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  1. Family crest would be nice Now you got me dreaming of even bigger stacks hehe
  2. Indeed welcome! Feel free to share your casts with us
  3. I have only found a couple of V nickels on my side of the pond while hunting assorted lots. How much do they ask for them by any chance? And I fall around the middle of your year span hehe.
  4. Sweden greets you welcome! I apparantly have relatives in Chicago but havn't looked into it as it is a fairly large little village haha Welcome all the same! TSF is great!
  5. Sweden greets you! Welcome!
  6. Haha yes! Didn't mean to snatch the thread though This is the Swedish railroads first aid chest number 1 from first half of the last century Rather handsome box
  7. I can arrange better ones later but this might do as a start My current stack of "doubles" as I am trying to collect everything from when we adopted "krona" in 1873 till today and this is what I already have in the folders 14 kg of it!
  8. Aye, beautiful start I have both new but mostly old Swedish silver And mostly UK gold hehe And two of the 10 oz beasts
  9. Welcome from Sweden here also
  10. Schnitzel


    Welcome to the forum from Sweden! US constitutional silver is fun Have a few myself along with my other hoard
  11. Yeah, but why 3-pence in particular? But the size might be a reason of course... The pocket watch chain accessory sounds plausible as well
  12. I'm afraid I can't help you with your question but one does wonder if the 3-pence have some good luck abilities or something for I found an 1889 in a lot box with a hole in the exact same place... I'm pretty sure I have a few others with holes in them as well but need to look... Strange to say the least!