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  1. Hi, just contacted them and they quoted GBP 12 for shipping to India for 1oz or 2 Oz coins. I had a good conversation though, if all works out @BleyerBullion it shall be. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much, any specific queen beast I should get first? I really wanted the Aztec, incredible! But unfortunately minimum order is 60 € :( Mountie looks great, I believe it comes mint shield tech too so that’s a plus. I seriously am confused which 1 beast I could go for.
  3. Hello I am going to buy my first 2 Oz coin but don’t know what to go for, I live in India so only Ebay is my source, most of the 2Oz coins are either from Canadian Mint or the Royal Mint UK. If anyone can suggest a coin which would make me buy another 2 Oz that’ll be great. Prefer: 2019/2020 issue, low premium, 9999 Silver. PS: You guys have helped a lot in the past when I was going to get my first few international coins so thanks a lot 😊
  4. My first coin from The Royal Mint, I’ll make sure to add more Please make sure to like the video. Varun Kumar Your Indian Bullion Reviewer
  5. Thanks for sharing but the international shipping is TOO MUCH: “ Order up to £15,000 <1000 grams = £15”. European sellers on EBAY give me a better quote PS: I live in India
  6. I follow BYB, International Stacker, Silver Bean Counter & SpegTacular and a few more for my daily dose of international bullion! I really hope I could also become one of the best for my country (India).
  7. Congratulations man Love your videos! I just crossed the 6,000 sub Milestone as well Edit: Meanwhile...I’m stuck with this.
  8. Hey all! I am a stacker from India and it is very hard to get international bullion here, somehow I managed to make it! I am proud to say it's the first review on YouTube of an American Silver Eagle in Hindi Language, I hope you like the video even if you can barely understand a word apart from the intro haha. Varun Kumar Your Indian Bullion Reviewer
  9. I believe Silver is Silver, but the thing is since I would have to import/order from Europe hence the sellers should be having the generic silver but they don't have them. 20 One Ouncers will get caught in customs, can only order coins up to $100 so it slides. Hard to get access to amazing international bullion when you live in India haha.
  10. Sure! Please message me so we can talk there and I can help you out with some good sellers etc.
  11. That is the order I would like to follow, got the 2020 Britannia, thanks for your comment Could you let me know why the "Vienna Philharmonic" is so famous? I couldn't find it interesting at first sight. I would love to follow this list as well. Got the 2020 britannia, thanks