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  1. Christ these disappeared faster than my babysitters boyfriend when the car pulls up...
  2. Nemo86

    Brexit lol

    I reckon we could set up our own trade deal with Estonia (European Mint) 😂
  3. My old man ia in perth right now visiting family 🤔 might have to give him a quick call 😂😂
  4. Aww man cant believe I missed these 😂 If you even come across 29 Roosevelt dimes ill take them. Trying to fill a tube and my OCD is keeping me awake at night
  5. Nice one ill make sure I bring plenty of euros 😁
  6. Ah no worries guys thanks for checking 😚
  7. Ah nice one...now just have to work on my excuses to hide from the wife for and afternoon 🤣 How is the pricing compared to the uk?
  8. Going to be over in Paris for a few days and was wondering if there were any decent coin / bullion shops you guys would recommend. I know its a long shot but thought Id ask to see.
  9. Hi guys Im trying to find a 1g gold pand that is NGC slabbed this is for a gift. Anyone got a spare one knocking about 😁 have cash
  10. Hi Byb can I have 2 of the walking liberty bars please.
  11. Hi ill take 30 x Roosevelt dimes
  12. Thats it 🤣 You can tell google and I dont have the best relationship
  13. Hi guys Just picked up this coin and wondering if anyone had any info on it? Never seen one before.