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  1. I can use a thermic lance…… But I want to drive a get away Mini…… Please!
  2. Bank of England? PAMP bar? Something’s not right in this world!
  3. I didn’t want to detract from Shaunbarry’s thread about capsules for QB’s. Normally I buy coin capsules from Amazon so I looked there for 10oz bar capsules. It seems I can only get them from the US at silly prices with shipping costs. Another problem is my Amazon account goes in to an apoplectic fit if I try to order them. Is there somewhere in the UK I can get them from?
  4. TonyS

    QB 2oz capsule

  5. I had £15k of photographic gear secured in a tool safe in the boot of my car, it didn’t survive a back end shunt from a lorry. Bullion would survive better than very expensive glass. Driving with a radioactive isotope in the car boot would have raised a few questions with the police.
  6. What are you looking to do, collect or trade? I collect. Personally I’d steer clear of oriental Britannia’s as to my mind they are over priced, normal Britannia’s I’d go with. Maples I do like and have collected them for the last few months, the 1½ oz are particularly nice but again it depends on price. All that said, I’ve paid over the odds to get the early Queens Beasts so I can complete my two sets.
  7. It would be interesting to find out just how they cast the “nuggets”. Hammering each nugget isn’t cost effective to my mind. What would be interesting is to see two bars side by side and compare the finish. Cast they would be almost identical, hammered there will be differences.
  8. Before I retired I was an engineer in an automated foundry and as such I had to learn about casting methods.
  9. The only way I can think they are cast is in a two part mould. The smooth section is probably where the sprue has been cut off. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprue_(manufacturing)
  10. TonyS

    My first 1½ oz Maple:

    Arrived safely this morning, thank you Mick. I just need three more but they will have to wait until the end of the month. After that I’ll be concentrating on Britannia bars and waiting for the next beasts to come along.
  11. I’ll steer away from religious argument as it’s pointless. This murder seems indicative of our society in these times, how we get it under control is beyond my ken.
  12. TonyS

    Silica gel:

    If I was fit enough I’d go back there. Up to the eyeballs in s**t and corruption, I was in my element.
  13. TonyS

    Silica gel:

    I’ve not seen the colour changing gel for a good few years. It was replaced by a yellow pearlised compound that doesn’t issue a dust. Silica and lungs don’t work well together. The plants I worked on made Calcium Oxide CaO and then hydrated it to Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2.
  14. TonyS

    Silica gel:

    Yes silica gel pulls moisture out of the air, it’s the reason we used it liberally on chemical hydration plants. The switchgear was literally rusting away before it was even commissioned. Gel along with air condoning helped but it didn’t stop it. Our workshop had a drying oven that would take 50kg of gel so we could dry it out ready for the next round.
  15. TonyS

    Silica gel:

    A concrete floor will sweat moisture for up to a hundred years depending on the thickness. It’s the reason I put silica gel in my safe.