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  1. just basic information and a basic looking site not worth paying for a quick google of your top sites will give you the same information 🤨
  2. The Lion design in proof really stands out well , how did you take the clear photos ?
  3. Yes its not a very well put together website for navigation. Click on COINS top row Then hold mouse over COLLECTIONS and select QUEENS BEASTS from the drop down list Then select SHOP NOW on the Beast your interested in 🧐
  4. Release price (original release price but the Royal Mint change / update the figures even when sold out ) Lion £455 Unicorn £455 Dragon £475 Bull £475 Falcon £480 Yale £480 White Lion £530
  5. All the 1/4 oz proof gold sold out very quickly
  6. White Lion 1000 Yale 1000 Falcon 1250 Bull cant remember Dragon 1500 Unicorn 1500 Lion of England 2500 🦁
  7. Mintage figures are on the Royal mint site . you can find them by looking back at the previous proof beasts . The Yale 1/4 was also a low mintage of 1000 I think the others were 1500 each and the lion was 2500 something like that . The 400 figure is for the 1oz proof unicorn 🧐
  8. Midasfrog

    Gold on the dip.

    Are you looking at your PM charts upside down ? Mine show a gradual increase since the Iron Age
  9. Midasfrog

    Gold on the dip.

    If it drops back to 980 you will be laughing for a while but looking forward a few more months …….1280 again and then keeps going to …….+1500 you will stop dancing 🙈
  10. That's a big pile of Queens Beasts silver you have purchased did the Royal Mint send a van direct to you ?🦁
  11. Its a pity the originals have been moved to Canada 🙄
  12. Midasfrog

    White Lion

    I think the proofs come out this month about the 15th of September 🙈
  13. Midasfrog

    White Lion

    I have decided to skip this beast and stick another Lion of England in its place , this might add value to the final set when I come to sell it 🙈 A potential buyer might comment by saying " thank god I have found a set without the White Lion in " 🙏
  14. Midasfrog

    White Lion

    Better than the Yale ? there are plenty of supporters who love that Yale with its rotating horns