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  1. £13-03 OK my stack it now worth more on paper but I won't be selling, I want to buy more at a lower price.
  2. TonyS

    Import charges

    Tell me about it, fifty + quid on top of the sale price!
  3. They’ll be OK trusting it to a UK courier. Many moons ago I was waiting for a ¾ ton copper casting to be delivered. The courier company was insistent they had delivered it. I couldn’t find in the goods in section of our stores. The courier had delivered it to a company half a mile down the road.
  4. TonyS

    Import charges

    I've just fallen foul of sales taxes. I'll think twice in the future.
  5. OK I like my shiny silver bars but I want one that looks like it has been around the block a few times. A reserve bar fits the bill quite nicely. Quirky with a history behind it. There’s been a few on ebay recently. One seller (with a good feedback) had three on offer, each saying “the photo is of the bar you will receive”. Call me sceptical but each photograph was identical! Is there somewhere I can get a 10 oz bar in the UK? I’m not in a rush (I’ve spent this months allocated funds).
  6. The two figures remind me of Rotwang’s creation Hel in the film Metropolis.
  7. 10 oz bars may be a tad awkward to pass off as medallions, etc.
  8. What is the situation regarding VAT on imports from the US?
  9. I had a look this morning, most of them are quite open that they’re replicas the others you’d need a full frontal lobotomy to fall for them.
  10. I won’t sell no matter what happens, the silver is for my son. What he does with it is up to him.
  11. Sorry if you thought I was unfriendly but I do tend to speak my mind.
  12. TonyS

    Call me dumb...

    I would prefer to keep my coins in individual capsules but have recently put them all in tubes. My safe is small and I got fed up with a landside every time I moved anything. 10 oz bars are still in capsules, at least they don’t fall over.
  13. Manchester: It doesn’t exist anymore, “Arse in a Bandbox” could have had a memorable reverse on a coin. Usually “Ass in a Bandbox” but the Mancunians took it a step further.
  14. For the UK it may stand half a chance after brexit. I doubt it and I’d be well peeved about the amount of VAT I’ve paid. That said it would make a level playing field.