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  1. Hey All, I reviewed a 0.1 Gram 24 Karat Gold Coin from RiddiSiddhi Bullion Private Ltd. (RSBL) which costs around INR 500 or ~ US$ 7. This is the smallest gold coin I have ever seen, what about you?
  2. Hello everyone! I have some family members in Adelaide, Australia and I was wondering if anyone knows any local coin shop who can provide coins at the best prices.I'm looking for 1Oz 2019 Silver Kangaroo and 1oz Silver Dragon Bar. Postal Code is 5107 Thanks!
  3. Will certainly checkout the kangaroo’s. Thanks.
  4. I think I checked them out, but they had high premiums. Added 0 minutes later... Thanks! Rectangular dragons are pretty neat. I think I’ll be getting a dragon for sure.
  5. I know! My relative asked me a month ago and yesterday they sent me a reminder and I still can’t make my mind.
  6. Hey I would like to know what are the top 5 rounds that one should own from the mints in Australia , considering the prices of rounds are as close to spot (minimum premium). Some of my relatives are coming to India and I am given the opportunity to ask them for a favour. Let me know If you could comment with pictures/links I would appreciate it Thanks
  7. Exactly this was my point! Why the criticism though?
  8. Just for the picture had to remove the gloves, couldn't find good cotton gloves here so used snow gloves instead lol Here is YouTube video with gloves on :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJtrKiima9k
  9. Hey stackers! I have watched a couple of videos on the Kooks and people tend to like the older kooks as compared to newer ones, why so? I read and heard that some people are pointing out that only one leg of the Kook is being shown instead of both them. I just want to know because I live in India and getting something like this here is very rare, even though I got to review it a few days ago and here are the pics I have absolutely no complaints, maybe because this is the first kook that I ever held but yeah, what’s your take on this? PS: Any indian stacker on this forum who’d want to buy it you can buy it from CoinBazaar.in since in India only they have in stock.
  10. Now Available in India at CoinBazaar.in
  11. This a Mahashivaratri Special Coin featuring Lord Shiva, Mahashivaratri is a hindu festival which will be celebrated on 4th March this year. Watch the YouTube review here: https://youtu.be/VG1xzOKXnh8 To read more about the coin visit CoinBazaar’s Website
  12. I also feel like going for some Platinum now.
  13. Seems like the cheapest sovereign you’ll get in the UK is for £ 360, in India it’s available for £ 300. If you know someone visiting India you could ask for a favour. Here’s the link MMTC-PAMP Sovereign