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  1. For anyone that is/has used PropertyPartner, is it relatively easy to get your money out in the future? Although not property, I currently use Vanguard for a S&S Isa and have done so for a couple of years, currently +12.15%. Very easy to put money in and out. I have funds in the Lifestrategy 60% and 100% funds. Looking to diversify.
  2. Just received the following tube of 2019 dragon coin bar thank you Mrs BYB and @BackyardBullion perfectly packaged. Also a separate delivery of a 2018 dragon bar. Zi sin scrofa, world of dragons 2nd in series silver and 1st & 2nd in series coppers.
  3. Thank you. If you find it just PM me how much u want for it and postage please
  4. As per title. Anyone got a spare they no longer need to hold 20 of the coins.
  5. The deal is still active. Just added 3 to my basket
  6. Agree. Everyone remember to give a fake phone number and opt out of everything you can. The worse that will happen is you will get a letter in the post every so often but just put return to sender on it and that should put an end to it after a while
  7. I think i saw in paper that offer ends 24th or 25th Feb so should be ok
  8. My order has moved to closed so should hopefully be on its way soon
  9. Highest sold on Ebay is £120 for the silver proof currently
  10. Well I suppose they need to get used to disapointment in life. Its all part of the learning journey of life.
  11. So how many people had well over 100 email notifications this morning due to following this thread.
  12. Grabbed a silver proof this morning at 6am. Took about 3 minutes to get in.
  13. Love to get one but midnight is well past my bedtime lol
  14. I saw another ad for this yesterday which states the offer runs until 24th or 25th Feb.
  15. I gave fake number so had no calls and received coin yesterday
  16. same here. ordered Thursday and just arrived.