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  1. Got this little beauty in the post today, thanks @SilverStan very well packaged too!
  2. Me too please if you have any left (in capsule)
  3. I'm new to sovereigns- seems strike on the day has been milked and the Matt finish isn't too popular? Surely as a long term investment mintage will set this apart?
  4. Looks like a pretty useless set to me - though you could potentially buy from Westminster collection, and sell the Kew 50p for £20-£30 while its still hot
  5. Nice little haul arrived today - thank you @BackyardBullion
  6. Pre-order of the Yale is open on BullionbyPost. It looks like stock will be available from the 1st March https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-coins/silver-queens-beast/2oz-silver-coin-yale-queens-beast/
  7. Surprised about the 600 mintage vs. 400 on the Snowman!
  8. Releasing in the 25th of Feb if Bullion by Post is to be believed...