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  1. I want to eat it! Don't know what's come over me.
  2. @firestacker That Geiger bar is beautiful!
  3. argentmajor

    9 Fine Mint

    No, mine is fine. Out of interest, how long has yours been inside the pack?
  4. argentmajor

    9 Fine Mint

    My very first piece of silver was their 100g poured bar, bought last year, so it will always be special to me. Came in a little folding plastic pack (easy to store away).
  5. These are beautiful. I spent four weeks in Canada in 1990 as a teen (visiting Alberta and BC).
  6. Coins arrived today. Thanks again BYB, a very professional service.
  7. I'll add one Copper Aztec Dragon to my February Group Order please, BYB. Cheers.
  8. Am I correct that items marked "PRE-SALE" are not available in the group order? I was hoping to buy a rectangular capsule for my Perth Mint dragon bar.
  9. Got a dragon bar and my very first panda delivered today in a smart little package from BYB. A first-class service, very pleased.