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  1. Will send an email off to the Royal Mint they might have some spares on the shelf
  2. Some great price information there thankyou for posting . Will the values of the Queens Beasts keep rising as new collectors come on onboard ? seems to be a very popular series.
  3. What price is the Queens Beasts Red Dragon 1oz Bullion selling for today not including the Royal Mint Bullion site prices ?
  4. Thank you for the reply like you say a wanted add might get some results. Yes I purchased this second hand it has its capsule , coa , wooden box and thick card box + lid . Just missing the thin card outer carton and booklet. I have a spare outer carton for a Unicorn so could always do a swop or sell that .
  5. Just wonder if anyone knows where I can purchase the outer carton and booklet for a Queens Beast Lion Proof 1/4 oz any help or advice very much appreciated by a new member thank you for reading from Midasfrog