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  1. Sent mine to Chards for an approx valuation and they said bullion - am I missing something??
  2. hi - do you have any half sovereign proofs for sale - ideally 2005 or 2012? Cheers
  3. gold smashed again today - time to buy some more 🙂
  4. 02/02/19 GBP to USD = 1.261 today GBP to USD = 1.305 I'd say that's a weakening of 3.4% and that's against sterling who no one wants to hold at the moment
  5. GBP gold price is nearing it's all time high again so if i had crappy scrap gold that's no use for jewellery i'd be cashing in tbh
  6. What stock market are you comparing against as it cannot be the Chinese market? And doesn't the whole world have access to the gold market? Gold's gone up recently due to the dollar weakening....
  7. she should of fixed the mortgage. we live in the uk - borrowing is cheap - inflation is low. Britains housing market continued to grow until 2008 and then suffered a 20% shock. Property will always beat shitty silver unless they start building silver houses.
  8. yeah it's a good price dude - especially with the free postage - go nuts!
  9. Hiya Does anyone have any good price guides / information on all the different varieties of Chinese trade dollars that they can share? Cheers
  10. looks like they've finished the deal - can't add one to my basket.....
  11. Someone hasn’t been following brexit very well - we will not be getting a deal anytime soon if at all! Our country is doomed with our current House of Commons.
  12. I’ll be there and dressed as a giant silver Britannia coin