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  1. I have had the same issue trying to find some 2018's at a decent price. I have a full 2019 tube I got on group order and have been picking up 2018 bars here and there to fill a tube, the most I have paid is £19 delivered. Still 8 short on the 2018's. I pick them up from Facebook silver groups
  2. Recieved this bespoke ring today made from a 1965 Italian 500 lire coin
  3. I love it but I love anything samurai. @StackemHigh
  4. I am keeping an eye out as well. I have the silver and coloured one.
  5. Ok no problem. Thank you for the reply.
  6. Do you have a world of dragons box for 12 coins? 6 silver and 6 copper. @Alun
  7. Interested in the 5oz if you can add me to the list please
  8. I have used them a number of times to pick up some coins. No problems