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  1. I’ve a box of them you can have, PM your address.
  2. I’ve just received a 10ozT bar from E-Bay. Passed all the tests I chucked at it. I will echo what others have said, “check the sellers reputation.”
  3. If it wasn’t for promising my son I would get two complete collections I’d have chucked the sponge in with the Yale. Two more to go, they can’t get any worse. Good luck Carl, I hope the biopsy comes back clear
  4. This has been a fun thread. hopefully more will follow. You can’t be serious all of your life!
  5. Hopefully another RCM 10ozT bar is heading in my direction and at a reasonable price.
  6. You can buy anything on E-Bay.
  7. The price is going down, time I start buying again. If my son wants to sell it’s up to him. (I’ll have to be dead first.)
  8. It won't be in my collection either.
  9. If and when Charles becomes king, I’m packing in collecting. Henry IX is a better bet.
  10. I just hope the next Chronos is better. The first Equilibrium:
  11. I’m not sure about these. The 2018 is great, this one ? ? ? ?