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  1. When you know what you’re talking about I may listen!
  2. TonyS

    Coin capsules:

    I’ve answered my own question, a 10oz arrived this morning from European Mint complete with capsule. What Atkinson’s are playing at, I don’t know.
  3. I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t know. I bought a couple of Britannia’s for my god daughters christening, it snowballed from there.
  4. I may be wrong but silver bullion bought in the UK VAT will have been paid. Importing in to a non EU country is a different matter, they may charge import duty. Best bet is liquidate the bullion, get the cash and make a bank transfer. As I said, I may be wrong.
  5. Pan altered a ring for me, it is a size “Y” for my RH ring finger. I’d like a half crown ring for my index finger, size “3” would be a snug fit (three sizes beyond the alphabet scale). Years of weight training in the gym.
  6. A first class package from Slovenia, two days. A UPS package from Estonia sent the same date, possibly this Friday.
  7. So when can I order a half crown ring? You know what podgy fingers I’ve got.
  8. OK I've got to ask the question. Who is/was John Wick?
  9. I think I’ll settle for my copper pans.
  10. I was offered a job in Rhodesia just before independence. The laws changed and my plan to send Krugerrand’s home was sunk. I back peddled like mad to get out of the contract. A few years later…………
  11. I take antibiotics every day, no way am I touching colloidal silver as an alternative.
  12. You’ve jogged my memory in more ways than one. I’ve just transferred my silver spreadsheet to a memory stick.
  13. I retired early due to mental health issues (two work induced nervous breakdowns). 12 hours a day programming industrial control systems (PLC’s) knocked the stuffing out of me. Now I’m on about 20 tablets a day due to various issues brought about by stress. I joined an engineering forum where I could pass on 40 years of experience. Engineering drawings and writing helped clear my mind as I was under no pressure.
  14. I remember dancing to that on the podiums at Gatecrasher. There’s a lot you don’t know about me