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  1. My most recent acquisition of a 24 Karat 5 Gram 9999 Gold Bar from MMTC-PAMP.
  2. Yeah the dimensions of the bar are 47.6mm X 27.6mm X 5.6mm so 49x27, I live in India, it would be troublesome for you since the shipping is insane. Thanks anyways
  3. Thanks for the link, but two things 1. They don’t ship to India 2. I am not going to pay 10 Pounds for this, I mean premiums on bullion is bearable but a cheap plastic capsule would do for me. Any alternate option? Added 0 minutes later... I’d still appreciate the link to the ebay posting, 10 GBP is a lot plus I don’t need 10 at the moment.
  4. Hey all! So the Perth Mint bar I bought didn't come with a capsule so now I need a normal capsule for it but can't find it anywhere online, I live in India so my only friend is Aliexpress, Ebay.com etc. Anyone know how I can protect the bars? Thanks!
  5. 2017: My Indian Precious Metals Stack when I was 20 Years Old. Platinum + Silver + Gold! 2018: A year later... My so called "Treasure Chest" PS: If anyone's interested in taking a look at them up close then head over to my YouTube channel, goodness in HD
  6. True, taxation kills the deal! Singapore is close by, will make sure to bring some if I plan to visit
  7. I know, the import duty (+ GST) makes the entire experience to nosedive, I mean as you said the Indian Market is huge and we look forward to these coins but nothing much is being done here. Trying to find out if any of my relatives live in countries like US/UK who could bring some ASE'S :O and some others as you mentioned One day!
  8. My first Perth Mint/ International Minted Piece. 2019 Australian Kangaroo 9999 Silver Coin.
  9. My Mind = BLOWN! So I have been waiting for a very long time to get an internationally minted piece and I am happy to say that The Perth Mint has surpassed my expectations. The coins had to photographed with a better camera as compared to my mobile, so take a look below. More Images are attached so you can take a look if you want Watch my video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIuFm-o428c Varun Kumar The Only Indian Bullion Reviewer