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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Fractional gold and silver bars/coins. PM me if you are selling Credit Suisse or UBS fractional gold. Big Scottsdale fan too.

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    wanted Scottsdale Egyptian Relics

  4. KitboyE17

    こんにちは (Konnichiwa)!

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    Hello everyone!

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    Hello Everyone!

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    Hello everyone

    Welcome. I’m a huge Scottsdale fan! 💕
  11. KitboyE17

    1/10 oz Britannia Capsules / Tubes / Storage...

    Worth considering that a new 1/4 Britannia will only cost you a few more £s than a new Sovereign. Bigger than a 1/10, lower premium too.
  12. We like Bentley & Skinner on Piccadilly. Always want to try on a tiara! Don’t judge lol
  13. KitboyE17

    Silver in London

    They are cute little bars. The premium is a little high naturally plus VAT. But sometimes a little what you like does you good 👍🏻 They also do a nice 1/4oz gold bar almost on parity with 1/4oz Britannia. If you like gold bars and want more than a 1 or 5g but don’t want to pay the full 1/2 or 1oz price I recommend them
  14. KitboyE17

    Silver in London

    Sharps Pixley do a cracking little Silver 1oz bar with Tower Bridge stamped on it. A perfect little postcard memory of your day out. I send them to stacker friends overseas in the US as little gifts - they love ‘em.