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  1. Ohh yeah! Been waiting for these babies for a couple of weeks now. Actually bought them from a friends grandmother who's father worked in a grocery store for many years and every day after work he sorted out the silver coins and replaced them with copper and cupronickel coins
  2. It's finally here!!!! 12 kg of Swedish silver coins between 40 and 80% Let's get sorting!! 😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩
  3. The northern countries seems to be wrong... According to the colour scheme we would have has polish zloty as our currency... I left a comment asking for clarification as it looks misleading... Perhaps the colour has some other significance..
  4. And to clarify, Swedish coins had silver in them until the 1960s. Some coins went do cupro nickel early in the sixties, others late. 1968 it were all cupro nickel. Sad..
  5. If non UK silver is ok, this is my stack of Swedish silver "doubles" as it is. It is a almost 3 kilos and silver contents between 40 and 80 percent. I have over 12 kilos of similar coins coming in any day now And to think, this is only doubles... I try to collect all the coins, years, types and variations from when we went from daler to krona as currency in 1873 till today I have a few older Swedish silver coins as well but they are treated way nicer than these Individual flips and such haha! The doubles are kept in a cloth bag from the Swedish "Riksbanken" Seems fitting for some reason.
  6. Ohh my! The SLQ:s are beautiful! I have a 1920 in really good shape but that's not gold hehe. Sadly I have not the funds for it and I fear to ask how much silver you would want in exchange 🙈
  7. It could also be gold plated... Then it would show as gold even if it isn't solid gold?
  8. Not that I know how this relates to coins or other numismatic topics but yeah... We Swedes are victims of our own consciences... We have it pretty good and feel very bad when we see a beggar... So how do we solve the problem of a guilty conscience when we refuse to give a few spare coins? Bureaucracy! "We don't like to see a poor beggar, let's make them get a permit!" "Let's forbid begging!" Always treating the solution instead of the problem... Solution as in begging is a solution for a beggar to the problem of no money. The social democrats lost their way in the early 90s if you ask me... How did they "win" the elections yet again... And why is my own party supporting them I wonder... And I am a part time politician after all but on a municipal level. We will never introduce permits to beg as long as I'm in charge. Not until you can legislate solidarity.
  9. Schnitzel

    Pccb sovereign

    It went cheap as well so the one buying either did a heck of a buy or didn't loose to much either way.
  10. I'll take it if you ship to Sweden I'll send you a PM.
  11. Greetings! I am on the lookout for a Norwegian coin catalogue and I am finding it hopeless to buy one without having to cross the border myself as Norwegian book stores apparently don't ship to Sweden... I had a contact in Norway willing to buy it for me but it took 3 weeks of no answer since the first positive answer and now she is worried about shipping time as she is leaving in vacation... What she has been doing these last three weeks nobody knows but her. I feel rather disappointed.. Ohh well! Never meant for this to become a life story! Sorry! Needed to get it out of the system hehe. This is the book I would like to get my hands on, "Norges mynter 2019": https://www.ark.no/boker/Gunnar-red-Thesen-Norges-mynter-2019-9788269020229?fbclid=IwAR0sb9sOYeJtvv4feSUpUkHY-SfBpQQf1EKDXPFTLsE8bZtCCjXA40LOWc4, picture at the end. I of course pay for all the costs for the book as well as the shipping should anyone have it and be willing to sell. Other years may also be of interest. Thank you very much in advance and have a nice evening, day, morning, night wherever you may be and when ever you may read
  12. Welcome from Sweden! We were all new in the beginning But you'll learn lots here! Very helpful community!
  13. I'd like to follow this thread as I do like north western Germany and travel there from time to time