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    harrygill111 reacted to Abyss in Today I Received.....   
    Harrington and Byrne in the Gold deal threads £229 free postage and packaging my first Sovereigns arrived this weekend
    @kneehow2018 thank you for the 1/4 Gold Standard coins

    Thanks @arshimo2012 for the 1oz Silver Germania and coloured Eagles coins

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    harrygill111 reacted to terakris in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    I'm happy running things through Numi and he sorts everything out for me - the most hassle i have to do is shove the coins in an envelope and post them, he sends me a bill, I pay, everyones happy. I dont see this changing for me in the future, its all too easy for me to carry on with Numi helping out.
    It just happens that I'm in london this weekend so if I buy what im after, I'll see how easy it is to hand it to NGC UK at the coin show (I have a grading membership) and try grading direct.
    I didn't even think about a discount or saving for Numi - tbh, its going to cost me the same to send myself or via Numi so meh, who cares if he saves money overall, didn't even cross my mind.
    As always, thanks Numi for offering your time to sort out the grading  
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    harrygill111 reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    I think 14th March 
    Added 0 minutes later...  It has been a very long afternoon but amazingly all the coins that arrived seem to toy with their owners.

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    harrygill111 got a reaction from Abyss in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    Releasing in the 25th of Feb if Bullion by Post is to be believed... 

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    harrygill111 reacted to HelpingHands in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    The main RM link is dead for me but I can get in a queue-it on another page
    That google told me gold paddinton was £795 .. mintage mightve been 600.  
    The gruffalo needs to be 400 or less for me to consider it I think.
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    harrygill111 got a reaction from Abyss in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    Releasing in the 25th of Feb if Bullion by Post is to be believed... 

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    harrygill111 got a reaction from Abyss in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    Releasing in the 25th of Feb if Bullion by Post is to be believed... 

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    harrygill111 reacted to arshimo2012 in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    The latest Royal Proclamation has revealed that a brand new 50p coin will be issued by The Royal Mint this year, celebrating the life of one of the world’s most acclaimed physicists and ambassadors for science – Stephen Hawking.
    The 50p design will feature a stylized depiction of a black hole with the inscription “STEPHEN HAWKING” and the entropy equation.
    As a great innovator in his field and one of the most famous British scientists of modern times, it seems a fitting tribute that a new coin should be issued featuring Stephen Hawking.
    His breakthrough ideas on the workings of the universe can be seen as a significant contribution to humanity, making the complexities of physics relatable for the everyday person. Thanks 
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    harrygill111 reacted to Sovereign in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    it’s so wrong to sell anything on ebay if you don’t have it in hand or already reserved!
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    harrygill111 reacted to FoolzGold in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    This was always going to be a challenging design given the nature of the beast (so to speak). Personally I think the end result is pretty unattractive as a coin if only because the creature itself is pretty hideous. I'll get one for completeness at least but not for aesthetics.
    That said, the least attractive coin in a series will often undersell and end up being worth more long-term due to supply and demand as people in future try to put together sets.
    BTW here's the gold version:

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    harrygill111 reacted to Wouter06 in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    Hi! I just found the design for the Yale of Beaufort. :-) I must say I really like the design! It's my favourite after the dragon and the griffin. What do you think?
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    harrygill111 reacted to Nick1368 in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    A gentleman called me from Harrington & Bryne this morning, first he said that he wants to confirm the delivery address but then he tried to convince me to change my order to proof sovereigns for £500 each instead of bullion sovs for 229 🤣  giving me reasons why it's so important to buy proof coins as a long term investment, I  kept saying no and he kept going on about it, I said brov I don't want no Proof sovs just leave me alone and send me my bullion sovs, alright 
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    harrygill111 reacted to Abyss in Today I Received.....   
    Two items arrived today 5x Britannia 10 oz silver bars from @SilverStan and 2x 5 oz Terracotta Army from @MrScottsdale. Almost completed stack of 10 x Britannia 10 oz silver bars. Needed another lady in my life (apart from my wife) and the contest was between Lady Pamp Suisse Fortuna and Lady Britannia. Lady Britannia has won . @MrScottsdale new forum just wanted to say his packaging / communication was excellent (same SilverStan) and I left positive feedback for both.

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    harrygill111 reacted to MrScottsdale in Enamelled Silver Art bars & a 2oz bar   
    Making a little bit of room for my next Scottsdale order.
    Everything UFO
    There are 5 enamelled silver art bars in this set and each is 1 Troy Oz for fine .999 silver. Each comes in a capsule and with matching badge & postcard and COA’s £200 Free RM Special delivery.
    Barrely Living Playing for Keeps set 2 x 1Troy Oz .999 fine silver each in original mint seal £95 + £2.50 1st class signed for.
    STL Mint Neo Stoners 1 Troy Oz .999 fine silver complete in capsule and with COA £50 + £2.50 1st class signed for.
    Skull & Crossbones poured bar, 2 ounces of .999 fine silver £35 + £2.50 1st class signed for.
    Usual PayPal F&F please
    Thank you
    advertised elsewhere also

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    harrygill111 reacted to Abyss in **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Week 1 = 1037oz
    Week 2 = 2000oz
    Total both weekends 3037oz about 86 kilos plus weight all the capsules/tubes/monster boxes/packaging and any silvershot ordered. I knew this biggest group order to date but did not realise the magnitude. I don’t think anyone has unboxed 3,000oz silver on YouTube. With mammoth task of taking delivery / unboxing / sorting / posting everyone’s orders I hope this unboxing video goes viral on YouTube and you get massive jump in subscribers.
    PS I don’t know if you have named the table but I am betting she can handle it like PMs she has stood the test of time.
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    harrygill111 reacted to sixgun in Gold Monitoring Thread £ only   
    The top of the cup is around the $1350 level - then a pull back if we are to see the cup and handle and then the push on up from there.
    There is a good deal of chart resistance at the $1350 level, so a pull back seems likely. Then another run up and through the resistance so completely the cup and handle.

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    harrygill111 reacted to BackyardBullion in Today I made.....   
    Today I poured some big chunky bars!
    I have deliberately darkened the bottom in the side on photo as it is a custom order with some names on it. 

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    harrygill111 reacted to JBstacker3181 in Today I Received.....   
    Some premium gold chocolate coins courtesy of Ms JBstacker3181. Gotta love pre anniversary presents. Can't wait to see what the messes really got me.😊

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    harrygill111 reacted to StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    This beauty arrived today, A huge thanks to @Wackattak924 Who will be participating in the 100km run in The Peak District in July to support Children With Cancer UK charity 👏👏👏 

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    harrygill111 got a reaction from mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    This elusive and over priced little blighter arriverd yesterday. Just two more of these to complete the £20 BU collection. 
    Only available at the Royal Mint experience... and ebay of course!

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    harrygill111 reacted to BackyardBullion in Today I made.....   
    I made a whole bunch of mirror bars today (all made to order so are not for sale!)
    Got myself one hell of a blister!

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    harrygill111 reacted to BackyardBullion in Today I made.....   
    3 oz rounds were finished today!

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    harrygill111 reacted to BackyardBullion in Today I made.....   
    Not all today, but finished up a few giant sets today, now we have the whole array of sets made and photoed!
    9, 25, 36, 49 & 50 piece sets!

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    harrygill111 reacted to Bullionaire in Today I Received.....   
    Some of my favourite recent pieces:
    Couple of the coins I got from @StackSellRepeat's lucky dip sale

    And one of the group order pickups - a nice chunky koala. Looks great