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  1. A while ago I bought 10oz bar capsules from a US trader, for the life of me I can’t remember the traders name. A UK trader would be better.
  2. Britannia 10ozT bar.
  3. The last I bought was from Suisse gold. I’ve been waiting a month for an order from Bairds.
  4. I like the 10oz royal arms, getting hold of one is the problem. I’ve a friend working in America at the moment. Depending on the legality he’ll bring one back for me. What are the pit falls.
  5. I’ll have to wait to make a decision if I like the white horse, I’ve a couple ordered on presale. I’ve come this far with the sets, I’m not giving up now. If I don’t like them I’ll drown my sorrows in white horse whisky.
  6. I’ve a couple of 70’s ammunition cases. I don’t think anyone would like me showing up with the description on the case “25 rounds in baton” rubber bullets. It cold be worse, I could show with a PIAT case Projectile, Infantry, Anti Tan.
  7. As many 10oz gold bars as possible and then give them to my son. Any loose change we'll drink.
  8. The race is on to who gets their sticky mits on one first.
  9. Anyone know where I can get one in the UK?
  10. One company I can think of is Vesuvius
  11. Before I retired I worked on kilns and furnaces. What is it you want to know?
  12. Don’t worry the affliction only lasts until you’ve sold the house, the car, the wife and kids.................
  13. I've given up looking for RCM 10oz bars. I'm now buying from Baird's.
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