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    Modern gold Sovereigns (from 1817 onwards).

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  1. Lovely coin and a great first buy. Try not to keep looking at it, you might wear it down!
  2. My favourite modern gold Sovereign... I prefer this one over the proof with just 1817 mintage.
  3. 1817Karl

    Worth grading ?

    https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/auctions/4-6YVYB/the-coin-cabinet-auction-11-0-buyer-premium?limit=36&search=1958 https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/auctions/4-8DXSO/the-coin-cabinet-auction-12-0-buyer-premium?limit=36&search=1958 Two 58's sold on the coin cabinet sales recently at £330
  4. 1817Karl

    Worth grading ?

    I graded this one recently and it achieved 65, might be useful for a comparison. I'd say the strike is better on mine but maybe fewer marks on yours so 64-66 could be achievable and if pushed id go for 64... but obviously really difficult with these images.. Anyway thought it might help in the decision.
  5. Listen, you're giving us Yorkshire-men a bad name...
  6. I have some pretty big gaps in my early Georgian collection, so looking to source some of them, thing is they aren't cheap as you know...
  7. I think I am hoarding them, have 7 now! Looking for any reasonable priced Victoria's to go with them if anyone is selling...
  8. I'm already jealous, I don't have the 84, 85 or 86.. I'll take a look at the video looks great.
  9. you show me your collection and i'll show you mine...