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  1. Hello, Hope all is well. I just found a deal from a dealer/mint from JMbullion. Just wanted to share if people didn't know... https://www.jmbullion.com/starter-pack/ Many thanks, Michael
  2. mike1097

    Silver bars?

    Someone kindly linked me in the forum, very good value! Thank you for the heads up! At this time however, i'm waiting for paydays + my first delivery from the group order before I invest further! Thank you for the information. I will keep this in mind!
  3. mike1097

    Silver bars?

    Hello, I keep watching videos which include silver bars. At this early stage of my stacking, I am stacking for weight. With this in mind should I avoid bars? + It seems the European mint doesn't have any in stock for months now... Would anyone know if they are likely to get some more? Or would you recommend somewhere else? - The Scottsdale bars are really nice. (Shame about the Royal mint having VAT as they do have bars!!!) Many thanks, Michael
  4. Hello, Hope all is well. Two topics I wanted to bring up 1) Brexit: Today I got an email I got an email from the European mint, in more words: 'PANIC, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET VAT FREE SILVER' I think the deadline is 186 days or something? Perhaps a stupid question, but why wouldn't we be able to get VAT free silver from say, the USA? is the issue behind this view the shipping? Will there be a few more group orders before we leave do we think? 2) From watching Backyard Bullions Youtube video today with a Scottsdale rounder (what is a rounder???) their products seem very nice, have we ever considered making a group order with them? Many thanks, Michael
  5. Well thank you for taking the time to help me
  6. Ahh okay! I just noticed on the Britannia it has '100 pounds' on the coin, meaning it's legal tender. In theory then, if Royal mint was to issue a 'bar' like yours with a money value, it becomes legal tender as well, and becomes exempt? Are other legal tenders from other countries not exempt because their legal tender is different, hence doesn't come under the exemption rule?
  7. I see. So only Royal mint coins are CGT free? Even if non Royal mint coins have money value like the $5 ect?
  8. Thank you for your reply! On Europeanmint, I am noticing many of the coins have say $5 or $0.50 in the description, so as a rule of thumb, if it has a money value like this, then it is capital tax gain free? . Thank you for your reply! Okay, thanks for the information, and yes i'm from the UK. When I do sell my bullion, do I have to do anything further like fill in a tax form? It's my understanding that we are allowed £11,400 of profit before paying tax... How am i supposed to remember the price I bought them to know the profit? E.g End of this year I have £1000 worth of silver, I sell it 20 years later and that £1000 is now £1500, am is supposed to remember the specifics that i payed for something 20 years ago, with specific amount? I'm thinking at first I will be doing it based on weight, then at a point will move to more rarer things to increase my overall portfolio worth.
  9. Hello, I hope all is well! From Youtube videos, and reading the very friendly community posts my fever is getting far stronger... But before I start investing, could you aid me in dealing with some of my thoughts and concerns: 1) I'm confused on capital gains tax, is this added to the price in which you pay for the item, or do I have to something when I eventually sell them, like fill in a tax form? 1.1) This is putting me off bars as from the financial view, it's worse than certain coins if i'm paying additional taxes... Right? Bars would be far easier to store though... 2) Some coins are exempt from the capital gains tax like the Britannia, how do I know what other coins are exempt? 3) I'm thinking of doing the November group order - To start with, from a coin point of view, i'm thinking 5 per coin i choose, thoughts? Thank you in advance. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Michael