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  1. Greg

    UK Parliament Petition

    Lol. I have contacted Greg Hunter to see if he will mention it
  2. Greg

    UK Parliament Petition

    Hey all My petition went live today. Any signatories would be appreciated. I may be on a loser but I haven't lost heart yet. Hopefully we can at least wake some people up to this. Thanks all https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/264712 Greg
  3. Greg

    UK Parliament Petition

    Yeah I realise I will probably be on a loser but had to say something
  4. Greg

    UK Parliament Petition

    I have started a petition to try and get the government to raise our gold holdings to 1000 tonnes. It would be a start. Please sign if you can. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/264712/sponsors/new?token=n9rCWoc428TUad1QSjvt
  5. November order arrived. So happy 😋
  6. Leave my girls to their dust bath. They ain't for eating.🤣
  7. No dogs, only chickens here. Anyway, I know I am new here but wanted to thank Mr BYB. I can see how hard you are working at this. I feel a bit like I am taking advantage but really do appreciate all you are doing
  8. No probs. I will get the +4 discount anyway.
  9. I got her😁. She is a stacker at heart. Another question though. I am gonna be doing an Atkinson gold order soon. Maybe 4 Oz. Do we do group on this to lower the price? Atkinson's seem to be cheaper that goldsilver.be. Unless someone has other options?