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  1. Looks like the frosting has picked up in the die .
  2. Is that WW2 Barbed wire ? Any iron objects will completely mask signals from other metal objects . The Garrett will be a good machine to find iron objects , once the iron has been cleared out of the way research the area again and dig any remaining signals
  3. If you want the perfect coin it would be better to buy direct from the Royal Mint there is no fuss made about exchanging until you get the perfect coin or bale out and get a full refund again without any fuss . Under that kind of magnification 95% of all your proofs would be a fail 😅 The Royal Mint will also cover any return item postage costs .😮
  4. It would be worth investing in an XP Deus metal detector for about £650 don't worry about a fancy controller . Also hire a mini digger to take the soil level down 6" at a time checking with the detector at each stage and don't forget to recheck the spoil heap
  5. If you get any duplicates in your card collection I would be interested we might be able to swop a few so that we both have a full set 😛
  6. Its time to dump the dealer and take your custom else where . Forget about the other coins they have that you might wish to purchase in future . Invest your time and money in a better dealer who cares about their customers .
  7. A box with two clear layers to hold all the 1/4oz and 1oz gold 😍 10 x 1oz bullion & 10 x 1/4oz bullion top layer . Second layer 10 x 1/4 proof 😲
  8. Metal detecting leads to so many other interests , research and hobbies . Coin collecting and stacking is very closely linked to metal detecting 😃 Out in the field you will find coins of interest to add to the collection of bronze , silver and gold.
  9. I would buy some of the cheaper sovereigns and some older slightly higher in price but nothing to expensive sticking to bullion sovereigns is a safe bet .
  10. yes they make Elizabeth 1st shillings and Edward penny they look great . There is also a website showing all their designs . Might pick up a couple of hundred Edward 1st pennies
  11. Whats her address ? will you promise to let me know when they arrive and keep them safe for me
  12. Thanks for the buying feedback Fastnick . I might be tempted to pickup a couple will see how the gold prices go over the next week or two I managed to pick up four sovereigns recently for £226 each from a private deal.
  13. Its a very tempting price but is it worth the hassle of the after sales mountain of post and unwanted phone calls ? The Sovereigns are £20 cheaper than elsewhere but the catch is your passing all your personal details onto a company you know nothing about . Are your details being passed on its a bit of a worry ? If an unknown person offered you £20 for all your personal contact details while walking up the high street would it be a good safe practice .
  14. It turned up Saturday but I missed the post so picked it from the post office this morning . The cardboard box ( fold over box ) the Royal mint sent it in was very flimsy the only thing keeping it in shape was the wooden proof box so the outer carton on the Yale was crushed and the capsule had moved . Apart from that the coin looks great under the loop without any faults Will be sending an email to the RM for a replacement card outer carton . I notice the capsule is not a screw type but a push fit with a lip similar to the screw type. But a thumbs down for that packaging .
  15. That bar is a beauty have you got a price in mind for melting scrap gold into a bar. Melt down cost + Mega Chinese takeaway meal for two ?