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    Modern gold Sovereigns (from 1817 onwards).

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  1. One time reduction! £1995 and if no takers, another for the collection...
  2. @Jamesd thanks for the mention.
  3. I had a look at this site a few weeks ago and it was, interestingly useful, but not much more. The user interface was pretty basic and for a (now) commercial fee subscription site, not professional enough. I would agree that the owner could have been more transparent in the early days but hey, who is ever fully transparent with data gathering!!! I personally don't see it having legs as a subscription service as it stands, but I'd wish anybody good luck with a new business idea.
  4. Just wasn't sure why it wasn't conserved at the same time... Would have been worthwhile!
  5. Hi. I'm letting go this beautiful 2002 Golden Jubilee Quintuple Sovereign, as I have just had a 4 coin set graded (all at 70). Looking for £2,050 posted. UK postage only and payment by BT. Can sell through my website at 1817.co.uk, if buyer would prefer to pay by debit or credit card. If purchase this way price would be £2,075. Thanks for looking and any questions please PM me.
  6. Beautiful coin, did you have it graded?
  7. Branch Mints Sovereigns - Prices reduced, all need good homes, Get them before Brexit or they may be repatriated...
  8. Now there's a cute little half Sovereign which deserves a good home...
  9. Received some nice 1912 Sovereigns today (7) lovely looking coins, nice lustre on many, two for the collection and five to find new homes.
  10. Hi. I'm missing the 1964 & 65 full Sovereigns to finish off my date run of QEII coins. Looking for nice examples of the two dates, sale or trade!!
  11. Hi. Not on the 57 Sovereign I have several and two graded, even in a decent MS 65-66 they’re still just a sub £350 coin.
  12. Why, are you looking for a straight swap!
  13. 1925 sold to @rob6, many thanks for your purchase.
  14. Hi. Im selling the following Branch Mint full Sovereigns (I only collect London Mint!) Some nice condition coins for those looking for branch date runs. I can accept bank transfer or if buyer would prefer, I can sell through my site at www.1817.co.uk (for buyers peace of mind - 1.5% premium on above costs). Postage paid for by the buyer. Any questions at all please do PM me.