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  1. Thanks sixgun when I first found it and didn't know what it was I could tell it was something special it took me a while to see the kings portrait . Crowned King Stephen right facing bust holding a Scepter
  2. Thought I would share some photos of my best ever metal detecting find from a few years ago . A King Stephen penny 1138 - 1154 from a period in Englands history of Civil war and Anarchy ( when SHTF ) The coin was found while metal detecting the tractor tram lines in a frozen field full of sugar beet plants. Coins of this type were struck using defaced dies . It was recorded with the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge on their EMC Early Medieval Corpus ( a record of early medieval single loss coins that have been found in England ) and is a rare variant of its type. Can you see the Kings Portrait in the Obverse ?
  3. If it later appears in the For Sale adds whos going to snap it up ?? 😂
  4. A collector who is unaware of Harrington and Byrne 😭
  5. I tried to find more by searching every inch of the area 😃 there was only modern bits of rubbish. If there is any more they might be down a bit deeper or under the hedge
  6. Yes to loose a Quarter Laurel would have been very sickening at the time not many people even had silver pennies in their pockets . It must have been someone who had wealth. Here is the reverse side .
  7. A quick wash under running water and it came out like this 😀 a James 1st Quarter Laurel 1619 ….
  8. Found this lovely hammered gold a while back on a very windy day while out metal detecting. I decided to take cover from the high winds and walk in the shelter of a near by hedge . Thought I would share the pictures with you 😃 Can any eagle eyed coin collectors recognize the coin in the hole ? I will post another picture later
  9. Hold out until we are into the New year . Don't sell until you need the money .
  10. Both made from 100% polished Brilliant Stainless Steel 🙈
  11. They still sell on ebay fairly quickly . I split a large collection and did a lucky dip selling them in groups of eight random coins at a time . Lots of collectors are still doing date runs
  12. When will Silver hit the fan that's the million dollar question ? 🤣
  13. Spotted this sold item on ebay 1oz gold falcon buy it now for £650 🤣 Seller has 1 feedback
  14. If @vicamy sells it to you for 340 @fehk2001 can I buy it off you for 380 ?
  15. Checking a buyers feedback and checking sold listings for similar items can reveal a lot more information about a problem buyer. 🧐