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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Fractional gold and silver bars/coins. PM me if you are selling Credit Suisse or UBS fractional gold. Big Scottsdale fan too.

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  1. I haven’t bought soap in over 15 yrs. I do so much travelling and I always bring all them hotel soaps home with me. I wrestle with my own conscience every time!
  2. I can send you 8 Obi Wan 65 Bonnie 96 Boba Fett 106 Genie 121 Chewbacca and Han Solo no swapsies needed - just PM me your details
  3. Yes but 1) you can buy and vault in the US 2) you can buy and bring back from holidays/business trips in the US
  4. The silver forum European Mint Atkinsons Provident Metals GoldSilver.com
  5. Stacker I keep clear of numismatic coins myself - but do buy them as gifts for others. I like to buy as close to spot as possible - with occasional splurges on fancy shmancy items (usually silver bars). Generally buy in North America, Europe and on the forum. Will take a look at these new Big 5 coins as possible gift alternatives to Beasties. Thanx for bringing them to our attention @AndrewR
  6. KitboyE17


    If you buy the coins as bullion the only difference is down to your personal taste. Alternating between the 3 will be fun as you watch the stack grow. When it comes to selling a 1oz bullion silver coin of no numismatic interest like Eagles, Maples and Britts will be about the same per coin. Keep your premiums down - pay as close to spot as you can. Store in tubes as your stack grows - you should be able to pick some up on here, Amazon, ebay and coin stores. Have fun!
  7. This bank was even selling it in the airport! CIBC
  8. Yes you can. It was a great experience walking into the bank and handing over cash for bullion! So easy! And great fun.
  9. Yes I have a budget. Each month if I decide to buy something it must be within my budget. I don’t have to spend it all and I don’t have to buy anything if I don’t want to. That allows me to roll some of it over onto bigger items if the desire is there. My budget is also split over silver and gold. What I don’t have is a list of what-I-must-buys. I’m not a huge fan of unboxing videos only because I don’t find their presentation very interesting (no offence to anyone) - but I do like videos where forum members profile a coin or bar - they are far more interesting, insightful and educational. Whatever you do, don’t over stretch your budget or buy too much too soon.
  10. Modern day smugglers 🙂