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  1. When will Silver hit the fan that's the million dollar question ? 🤣
  2. Spotted this sold item on ebay 1oz gold falcon buy it now for £650 🤣 Seller has 1 feedback
  3. If @vicamy sells it to you for 340 @fehk2001 can I buy it off you for 380 ?
  4. Checking a buyers feedback and checking sold listings for similar items can reveal a lot more information about a problem buyer. 🧐
  5. Maybe I have more information about the buyer than you have . Some buyers can be a right pain in backside , I will repeat once again I will not have any dealings with the op
  6. I wonder what percentage of the listings are either fake or stolen ? must be quite a high percentage
  7. Not very good at links so took a picture of the listing Checking through his bought items he has been buying fake coins for a few quid , now that is a surprise But its ok he says all proceeds go to cancer research ( yes I bet it does biggest red flag yet )
  8. Looks like its come out of a Chinese jelly mold rather than being struck 🤣
  9. Already has bids of £295 on it 😨 some ones going to be out of pocket 😥
  10. Just seen this proof (red flag ) young head sovereign selling on ebay finishing in two days time. Seller has 3 feedback ( big red flag) Says payment to be made by bank transfer only ( big red flag ) What do think ? Red flag all round ? 🙈
  11. Your making one hell of a fuss over a tiny copper spot on a Bullion coin I would be very wary about selling anything to you . There are two sides to buying and selling with good communication from both sides there should not be to many issues or any reason to leave negative feedback or post a sellers private ebay messages which should have been kept between you and the seller . Have you contacted the seller to let them know your posting their ebay messages on a public forum ??
  12. Is it a full Sovereign ? or a half sovereign
  13. Last reduction before being withdrawn and put into storage 🙈 Now only £45 including 1st class postage UK only …………………...count down to storage