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  1. I have this cute coloured 20g fauna del caribe coin. Have seen others from the series too on the internet, similar design and bright colours, just with different types of fish and other sea creatures.
  2. 4thelongrun

    Perth mint

    I knew he'd grow up to be trouble!
  3. This is what I mean I don't have a garage or a shed, would love both one day though, so it's all in two bags (stripped/not stripped) by my back door. Otherwise would just keep it all, not bother stripping and take it in when a few bin bags stack up. But like you say it would be nice to have them in bar or round form to keep
  4. As everybody has said already these are great bars! Love the dc riddler and joker, the skulls have amazing detail too
  5. As an electrician I gather bits of scrap copper sometimes and strip the pvc in the backyard. I used to take the small stuff but realised its not really worth sitting there and stripping the outer insulation then the inner insulation just to get a few meters of 1mm wide copper, so now I just collect 6mm and up. Storage is also another thing, I could take everything and not bother stripping it, but my yard is only two biffa bins wide and would rather not be tripping over cable everytime I go out (use the back door for access). Have seen a few people on here who make their own beautiful bars and would really like to do that with my scrap but don't know anyone with the equipment and as you can tell from my yard I don't have the space. So am wondering if anyone would be keen to make some copper bars or rounds (or anything else) out of what I get?
  6. I saw it in time but didn't have the money 🙁 great deal. Would of definitely got one otherwise
  7. Very interesting stuff
  8. ¿Como este? Don't collect them but I do have this one. My missus is Spanish and think this came from her. Found with a stash of other different ones in a house in Granada that was getting renovated. Could have been there for many years. Has some green stuff on it, would anyone know how to clean it up?
  9. Hahaa! Street fighter "hadouken!!" Got the health bar and everything! Still remember how to do this move, down, forward, punch. Love it
  10. Will get round to doing this soon, cool idea for somebody who collects coins. Got the tools for it, just haven't decided what coin to use. Did you have a few practice ones that didn't go so well before you got one you were happy with, or was it easy? Seen a couple of YouTube videos and doesn't seem too hard. The one on your little finger looks nice Edit: Aah just went back a couple of pages and saw your first attempts, very cool. Yeah that's the same guy I have watched
  11. I may be shunned by everybody on this forum as everybody seems to love these coins, but I'm not really into them, just my opinion. This might be because I started collecting coins as they started to come out, saw them along with all the other coins available that have had nearly the same design for years and thought the older coins were more appealing. They seem so English and I'm not much of a patriot (shunned by the patriots aswell, hahaa) Would of got a few to maybe sell on though if I knew everybody was going to go mad over them 😉
  12. Some lovely Fiji samurai coins from @MrScottsdale, even love the stamps on the envelope and the scottsdale cardboard they're stuck to, don't know whether to peel them off or not. Maybe just peel one off 😊
  13. Was thinking of grabbing the perth mint coin for a day too long, such a beauty. One day...
  14. Glad you beat your target and in such a short time! Nice one bud and again good luck 👍
  15. I have quite a few coins in capsules that I have never touched as I know that I am the first to own them. But I have a couple of second hand full tubes, random year (all 2015, that is just what they're called on the site) philharmonics from Europeanmint.com and a tube of britannias that I got from this forum. Both I got for an OK price and in both tubes most have milk spots, some severe some not that bad. But I handle them a lot, flick them up in the air, stack them in different piles and just jingle them around in my hand, I love it ☺️ One of the philharmonics even fell onto my tiled floor in the kitchen and has a small dent around the edge. I don't mind any damage like that though as the price I got them all for was good and can see the spot price most likely go up eventually to the price I got them for (1 year? 10 year? 20 year?) Also when I got my first tube it was another type of feeling. The first lot of coins I got were mostly all different, kookaburras, Perth mint rectangle dragons, pandas. Just got what I thought looked nice. But when I got my first tube of philharmonics, I dunno how to explain but there was 20 coins and they were all the same and just seeing the same design throughout, I imagined back to the days when silver was actually currency, dropping them in my hand and hearing them all jingle together. Haven't even been stacking for a year but this is just how I feel and I recommend you save up and get a second hand tube from the forum when one comes up, have 5-6 coins you keep on the top and have them to play with. You won't regret it 😉 That's interesting about the silver eagles, will have to be my next tube 😊 see if the floor will dent them when I don't catch one flicking them in the air 🤣