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  1. KitboyE17

    Newbie stacker

    I don’t have much confidence buying from overseas which is why I pay the VAT. But yes, have a mix of gold and silver bricks.
  2. KitboyE17


  3. KitboyE17

    Newbie stacker

    I shop online at Atkinsons, BullionByPist and the Royal Mint mainly. I tend to buy bricks more than coins tho. Ssshh don’t tell the others 😉
  4. KitboyE17

    Back door delivery

    I did it. Just a couple of Eagles tho. If anyone stopped me I was just gonna plead ignorant and put on some good old thick English charm.
  5. KitboyE17

    Newbie stacker

    Welcome. Also a Londoner (and native!)
  6. KitboyE17

    Cash is King

    Sounds like GB already ...
  7. KitboyE17

    Today I Received

    Just opened, another beautiful 1oz Silver Brit. I just love these so much - a nice way to stack some GB silver. I know many of you prefer the oriental border but I think she looks prettier without.
  8. KitboyE17


  9. KitboyE17


  10. KitboyE17

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    I use gold.co.uk they also have an iPhone app and it’s in real time. Pounds sterling dollars and euros
  11. KitboyE17

    New Newb

  12. KitboyE17

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    Price dipped under £900 this afternoon. Steady decline all summer. Could hold under £900 by the end of the month. My recommendation get ready to go buying.
  13. KitboyE17

    New in London, 🇬🇧

    Cool. I want some, can I ask where you got them? Im struggling tonfind any 5oz ones
  14. KitboyE17

    New in London, 🇬🇧

    Are they 5oz capsules?