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  1. NO NO NO NO! And what is with the sunglasses!
  2. Mega FOMO'ing over here In for the next batch!
  3. Not going to happen, but I'll take lot 1 if @Bullionbilly doest 🤞
  4. I lost my mind over this a few years ago and told them they had till Friday to refund me or i'd to a Press Release calling it PPI for deliveries. They couldn't refund me quick enough. It's basically an admin fee, for them paying the tax on your behalf, therefore preventing a back log of parcels. Like PPI, this is a service that not many want, and not aware they are paying for as its dressed up as 'Import and duty'. They do not provide an itemised view of what you are paying fo; in my case it took several emails and phone calls. Then alot of threatening to get my money back.
  5. Hi, I'll take these if still available - do you have any pics?
  6. 2013 Royal Mint 'The Royal Birth of Prince George' £5 coin in proof finish Complete with Box and Certificate of Authenticity Weight - 38.61 grams Metal: .925 Sterling silver Max Mintage: 10,000 Actual Mintage: 7,460 Looking for £150 Royal Mail Special Delivery included (UK only)
  7. Still buying - I cant sell, way to emotionally attached but sure a point will come when i'll start breaking up the collection
  8. That 1kg bar is gorgeous Please let me know if you thinking about selling instead of swapping
  9. @vand cheers I have a good physical stack now. Big enough to need storing at the bank rather than at home. I hate paying the bank to store my PMs despite the protection they give me. Ironically in a doomsday/bank run scenario that physical metal will probably be just as inaccessible as hated ETFs. Also, I thought why not ETFs rather than sinking money on ever larger boxes at the bank. ETFs don't give me storage headaches and seem much easier than trying to off-load bucket loads of physical metals at decent prices quickly. In my mind, just the ability to offload when I perceive the top (if the top gets anywhere like $50 again) is enough to offset tax's. Then added benefits from not having to haul heavy metals around and worry about my bank. On the negative side I'd be loosing out on the strong returns for popular coins like the 10oz QB Lion which was generating 100%+ ROI in a relatively short span of time - the CGT exemptions really add up in that instance. Has anyone tried investing physical returns into ETFs - do you get swallowed up by fee's? Not sure mining stocks are for me just yet, feels like this will need further analysis to manage the added risks.
  10. Following the bullish moves last week, and positive breakout of silvers symmetrical triangle I cant help but feel its time to switch to paper Silver. After all, most trading and analysis seem to be based on paper, and anyone making large investments that'l help move the market will have no choice other than paper unless they have a gigantic safe and a couple of dogs/ security guards. What do you guys think? Any tips to help get me started? Should I buy and hold for the long term, are there any ways to purchase options for Silver? Do you have any tips for more effective investing from the UK? (for fee's etc)
  11. Do you have any pics?