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  1. Hey all! I have seen a lot of people here love MMTC-PAMP (Indian Refinery) metals, I recently visited their corporate office where they gave me the opportunity to review their brand new product series called "Sukh Samridhi", below are some images of the product, I hope you enjoy them Series: Sukh Samridhi Weight: 50 Grams Metal: SilverFineness: 999.9Front: Goddess Laxmi and Lord GaneshReverse: Shree Yantra, Shree Ganesh Yantra & Shlokas in Sanskrit language. Varun Kumar Your Indian Bullion Reviewer
  2. Hey all! So I got the opportunity to visit the head office of MMTC-PAMP, had a chat with their officials followed by a surprising new product that they are launching for the festive season The vlog is in Hindi but you can certainly enjoy the experience, I should guarantee that. Please drop a like if you liked the product or my vlogging technique
  3. That is a great gift and lesson! Cheers That is a beautiful gift! That is one way for us to educate the youth, through gifting
  4. Thank you! Good thought..I have also made it a habit to give on special occasions like weddings. Added 0 minutes later... That's a sweet thing to do, do you have pics?
  5. Thanks It wasn't my first but after watching me stack they were like he wouldn't like anything else, true though
  6. Was wondering if you have ever gifted or received custom coins/bars on such occasions? Features: Metal: Silver Weight: 50 Grams Fineness: 999 Brand: Local Jeweller Varun Kumar Your Indian Bullion Reviewer
  7. MMTC-PAMP and WWF-India worked hard to create this beast.
  8. MMTC-PAMP India & WWF-India collaborated to create a series called "Conserve Wild India 2018", I have 2 coins from the set of 4 1. The Green Turtle: Endangered 2. Bengal Tiger: Endangered Side By Side Hope you like these images If they are bit too much let me know I can remove some of them.
  9. My most recent acquisition of a 24 Karat 5 Gram 9999 Gold Bar from MMTC-PAMP.