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  1. Hi SilverStan, thanks for the response. I will take one. I will PM you.
  2. I am after a 10 Silver Britannia bar. If anybody has one going spare or for sale for a reasonable price, please let me know.
  3. Can you add me to the waiting list for 2 bars. Many thanks.
  4. I have a 10oz Silver Queens Beast Red Dragon of Wales for sale. The coin comes in the mint capsule and has not been removed or handled. Price £185 including postage via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Payment via Paypal FF.
  5. @arshimo2012 Thanks I will take one. I will PM you.
  6. @arshimo2012 if you have a spare Silver Proof, I will take it off you hands if the price is right!
  7. Price reduced to £80 plus £7.30 postage via Royal Mail Special Delivery
  8. I can help you out with a 2019 1oz Silver Panda. I will send you a PM.
  9. I will take 2 of the 2nd Release "The Welsh" Dragon in both Silver and Copper Happy to be included with my Feb Group Order. Thanks
  10. 1oz Silver Proof Black Bull of Clarence Coin Struck in 1oz of 999 fine silver and finished to a proof standard. The coin is in a Limited Edition Mintage of 5,750 and a maximum mintage of 6,000. The coin comes in the original packaging from the Royal Mint and includes cardboard outer box, booklet, hard case, COA and proof coin in capsule. The carboard outer box has a few slight signs of wear at the corners (see photo). I have done my best to take photos that show the condition of the coin. If you have any questions or are interested please let me know. Price £85 £80 plus £7.30 postage via Royal Mail Special Delivery Payment by Paypal F&F.
  11. Only 1 pack left available.
  12. I still have one pack of each size available: 21/2” x 21/2” Double Flips : 1 pack available £15 2" x 2" Double Flips : 1 pack available £13
  13. I have a few spare packs of Saflips available for sale. The flips come in packs of 50 and come in two sizes: 21/2” x 21/2” Double Flips : 1 pack available £15 2 x 2 Double Flips : 2 packs available £13 each pack. Sold Price includes postage by 2nd class post Payment by PayPal F&F Please PM if interested
  14. Thanks BYB for the response and clarification. I hadn't appreciated that the orientals come in individual capsules, as on the European Mint website there doesn't appear to be a mention of capsules.