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  1. KitboyE17

    Silver Bars, and your strategy

    The Scottsdale 1oz is proving very popular at the moment and I seem to be flipping more of them than anything else. I think being only 1oz helps and maybe it's Christmas ... don't know.
  2. KitboyE17

    Silver Bars, and your strategy

    Where are you buying your boxes of PAMP from? Are you buying them direct?
  3. KitboyE17

    Silver Bars, and your strategy

    yeah - I prefer bars over coins. I get them for their weight and for flipping. But there are a few I like to keep for myself too for their beauty - Scottsdale, especially the 5oz prey bar and a couple of PAMPS.
  4. KitboyE17

    Taking bars out of sealed packaging?

    When buying bars to flip I leave in Mint packages. When keeping for myself I unwrap and place in air-tite capsules* *honestly, I play with my bars like lego 🤩
  5. KitboyE17

    smart home tech

    Have had NEST heating and Hue light bulbs for a few years now. Our energy bills are staggeringly LOWER by over 50% than they were before. Mainly because the lights are LED and only need to be illuminated a fraction of the strength. Also with having the routines set-up and voice activation with both Siri and Alexa we get all the freedom and security of lights/heating only being on when we want. We had one problem with NEST last year where the thermostat broke on our emersion tank. We initially rang NEST to help diagnose the problem and when British Gas came out to fix things NEST kept in contact with us all the way. I cannot remember when i received such excellent customer service.
  6. KitboyE17

    New member

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    Hello from Germany

  9. May agrees bad deal. Doomsday scenarios from BofE and MPs. - call for a 2nd referendum - voters now change their vote to remain out of fear - government wins it’s all being staged. And there isn’t a strong cohesive Leave camp to counterattack.
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    New from Northern Ireland

  12. KitboyE17

    1992 10pence piece

    I’ll go spend it then on a curly wurly 😎
  13. He does more damage to the £ than Brexit ever could!
  14. KitboyE17

    1992 10pence piece

    Thnx! 🤗