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  1. Hi ill take 30 x Roosevelt dimes
  2. Thats it 🤣 You can tell google and I dont have the best relationship
  3. Hi guys Just picked up this coin and wondering if anyone had any info on it? Never seen one before.
  4. Hi guys just been offered a 500g Gieger Copper bar for £15 I was wondering if anyone invested in copper and if it was worth while.
  5. Got mine this morning cant thank you enough
  6. Ill take 4 Kennedy half dollars
  7. He did have a few I was for heading back in for another mooch later on see what I could pick up. Yeah the guys on reddit suggested that the tone lines are because the coin had been sitting in a dead guys pocket of ages 😂
  8. Isnt the 1964 half dollar the only one with 90% silver though?
  9. Hi guys picked up one of these out of impulse im afraid I dont know much about it. Got it for £5 as i was buying other things. Just curious about average pricing of these and if anyone has them in their own stack.
  10. Ill send you one tommorrow along with some doubles I have see if we can work something out
  11. Or any of the 2012 Olympics. Id be happy for a trade 🤣 All these Paddington bears are giving me the eye and I dont like it pmsl
  12. I have 200 Paddington bastard bears if anyone wants a swap 🤣🤣
  13. Shes hasnt got: Jemima puddleduck Tailer of glouster Beatrix potter writing Squirrel nutking Floppsy bunny Mrs tittlemouse Petter rabbit (close up and one eating carrot). Any of them would be magic
  14. Honestly anything to be honest. Its my daughter thats just starting her collection so shes not fussy.