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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Modern gold Sovereigns (from 1817 onwards).

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  1. Beautiful boxes, do you make them yourself?
  2. A lovely collection, they look great together. Would leave the 2002 & 2005 to find to fill in the date range..
  3. Lovely coin, good luck with the grading.. I haven't used Chards but like the information on their websites. Karl.
  4. Same here, tell me again why did I sell you those beautiful sovereigns. They look stunning...
  5. @Roy thanks for the mention, it’s appreciated.
  6. I have for sale a 2016 Gold Proof Sovereign in a Jubilee Mint cover. The coin has only been taken out of the cover to photograph, £550 including RM SD. Payment by bank transfer or I can load onto my website at www.1817.co.uk and it can be paid for by debit or credit card, if purchased this way the price would be £560. Any questions please PM me.
  7. thanks for the quote, it is a special set, but maybe keepers unless anyone comes forward with the Aston Martin trade...
  8. Hi. Two lovely coins to have in your collection. I think you may be around £300 and £500 out in your valuations. You may pick up 69's at those prices though.
  9. Received these little gems today, not a bad grading result from the same set! Would consider a straight trade for an Aston Martin...
  10. 1964 traded with an 1965 sold to @richatthecroft. Thanks for the trade and purchase. Karl
  11. I have the following Sovereigns for sale (duplicates to clear!). I can accept bank transfer or if buyer would prefer, I can sell through my site at www.1817.co.uk (for buyers peace of mind - 2% supplement would be added to cover credit card fees). Postage paid by the buyer. Any questions at all please do PM me.
  12. It seems nobody wants my poor Krugerrand... I'll have to take it away and hide it for a rainy day! Thanks to all purchasers.