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  1. My guess is, my casio has something similar. Ok = on Rx = Recieve No = Off
  2. Pax

    NEW here

    Hello and welcome to TSF
  3. Hello and welcome Mal, I'm very new to this as well being on TSF is a great place I have learnt so much in 2 weeks, hope you do too
  4. UK penny George V 1933 that would be nice. Last one sold for £72,000, pretty rare only 7 known to exhist. https://www.allcoinvalues.com/index.html
  5. Pax


    Hi from Buckinghamshire
  6. Hi BYB, To me it seems a lot of work in packaging up in whatever form and trundling off to the post box or local office just to make 20, 30, 40p proffit. all that time spent doing that your not pouring silver. Think im going to start my own business PaxPal.
  7. Hello All, Name is Rob very new to stacking so going to have a nosey around on the forum for advice Ect..