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  1. What's left @James901012?
  2. Please check your PMs @DrDime
  3. I was thinking more of the 1/10oz Britannias, they're at a similar price point to the half-Sovereigns. I'm talking purely on a sale of the 50p Kew for around £110.
  4. I don't even find the Kew a particularly pretty coin. Yeah, I was looking into Sovereigns when I noticed the fractional Britannias, which I think look more like actual gold coins than the new, matt, dull-looking Sovereigns. Also, the Britannias are .999 purity, like my silver.
  5. Thank you, gents. This is exactly the sort of advice I was angling for. I've only ever bought from eBay, I'll keep it in mind.
  6. That's a great idea! I'm definitely going to consider that now. You see, my brain just doesn't think that way. Brilliant.
  7. Ask me about his vinyl collection that I grew up listening to, that's a whole different matter! Nothing of any real value but priceless to me, every little nick and scratch takes me back.
  8. Along with some other rare-ish 50ps and £2 coins my Dad had collected in his change (unknown to me), I sealed them in flips and put them in a drawer. I have no emotional connection to them really. On the other hand, a gold coin would be something I could enjoy looking at and showing to others. We weren't close as fathers and sons usually are but I think he'd see the sense of it. I'm not financially in a position to buy much gold. Silver has been my main interest.
  9. Yes, I thought about that too. Also, I was looking at the 1/10oz Britannia, which is at a similar price point and is virtually solid gold. I prefer the yellower tone it has to the sovereign. I'm on a modest budget and unlikely to be buying any more as silver is affordable. It was just the novelty of owning a gold coin really.
  10. Thanks guys, I'm definitely leaning towards selling it as the gold will be more likely to hold its value in the long term. I don't have any gold and those half-sovereigns are much prettier to look at!