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  1. This is also my opinion. Exactly. Why I voted to leave the EU : an illegal membership, immoral and treasonous.
  2. A "deal" can not be negotiated until we have left from under the EU parliament's governance. Five days to go. Woe betide.
  3. Yes. But right of hard-left is kinda central. It's like everyone even remotely normal is described nowadays as far-right by the oddbods on the telly. (Understand my personal view is that the terms left and right have no meaning now)
  4. Anything over 10% is theft, historically speaking. Tithe and all that. Edit : it looked like I was disagreeing with you. On the contrary I agree with you completely.
  5. "Conspiracy theorists are more likely to be criminals and to approve of other forms of anti-social behaviour" If "crime + antisocial behaviour" are redefined to include what used to be the normal behaviour of ordinary working folk, then yes. I only know one "conspiracy theorist", a completely law-abiding bus driver. None of the crims I know of are "conspiracy theorists". Odd eh?
  6. This is the inevitable result of a modern democracy, how can it even end up differently?
  7. Silver price is really jumping, just a short blip?
  8. I think the dragon is a great way to use the tall shape to frame the design properly, a very nice dragon. Queen looks OK too.
  9. I had no idea wiring in the new cooker required a qualified driver. Should I pull out all the plumbing I did too? Remove the stoves? Maybe I should take out that engine I put in the car last year. Good thread Mick.
  10. I think you are experiencing a dealer's "premiums", which are surcharges added mostly to popular products to lessen demand at a certain time, not related to the spot-price at all. Wait a bit and get a different price.
  11. That is a bizarre, but clever, image on that there eoooro coin. Not quite enough to repeal the brexit, mind.
  12. I'm surprised the tenners haven't been shelved : paper notes are better, just keep making 'em harder to forge.
  13. All buyers miss the time when silver was £10-ish.