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  1. oh yes i am hoping that 1883 m sovereign is mine and its come out at ms62, i new it was a goodin as soon as i seen it...happy days
  2. thank you numi, in future can you not get the p.o to collect your packages..
  3. i think numi does an amazing job, and i wouldnt want to use any one else, hassle free with his experience, and he has saved me a bit of money on a few occasions by telling me 1 or 2 of my coins arnt worth gradin or would get very poor grades, so i cannot thank numi enough, and we also get great unboxing videos too boot, all good
  4. nice i can see a few of my coins in that lot brilliant
  5. i am always of the opinion that slabbing the coins always makes them more valuble..
  6. i always think 69 is a brilliant grade not much difference at all between that and a 70, depends if the graders have had a good coffee break, numi doesnt always get 70's even regal stacker doesnt, and he is as fussy as hell on his grading....i got a load of 69 and very pleased with the results....regards
  7. mal1954 really pleased with my first results of graded coins....
  8. yes a nice place to be with so much knowledge by the members
  9. yes been collecting for a few months now, mainly all gold coins 1/4 oz to start off with just 24 carrot
  10. thank you all guys for your very warm welcome