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Everything posted by JBstacker3181

  1. I look forward to seeing them. You did an amazing job on this one.
  2. Wow I love that eagle. Beautiful toning.
  3. Thank you byb I look forward to holding one of these beautiful bars in my hand! And I also wanted to ask if all the 250 g bars are reserved also?
  4. I would love to be put on the first come list please and thank you! The bars look amazing! Well done!
  5. Went to my LCS this morning and found this little beauty for a great price!! And this is my first engalhard bar!!!😎
  6. Just came in the mail today. 2013 Britannia. This is the coin that I won in the prize draw that I should have never entered lol. Many thanks to @ChrisSIlver for shipping this to me even though he did not have to. I'm extremely grateful.
  7. Just got back from my lcs with what caught my eye. Two 2018 krugerrand's, one 2017 Britannia's with Rooster privy, and one 2017 RP Canadian maple leaf! The maple has this privy on it I was wondering if someone could tell me what it is? Hope you all like them as much as I do!😊
  8. Not exactly PM but still really cool. These have been in my family for 50+ years and they have now been handed down to me. 1831 and 1851 large cents. There used to be more in this collection but over the years most have been dwindled away befor being passed down. Still happy to have them safe and sound!
  9. 2013 4 oz silver eagle and a 2017 3 gram gold panda. Got these yesterday just got some time to photograph them. I'm starting to love these big coins!😊
  10. Some premium gold chocolate coins courtesy of Ms JBstacker3181. Gotta love pre anniversary presents. Can't wait to see what the messes really got me.😊
  11. Came in yesterday the Morgan and peace dollars are all key dates. $20. Proof Liberia Perez Carter. 2010 silver eagle and 1986 1st year 1/10th oz gold eagle. Going to be selling everything except the gold.
  12. Random full solvern 11.99 over melt. Apmex on Ebay.
  13. Ok so they all have that frosted look to the portrait??
  14. Can anyone show me an example of a 2004 proof half solv. Cuz I'm doing a lil digging and I'm finding diff examples of this coin in proof. The one I have is definitely a heavy mirrored finish.
  15. Thank you I will be going back to talk to my lcs tomorrow. See this is why I love the silver forum!!!! I can always count on you all. Thanks so much!!!
  16. Just got my first lady today and this beautiful ms70 saltwater crocodile. Dont know it the crocodile is a keeper yet might flip it.
  17. So thank you for the video that was helpful. I appreciate it.
  18. I really appreciate you showing me this. So they make the gold weight heavier to compensate for the difference. I feel a lot better now and collecting a fue more eagles. Thank you.
  19. Ok that makes complete sense now. I dont want to damage my coins. Even though I put them in capsules during transport the could get damaged and just overall the life of the coin is elongated.
  20. Is it true that gold eagles are only 92% gold? I've been trying to stay away from them and find more .999. Idk something about that just dont sit well with me.
  21. Wow man that us one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen!!! Really want to get a half solvern!!!
  22. Just came in today from mcm. Not to special but love them all the same!!! Btw I think I might need to go to silver addicks anonymous lol haha!!!