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  1. 4thelongrun

    Coins at car boot sale

    Hey there people, new to collecting silver coins and have got a bit of information from this forum but never made a post so just want to say hello first of all, so hey! I went to a car boot sale last weekend a few miles away from where I live with the intention of looking for some coins and there was a stall that had lots of different items of silver along with quite a few rounds. I found this 2011 african wildlife coin and got it as it was the only one I recognised and I think it was the only one that had "ag. 999" or any markings like that and I was a bit sceptical as he was selling them all for spot price and have never bought silver at the car boot before hahaa. What I'm wondering is do some rounds come without any markings to show purity? Because the rest of the rounds there had pretty much exactly the same shine to them as this coin I got. (Did the ice test on it too and melted instantly) Also do any of you get any bargains like this? Silver coins and rounds at spot price locally? The only coins I have got are from the Internet with the obvious shipping and VAT Walked away from the stall thinking that I should of had the lot off him but was unsure, so just want to see what you guys think Thanks