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  1. mastnejsalam

    2019 china panda coin

    Hard to say. I think they're gonna be pretty popular, but at the same time the quantities of mintage are pretty high. Maybe some more experienced member of this forum could give you better answer to this one.
  2. mastnejsalam

    2019 china panda coin

    1g - 1,000,000 3g - 800,000 8g - 600,000 15g - 600,000 30g - 1,000,000
  3. mastnejsalam

    World coins & medals

    2018 Czechoslovak airmen RAF
  4. mastnejsalam

    2019 china panda coin

    They're absolutely gorgeous, especially the gold one. I already pre-ordered CoinInvest, delivery estimate is 23-24 days , how about you, guys?
  5. mastnejsalam

    How Do I Pay Aurinum?

    Bought from them recently. Sent the wrong coin, are not responding.. But yeah as people here mentioned already, DHL is pretty fast within Europe. EDIT: Aurinum responded to a second email and promised to sent the correct coin once in stock.
  6. mastnejsalam

    Today I Received.....

    something I picked up for my dad, in preparation for Xmas.
  7. mastnejsalam

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, as of late I have gotten into the habit of watching yt videos about silver and been really enjoying it. My thanks to Backyard Bullion, who brought me here. At the moment I only have a couple of 1 oz silver coins but I'm planning to acquire more over time and this forum seems like a good place to gain more knowledge and help me determine what's the best way of going about it.