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  1. Greetings! I am on the lookout for a Norwegian coin catalogue and I am finding it hopeless to buy one without having to cross the border myself as Norwegian book stores apparently don't ship to Sweden... I had a contact in Norway willing to buy it for me but it took 3 weeks of no answer since the first positive answer and now she is worried about shipping time as she is leaving in vacation... What she has been doing these last three weeks nobody knows but her. I feel rather disappointed.. Ohh well! Never meant for this to become a life story! Sorry! Needed to get it out of the system hehe. This is the book I would like to get my hands on, "Norges mynter 2019": https://www.ark.no/boker/Gunnar-red-Thesen-Norges-mynter-2019-9788269020229?fbclid=IwAR0sb9sOYeJtvv4feSUpUkHY-SfBpQQf1EKDXPFTLsE8bZtCCjXA40LOWc4, picture at the end. I of course pay for all the costs for the book as well as the shipping should anyone have it and be willing to sell. Other years may also be of interest. Thank you very much in advance and have a nice evening, day, morning, night wherever you may be and when ever you may read
  2. Welcome from Sweden! We were all new in the beginning But you'll learn lots here! Very helpful community!
  3. I'd like to follow this thread as I do like north western Germany and travel there from time to time
  4. Help! Seriously... I've been trying to edit this topic to completed? I know I have seen an edit-button? But now I can't seem to find to change the original post? Am I going (more) blind? 😮
  5. Thank you for the tip! Sadly it was a bit late to solve a note but I would love a silver certificate myself The history of notes I have yet to delve into But I can tell you that my great aunt really liked the gift! And it was an honour giving it to her
  6. This looks like a collection of the one @itslikegolddust shared I think. Albeit described in Swedish but this might be interesting? About 145 pounds I think. I can collect it personally, it's just next town over https://www.tradera.com/item/220409/345707078/de-100-fornamsta-bilarna-i-silverminiatyrer
  7. Congratulations winners and children! Thank you and I hope that the District Peak challenge goes well @Wackattak924! We'll cheer for you!
  8. Well, it would be for a great cause Sadly that one I already got. I look for 1934 pieces to give to a great aunt for her 85th birthday and that one is in it. I'll tell you this! I will return tomorrow evening after a funeral. I gather I would need cheering up as it's a very good friends unborn baby we're burying, very sad, and if there is some amount left I will pitch in the rest to 700, coin or no coin That I promise! Give something towards someone elses life, as we took farewell of another. Would be fitting
  9. If you have any 1934 coins for me to buy I will happily pay the rest to the target
  10. Welcome from Sweden!
  11. 50 pounds sent from Sweden! Just 70 pounds to the target now! Thank you for this awesome work for a worthy cause! I have myself survived cancer as a child and this feels right all the way! I heard on the TV Hans Rosling once say some years ago when I had a down day, as one does normally, that he had lived longer after a disease than before. That was a very cheering thought and I thought I's share it Keep it up! Almost there!
  12. När man är samlare är man aldrig ensam! Välkommen!
  13. Still looking people So dig deep in your collection and help a fellow out
  14. Welcome from Sweden! Same timezone I belive but as far north as you are south more or less
  15. Greetings fellow coinsters, numistmatists and... billsters? Whatever you prefer to call yourself I call for your aid! Short summary first: I'm on the lookout for anything coin- and/ or noterelated currency from the year 1934. A slightly longer text on the same theme: I'm on the lookout for coins (and the occasional banknotes if the opportunity presents itself) for a birthday gift I plan for my great aunt that turns 85 years old in the middle of May. She (and I) are very interested in history and she is much interested in me collecting coins and she shows me her old coins from time to time when I visit. Sadly I live quite far away from her, around 300 km, so I don't visit as often as I should and cannot show my collection as it grows. But we do exchange handwritten (in my case typewriter written due to very poor handwriting) letters from time to time and call each other so we keep in touch. So, i thought I would put together a small coin collection from her birth year of 1934. Therefore I am on the lookout for everything coin- and/ or note related from the year 1934. There is no need for it to be silver or any other precious metal, it is the year that is important even if silver always is interesting. So, if you have anything from 1934 that you wish to sell, drop me a note with what you got, a price you want for it if you have it and it would also be really helpful with a approximate shipping cost to Sweden I'm also open for exchanges, I got a little bit of this and a little bit of that, something might be of interest? Much thank you in advance and have a lovely day!
  16. Ohh... Difficult difficult! By far must be the 20 kr gold coin from 1874 in my own collections But from the circulating coins.. I do like the 1 and 2 kr coin from 1875/766 until 1907 the most I think. King Oskar II. Also the 25/50 Öre from the same years and monarch Sad to hear about the 20 kr note! If you don't mind a not mint condition one I can send you one if you like They are not legal tender anymore but I have a few in the collection
  17. I might counter with "what do you want to know" as there is loads to know Mostly silver until 1965-1968, later cupronickel. Joined in monetary union with Denmark and later Norway in 1873 when the nordic countried all got kronor and ören. Ask away! However, Numista got mentioned by @999magnum. That is a very good page. Most coins have some explanation on them that helps with googleing
  18. Many of us forum members normally have a high interest in coins and then especially our own currency. I'm fairly well versed in Swedish coins and may answer at least some questions.
  19. Another welcome from Sweden!
  20. Welcome from Sweden! You have come to the right place. This is the place for good friends and sound advice on these matters
  21. The prize from @Csaba arrived today! A nice thing to collect when the weather is dreary! However the rain falls, silver always shines Thank you!
  22. Ahh. Don't we love them though! The grumpy people
  23. She looked a bit stressed to be honest, poor girl... Y to G and E to A... And all alone and the queue grew longer and longer behind me. But I calmed her since I at least had all the time in the world and was in no rush. Didn't help haha!
  24. I know that my prize has been delivered to @Mike but not been "investigated" yet. As of the prize to me I will let them know I arrived home again after being away for two weeks and just today returned home