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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gold and Silver, ideally CGT exempt.

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  1. harrygill111

    Today I Received.....

    This elusive and over priced little blighter arriverd yesterday. Just two more of these to complete the £20 BU collection. Only available at the Royal Mint experience... and ebay of course!
  2. harrygill111

    **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    US group order sounds epic!
  3. harrygill111

    completed 1OZ SILVER X9 COINS - SPOT PRICE

    dammit lol
  4. harrygill111

    Today I Received.....

    Gorgeous bar😊 Thanks @MickD
  5. harrygill111

    **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    @BackyardBullion thanks for organising again The 1oz platinum britannia has a lead time of 3-4 weeks... can we order this? Does it come with a capsule?
  6. harrygill111

    completed Silver Bars

    Can I have the 100g Pamp pls
  7. I'll take one of each pls pm'd
  8. harrygill111

    completed Half sovs

    Me too
  9. harrygill111

    completed Silver

    Sold?! Dammit
  10. harrygill111

    Today I Received.....

    Thanks for the tip - is this coin news? https://www.tokenpublishing.com
  11. harrygill111

    Today I Received.....

    Spink 2019! Looking forward to diving in...
  12. harrygill111

    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    Thanks for everything you do @BackyardBullion You're a star!
  13. I have the coins pictured below that I'd like to exchange for britannia years 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007-2011, or any privy's. To save on postage, ideally id like to exchange with as few people as possible, so please do look around to see if you have coins laying around. I appreciate I don't have any feedback yet, willing to do what's required to get your trust, just let me know what you need. Goes without saying, but these are 100% genuine and purchased as part of a group order on this very forum.
  14. I'll swap a 2011 for a 2017. Capsuled and as purchased great condition.
  15. harrygill111

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Out of interest are people buying these to keep or flip?