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    Fractional gold and silver bars/coins. PM me if you are selling Credit Suisse or UBS fractional gold. Big Scottsdale fan too.

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  1. Just took delivery of my Epicure #1 from Hoyo de Monterrey
  2. Hi folks we’ve has this Tiffany key fob in our possession for years-n-years and last weekend the hook/eye broke away anybody in the forum able to fix this with a spot of soldering etc? or recommend anyone to help? (UK) cheers guys!
  3. Gosh that’s quite a recipe @MrGeorge perhaps you can explain to the uninitiated why you regular take them and how each of those is supposed to benefit you?
  4. I do take your point ... and appreciate your wisdom ... but ...
  5. Now that I’m working from home for the foreseeable future I thought I might return to an old favorite of mine - cigar smoking. I stopped smoking when I quit cigarettes 12 years ago, but feel comfortably strong enough - and more mature and in control - to limit my enjoyment solely to a good well flavoured stogie. In my earlier smoking days I was very partial to Cubans and will return there to pick up from where I left off. My smoke of choice was Upmann - strong, woody, earthy. But after being away for so many years I am inclined to start off with something milder, lighter - creamier and fruitier. Now that we have YouTube to entertain and educate us I have watched several enjoyable cigar reviews and tastings. So for my first purchase I have ordered online a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure 1 and Davidoff No.2. I found an online store which also has a few bricks-and-mortar shops with cigar lounges and I am looking forward to their arrival over the next couple of days. I will be really pleased to read any of your reviews and tastings, listen to your recommendations on cigars, places to purchase and general cigar interests. Any notable YouTubers you follow? A forum to recommend? Also, during this isolation period I will be continuing with my online ukulele studies!
  6. Hi. Never tried calling them - but - whenever I make a purchase it’s usual that it takes a 2 or 3 day delay before I get their confirmation of payment email.
  7. I saw @arshimo2012 was selling some a few weeks ago, he might have some left.
  8. Jump on the bus to Leith and go aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia Beautiful ship. Fabulous history.
  9. I think most over 50 plans if not all of them have a qualifying period - I saw some this week where the qualifying period was 24 months and even 36 months. Plus you have to keep payments up to age 80 and in some cases age 90. Imagine £10 a month for 40 years .... even a cash ISA gives a better return.
  10. I used the patches to help me quit and after my first month on 30mg I needed to drop down to 20mg. The problem was the patched were HALF THE SIZE! I was terrified! Mentally I knew I would be decreasing my dependency and I was worried at first. Then, after a quick month I had to drop down 10mg and yes - you guessed it - the patches were even smaller still. But this time, I was excited - knowing that the patch size had changed my thinking in a positive way.
  11. I gotta say the Old Jaffa in gold looks beautiful!
  12. Yep. Wide shoes. Soft soles. Light shoes. Easy to wear, feels like wearing slippers 😎
  13. Congratulations Seth. And take it from me, celebrating small victories will help you keep clean. I started out celebrating 1 week. Then 2 weeks. Then 1 month and so on. I’m now 12 yrs clean having been a two pack a day man myself. The struggle is still there sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up at all if you wobble.
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