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  1. Thanks for your honesty BYB. I have bought it. It was the last one on powercoin. I think it has potential on some sites its listed with higher premium. Ill send it to you and Mrs BYB to review on YouTube once i receive it. Which is early April.
  2. Hey guys. Whats your thoughts on this coin. I am in two minds whether i should buy this coin. Do you think it will go up in value?. Do you think its a good buy. Only 150 mintage
  3. Thanks guys for all your kind words. So i am only new to stacking silver and gold. So far i have 4 oz of gold and 10 oz of silver. Very small stash 😉
  4. Hello numistacker. I am new to the site. Seen your videos. I am looking to get 2 1oz rare coins graded. I wonder could you help me. Allan
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Allan. I am new to the site. I am a gold coin collector. Found this site through youtube videos. Looking forward to being an active member.