EU, but are in the UK? or the Channel Islands. I'm just suggesting that the VAT free silver should still be available after a No Deal Brexit. I can't believe no one has suggested this yet?