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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Fractional gold and silver bars/coins. PM me if you are selling Credit Suisse or UBS fractional gold. Big Scottsdale fan too.

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  1. Yes but you don’t want that until you sell off now and make a profit later. Math 101. 😎
  2. I really don’t understand what’s going on with cannabis these days. I honestly thought the point of all these vape shops was to sell modern cannabis to smoke - without needing to mix weed/hash with tobacco. The guy in the shop looked at me very bizarrely when I asked what would give me a good high. It’s all very difficult when you get older sometimes 😢
  3. If I were to buy jewellery I would also want to wear it. Trouble is, I find men’s jewellery to be so uninteresting ... no sparkle! Back in the days of Black Adder (the Tudor period!) it was men who wore the jewels and sparkled.
  4. I’ll happily take the Krug if not already gone. Just PM me if available.
  5. I don’t use cash if I can help it. I prefer to use Apple Pay, contactless and online/app transfers as much as possible. I don’t worry about Big Brother knowing my coming and goings - I figure he knows anyway no matter.
  6. I have successfully brought back a few ounces of PM from the US. Kept the receipts in my hand luggage incase required. But wasn’t stopped so have every confidence in doing it again. I guess if one is too greedy ....
  7. So - 1 kilo is equal to 35 ounces. I know the silver:gold ratio is different.i know you will not get 35oz gold for 1kilo silver. I am eager to see what the actual trade transpires to - if you are successful.