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  1. Sleep worked - back in the game on Monday morning @Stacker9090 (pm'd)
  2. Someone please take these off my hands 🤭😁
  3. 2013 Royal Mint 'The Royal Birth of Prince George' £5 coin in proof finish Complete with Box and Certificate of Authenticity Weight - 38.61 grams Metal: .925 Sterling silver Max Mintage: 10,000 Actual Mintage: 7,460 Looking for £140 or VNO Royal Mail Special Delivery included (UK only)
  4. 55oz up for sale (4x) 2019 1oz Oriental Britannia £17 Three left (4x) 2015 1oz Australian Spider £18 now £17 (2x) 2019 2oz Yale Of Beaufort £33 One Left! 2019 2oz Falcon Coin £33 (2x) 2019 10oz Unicorn Coin £165 One left! 2019 10oz Bull £165 SOLD 2019 10oz Valiant £165 SOLD (4x) 2019 1oz Royal Arms Coin £16 SOLD + you choice of postage Bank transfer or paypal friends and family
  5. Worthwhile picking up the exclusive £20 coins??
  6. I'm always amused by newspaper headlines and their disconnect to reality - there were a bunch of very over priced 1 and 2 bed's advertised (£350k+, £400k+ respectively) off plan too, close to where I live. They've sold out. 4-5 years ago you could get a decent 3 bed house, with garden and on drive parking for £250k. That puts inflation at about 15% a year, and the local stats show 2-3% total disconnect. I think there are parts of London that are doing well (thanks HS2), others are tailing off, like Hammersmith with a number of unsold new builds, but there are still killings to be had. To put things into context, even repossessions, which used to go below market value by 10-20% are now sold over market value locally - thanks cash buyers!
  7. 1x 2019 Gruffalo 50p Silver proofs for sale. Complete with box and COAs Perfect condition - taken out of the box once or twice, coins are untouched and could be great candidates for grading. £50 Bank transfer or PayPal Friends and Family only RM Special delivery thrown in!
  8. Now reduced 2019 10 oz Unicorn Coin (x2) £165 2019 2 oz Yale Of Beaufort (x2) £33 2019 2 oz Falcon Coin £33 Buyer pays postage Bank transfer or paypal friends and family Excellent condition as shown in pics capsules included.
  9. @BackyardBullion sorry if you covered this before - for those ordering now, delivery will be early June right? Barring orders with pre-sale items. Also smashing job getting this up and running again!