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  1. As always a great effort from you both, I look forward to receiving my shiny stuff.
  2. Wow I was not expecting to win, just a lucky guess I suppose. I’ll take the great white please. Just like to say thank you for your generous offer.
  3. I will have to take part in this order now, the only question is figuring out how much I can actually afford.
  4. Put me on the reserve list please.
  5. Great work as always, I think my delivery was attempted yesterday now to get to the sorting office and collect it.
  6. My only 10oz is a valiant and I love it but need more in my stack looking to get Britannia bar, pamp and Scottsdale. If I could afford to I’d back date the 10oz queens beast but premiums are too high.
  7. I really like the Britannia 10oz bars, need to get some in my stack when funds allow.
  8. Following this. Got the first in the series looking forward to the rest.
  9. It will be sad if Brexit ruins this. If this is the last group buy I’ll be regretting not buying more, but funds don’t allow it at this time.
  10. Yes that's great news! I'll be ordering a tube at the weekend then, wish I could order more but my first ever house completes in just over a week, missed last months group buy and I need to make sure I get something before the obvious happens. With a bit of luck this won't be the last but I won't hold my breath.
  11. 😂 Maybe 3000 was a bit optimistic but I'm sure the forum would make a good dent in their stocks.
  12. Fingers crossed they can deliver the oriental borders in time. If they can I'm sure they won't have many left after the group buy!