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  1. Platinum is for investors searching wanting to take more risk for higher gains. I can only say i am shocking 33% minus with my platinum so when i buy now my average loss gets less. I think i can push it to minus 25% with a ounce. Thats the question if i should throw good money behind bad money..... And to be honest its also very unusual that platinum is cheaper than gold eventhough its quite a few years now the case.
  2. What do you mean with laquered? Who does such cruel things to coins?
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. Sad that they have that kind of restriction. Sending a 3K coin uninsured over the big lake is sadly not a option.
  4. @Numistacker just for interest. How much would a ~3K£ Goldcoin cost to grade at NGC UK.
  5. How about 1/2 oz Gold and 1/2 oz Platinum😛
  6. @Gildeon it cant be that i am the only one who thinks his behaviour is not fair on the other guy who helped, who went to eu-lawyers, got his time and energy leeched and finally hearing that 550 Euros missing dont matter anyway. From this thread i have learned. )Gs.be are scumbags and not to be trusted. I will never purchase again at that place. )There are individuals out there who cant estimate the bearing of their actions. )I will doublecheck my orders now and not let the greed guide me.
  7. This is was my inital post for evidence that my claims are true i tried to help op. That @Attilio has no problem with clients not willing to fullfill their contracts and defending them furiously is sad but ok we have to accept that. Not everybody has the same moral when it comes to bills.
  8. That gs.be sucks and is the worst company ever i dont have to add.
  9. If you followed it from the beginning my first posting was that i called op naive and that business doesnt work in this way. imho his behaviour is on the same shamefull level like not paying your employes after takeing an order on a construction site. How would you feel if your boss takes orders but cant pay you out? Like that guy in liverpool yesterday....Always think twice before ordering stuff and dont let the greed run trough your veins! Eventhough i disagreed with his behaviour i wrote to him that we will kick him out of that trap. You can read my first posting concerning this case. But as the discussion ran along i noticed op must be really not right in the head. From what i read he was not capable to help himself, then he sent an other forummember to do the 'dirtywork' and ulimatively makeing the other guys efforts ad absurdum with no claiming the 500 euro the other forummember fought very hard for all this months. Thats how i see it and thatswhy i critisize op harshly.
  10. I can assure you if i would be asociated with gs.be i would not given any money back and waited for court case. Just to see if he had enough money to go to courts.
  11. Stop spaming this forum please. Some moderator should delete this thread. You are a guy whose word cant be believed. First you cry about missing 10K and then 1/2K doesnt matter to you anyway. Really Purchasing stuff and then dont wanting to pay. @Silverhunter nice of you defending a untrustfull customer and a 'lyar'. After reviewing the whole thread again For me it seems odd that a missing 550 euro dont matter but 10K cannot be paid as of missing funds. Not very believeable.
  12. Will this story ever end? Who cares about the other emails? They stole your money(550 Euro) and you seem to be thankful to them. You even seem to be even proud that you outsmarted them. This is clearly not the case! I dont need to know more. I wonder which dealer you will next time try to scam by purchasing over your limits and then playing the dramaqueen when it comes to pay. I would be ashamed. The best thing is you let other people drag you out of your misery because you on your own are not capeable of contacting the lawyers and then a missing 550Euro dont seem to bother you anyway.
  13. @intelinside I would aim for 1 full oz with those 'exotic' metals
  14. I am with about 5K into platinum and now its about 30% minus. I will buy myself 2 coins to lower my average cost and wait what will happen to palladium. I am cursing myself that i didnt get more Pd earlier when it was low.😤