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  1. Have just picked up a of set of the WW1 sovereigns with five different mint marks and a 1932 Pretoria The five set came in a wooden presentation box .
  2. Abacaba has just posted an updated version of his graph on his youtube channel if your brave enough to view it 🙈
  3. Todays high £1395.52 🙄
  4. yes my dealer closed up a couple of days ago . He has put some sovereigns to one side for me hopefully at the price I was paying 3 weeks ago ( fingers crossed)
  5. £1422 /oz some time today I think and £1500 by the end of the week . I spoke to a jeweler last week and said to him it will be £1500 by the end of the year " he said NO Way " but how wrong was I its actually happening NOW 🙄
  6. Holding on tight until £1500 ……...😀……..its going to be a smooth ride upwards from there
  7. Found these interesting and at times very alarming youtube videos of how the Coronavirus compares to other epidemics . Also its affect on investments such as gold. Can someone add a link to the thread if they view them thanks KEEP SAFE AND KEEP INDOORS help save thousands of lives
  8. Might be worth doing an SG test on a coin that you know is genuine and seeing if your results match the coin. This would confirm that your methods are fine
  9. Looks like some of the premiums have been increased . Some of the Queens Beasts 1oz have gone up for sure the 1/4 oz look about the same without any changes
  10. Gold and silver will always be a currency silver bullion coins and sovereigns can be cut into smaller fractions using simple tools ( a hammer and knife )
  11. Queens Beasts Lion Of England 10oz in original Royal Mint Bullion capsule and packaging £440 FREE UK postage The coin is in stunning condition untouched and with no marks or blemishes . Has been carefully stored , just out of storage for these photos. It has never been removed from its capsule photos taken with capsule on sorry about the reflection Payment by PalPal FF preferred or bank transfer
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