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  1. 2017 Sir Isaac Newton 50p Silver Proof Piedfort Very low COA 37 In perfect condition without any faults has never been removed from capsule all original packaging Payment by paypal FF £109 ( including 2nd signed ) Please pm if any questions
  2. Any of the Victorian 1/2 Sovereigns still available ?
  3. The Moped gangs in London would swipe that off its little stand in seconds 😮 Then quickly cut into slices and shared out like a pizza 🍕
  4. I have a spare screwfit capsule in the garage to fit this size if they need one 😉
  5. A bit like this only in silver or gold 😲
  6. Yes I can see another Queens Beast series coming out when this ones finished . Maybe a series with a fresh border design or just different year dates , this will make the first series more collectable maybe 😨
  7. I prefer coins kept in screw capsules with a rim do other collectors and stackers prefer screw capsules ? It seems that the Royal Mint have now stopped selling their coins in this type of capsule , now a press fit type but still with the rim . Surely a company can manufacture the screw type there must be a demand for them ? I would buy a couple 😃
  8. Although the Queens Beasts appear to have a higher premium than a Britannia , remember that the resale price on a Queens Beast will be higher than the Britannia if sold privately . If the Gold spot is higher when you come to sell its a win win
  9. Royal Mint web site are normally better grades plus a nice rimmed capsule and FREE post . Best to buy 2 or more at a time for extra discounts 😛
  10. 1/4 oz Queens Beast and a couple of 1oz Beasts all in Bullion would be the way to go 😉
  11. Now sold payment received thank you @Nortypeter
  12. 2014 China 80g silver medal Lunar year of the horse Shenyang Mint with COA Still sealed in original packaging 999 silver 45mm diameter High relief £64.00 + postage Paypal