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  1. I've got to agree, the 2018 is far better than the 2019. Just hope the 2020 is better.
  2. Thanks for the offer but I think the postage and import charges would cripple the deal. Both the 10oz maple and Baird 500gm bar are on this years “want” list so there’s no mad rush.
  3. Forget it, I was looking at the buy back price. Someone, somewhere must have a Magnificent Maple (10oz) for sale. Has a black hole opened up and is swallowing silver without me noticing? I think I’ll follow plan B and buy Baird & Co. bars
  4. Has anyone in the UK dealt with Geiger Emelmetalle directly? They have a coin I want which I can’t find in the UK. Although I want it, I don’t want the hassle I had with European Mint last time I bought one.
  5. I just love the lighter. My ex-wife bought me a similar Ronson in a cut crystal body 30+ years back. I haven’t a clue where it is now. I’ve just looked for the cut crystal lighter, £150 2nd hand ! ! ! !
  6. I hope it’s better than the 2019.
  7. Induction would be expensive to set up. Coal or coke, messy and hard to control. Petrol, forget it, too dangerous. That leaves gas.
  8. Britannia bar 1 2020 Queens’s beasts 4 Baird & Co 500gm bar 1 2020 Canadian Maple 5 2020 Incluse Canadian Maple 5 Canadian Magnificent Maple 1 Royal Canadian Mounted Police 4 Canadian bar 1 2020 Tokelau Chronos 5 2020 Tokelau Terra 5 US strategic reserve bar 1
  9. I’d like to find a 10ozT US strategic bar that looks like it has been kicked around the block a few times. I’m not having much luck at the moment and following Christmas I can’t afford it. In the meantime I’ll stick to reasonable quality bullion.
  10. QBs, mounted police and maples. I suppose I’ll add more Britannia’s but I want to concentrate on bars.
  11. TonyS

    Sovereign scales

    I bought these on flebay for £15-00. The beauty of them is you use a known physical weight for comparison and you can see the result. There again there’s cheap and cheerful electronic scales for the same price on Amazon.