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  1. Prins

    COin bars silver

    Thanks again. May I ask with which premium percentage over spot you are comfortable buying your silver?
  2. Prins

    COin bars silver

    Indeed, im based in holland so not capital gains tax once I sell them. The difference between bid/ask prices for .9999 Silver maple leaf are much more friendly than the spread on the silver bars (due to the difference in vat). Wisest decision is to go for these coins instead of bars. Thanks for the info.
  3. Prins

    COin bars silver

    Interesting, your comments made me look into the premiums in more details. Comparing 1 KG coins (e.g. Somalia elephant) with a 1 KG coin bar and a regular bar it seems that there is not much of a price difference. https://www.gold.de/kaufen/silberbarren/ used as source. But good point about the capital gains tax. Surely positively influences the value and ability to sell. Comparing (coin) bars and coins it seems that the premium you pay over spot averages around 20%. (current silver price: 402 euro per kilo, bar: 480 euro). Is that a 'normal' premium for silver? Thanks for all the answers so far, very helpful.
  4. Prins

    COin bars silver

    Thanks very informative
  5. Prins

    COin bars silver

    Hi everyone, a new user here! 👋 Im interested in buying kilo silver bars physically and there is one aspect that i could not find any information about (hence i decided to join this forum:) ) my motivation to buy silver bars is to use them as a store of value and for speculative reasons. Im planning to keep them for a long time (+10 years). After the holding period I would like to sell them. The umnicore bars seem like the way to go (1 kilo). They look nice, well known brand etc. However, i also noticed the so called "coin bars". See for instance: https://www.silberling.de/en/Silver/Silver-Bar-Cook-Islands-1-Kilo.html?actpicid=1 These coin bars are cheaper due to the margin rules. But the following is unclear to me and hopefully you cAn anawer my questions: 1, what are the disasvantages of coin bars when it comes to selling them after a certain holding period? Is it more difficult to sell coin bars compared to regular bars? 2. What about the brand? Is silver cook island a respected brand? 3. What should I keep in mind when it comes to brands and my motivations (store of value/ investment). Which brands should I avoid and which not? Looking forward to the answers...i think ive found a new hobby