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  1. Looking for East India Company trade dollars - ideally all 4 coins to date. Let me know if you can help
  2. I have the first two currently on sale
  3. Looking to start collecting the Rwanda nautical and Lunar series - does anyone have one or both series available please?
  4. The day has come to part with my beloved Queen's Beast Lion and Griffin. They've been carefully taken care of in a box, and the coin themselves never handled. I'd say the capsules are very good condition but please judge for yourselves from the pics below. 10 Oz Lion - £370 10 Oz Griffin - £330 Both - £690 Prices are inclusive of Royal Mail Special Delivery in the UK. However there will be additional costs for overseas buyers i'm afraid - please get in touch for further details.
  5. 1oz Silver pls... its late on sunday 😴
  6. Looking for 2012, 2013 and 2014 Pandas Let me know if you have any you'd like to part with
  7. I only need a few coins so try to avoid european dealers - does anyone have the below that you're willing to part with 2020: Chinese Panda, Aussie Koala, UK Rat and Britannia Thanks
  8. @morezone let me know if u come by any more
  9. Oh no - I was going to take em 😪
  10. Hi, are the universal boxes still available? Do you have any pics of the inside pls?