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  1. Hahaa you lot are funny. But do you think that the coin looks funny, or legit? I have just seen others from this year on the Internet and where George and the dragon is, it seems more raised or not as raised as mine
  2. Yeah it's been weighed and is pretty much spot on, have flicked it up in the air with my thumb and it does sound beautiful 😊
  3. Hey gold stackers. I stack/collect silver but I do have this one half sovereign, am just wondering what you guys think of it, regarding the year and if you can tell if she's real or not? The thickness checks out on the calipers but the diameter is around 0.1mm short. Does this slight difference matter? Diameter :19.22mm Thickness :1.02mm
  4. Are you keen to trade for anything like these?
  5. All sorted, said it was a collectable plaque 😉
  6. This is what I thought, as seen on a thread a few weeks ago that I couldn't find. But I asked the guy if this was the case with special delivery (where apparently it IS insured) but he said even with special delivery it is prohibited
  7. Hey, I have not ever sent a parcel to anybody ever in my 25 year life. Today I went to send an item of silver to someone so I went to the post office and they asked what it was and not thinking anything of it I said it was a silver coin. The guy behind the counter said that silver and coins are a prohibited item. So I asked how I will be able to send it and he said that I might have to use a private courier, but looking round the Internet I have seen that the common couriers such as dpd, ups, will not send silver. Surely people do just use Royal mail and these other couriers, but how??? Do you just wrap it up in the envelope with a couple stamps, stick it in the postbox and hope for the best? no questions asked 😏 Also why is this a prohibited item? I looked through the list of them all and some of them were obvious but others I couldn't understand the reason for them being prohibited Cheers
  8. 10oz stacker to stack on top of one I got before, both from @StackSellRepeat 5oz terracotta army coin from @MrScottsdale Lovely stuff from scottsdale mint
  9. Aah OK, still a bit confused as do not know much about casting but thanks, and yes it is a lovely bar but just wish I got a bigger one, not the smallest hahaa
  10. Hey everyone, I've had a 5oz tombstone nugget for a few months now and just got it out to have a little look and feel of it and wondered how these are made in regards to the frosted edge of them, the way it seems like it's just been broken off a bigger bar. The bottom edge of mine is pretty smooth compared to the rest of the edge and seems like it was the edge of one bigger than mine, so if they are broken off somehow do they just chip away to reach 5oz? If anyone knows or has an idea, I am interested, cheers
  11. Hey there people, new to collecting silver coins and have got a bit of information from this forum but never made a post so just want to say hello first of all, so hey! I went to a car boot sale last weekend a few miles away from where I live with the intention of looking for some coins and there was a stall that had lots of different items of silver along with quite a few rounds. I found this 2011 african wildlife coin and got it as it was the only one I recognised and I think it was the only one that had "ag. 999" or any markings like that and I was a bit sceptical as he was selling them all for spot price and have never bought silver at the car boot before hahaa. What I'm wondering is do some rounds come without any markings to show purity? Because the rest of the rounds there had pretty much exactly the same shine to them as this coin I got. (Did the ice test on it too and melted instantly) Also do any of you get any bargains like this? Silver coins and rounds at spot price locally? The only coins I have got are from the Internet with the obvious shipping and VAT Walked away from the stall thinking that I should of had the lot off him but was unsure, so just want to see what you guys think Thanks