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    Modern gold Sovereigns (from 1817 onwards).

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  1. Do we really need a thread on the UK General Election. We'll be bombarded through every medium you can imagine, and now my notifications on the SF will be dominated by it also... Is there no escape from it...
  2. Personally, I'm with the Mint on that one, if a product is faulty, retailer should pay postage for returns, if a consumer changes their mind then they should pay postage.
  3. Personally, I think 69 grade proof modern halfs are a great investment.
  4. aarghhh... I have that now!
  5. If interested I have 10 George V Sovereigns. I can sell them £7 per coin less than Chards, at £2950. If interested let me know. All are VF or better. Karl
  6. Today I received these super coins... If only the postman brought the same every day!
  7. me too... Let's be clear, I haven't been sexually harassed...
  8. I haven't got an artistic bone in my body, that said i'm pretty sure I could counterfeit better than that...
  9. The packaging is a surprise and delight experience... Not to be given away!