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  1. Gutted for you @sovereignsteve From a fellow Redskins fan.
  2. That was an awesome surprise in the post today. Thanks @StackSellRepeat
  3. @DrDime Did you re-post these? I can't see a thread.
  4. Thanks. Would never have thought of tumbling coins.
  5. Ah, what a smart little gadget. How long, roughly, would your coins have taken in the machine?
  6. @Gildeon Nice job on the coins. How did you get them so clean?! I used a Lighthouse cleaning cloth on my small pile of US junk silver for some of the reasons already expressed. I like to handle them and show to friends without getting mucky hands. I know they're only worth melt anyway.
  7. Please check your PMs @DrDime
  8. I was thinking more of the 1/10oz Britannias, they're at a similar price point to the half-Sovereigns. I'm talking purely on a sale of the 50p Kew for around £110.
  9. I don't even find the Kew a particularly pretty coin. Yeah, I was looking into Sovereigns when I noticed the fractional Britannias, which I think look more like actual gold coins than the new, matt, dull-looking Sovereigns. Also, the Britannias are .999 purity, like my silver.