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    Jvw reacted to NeutronJack in 2020 Oriental Border Britannia - Last in the Series   
    @Jvw and @Foster88
    No actual mention of availability on The Royal Mint website (as of yet). They still seem to be focusing on the 2019 version, for now.
    However, BullionByPost state that they expect it to be stocked from 20th January ...
    Whilst, Bleyer Bullion similarly mention that it will be available from late January ...
    Both have it available for pre-order now. But, of course, it's very likely to be available at more competitive prices elsewhere, shortly.
    Also, interesting to note that while Bleyer puts the mintage at 100,000 (for the silver), BullionByPost puts it at 50,000. So, somebody has their wires crossed.
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    Jvw reacted to StackSellRepeat in .999 silver low premium bullion investment lots   
    You will receive random mixed coins either 1 oz or 1/2 oz or a mixture, all are BU in sealed tubes but classed as bullion.
    50 oz - £825
    100 oz - £1600
    Plus postage of your choice would recommend SD, Bank transfer please. (Can post within Europe at your risk).
    Coins can be sent in tubes, but happy to place them in coin sleeves, As I’ve had issues with coins rubbing against each other during transit.

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    Jvw reacted to Downs523 in 10oz Queens Beast Lion limited edition Jubilee Mint   
    Here for sale is a 2017 10oz Queens Beast Lion coin in capsule and presentation case. This coin is a limited presentation of 499 by the Jubilee Mint. 
    Coin is fine however capsule has some scratches and a small crack at the 6 o'clock position, however has it hasn't affected the coin in any way. 
    £400 or close offers, delivered special delivery UK
    Payment via bank transfer please.

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    Jvw reacted to Frenchie in Reverse proof Libertads   
    I love Libertads, and enjoy these reverse proof as the proof one . If the Mexican Mint changes the designs in the years to come, the reverse proof will be really scarce compared to the "standard" proof issued in 2005 if I am correct. 
    If 2019 seems to be scarcer than 2018, 2018 is still the first year of issue. Moreover, the  2018 frosted field finish is different compared with  the 2019 (as the  finish for the first silver RP 2oz  and 5 oz 2017) . If the mint keep the new  frosted finish for the years to come , the 2018 could be considered as a special issue apart. I have ordered the  RP 2019 and when I'll get them, I'll make photos for comparaison.
    I love this elegance, really beautiful 

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    Jvw reacted to Kman in Reverse proof Libertads   
    This is beautifully photographed, well done
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    Jvw got a reaction from Jamesd in Reverse proof Libertads   
    I am new to the coin collecting, but I love the Libertad. Specially the reverse proof. I own the 2018 and 2019 and have a nice spot reserved for the 2020 when it will be released. I will make some pictures when I have some time and post them. But in my opinion they are stunning and well worth the premium. But that is just me.
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    Jvw reacted to AlphaBeast in Royal Mint Britannia Bar 10 oz   
    Selling the Brit Bar including 2nd class recorded delivery for £185.

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    Jvw reacted to MrScottsdale in (MrScottsdale) 10oz 2018 Koala   
    I have a 2018 Australian 10oz Koala that comes in a screw capsule, Price is £190 Posted RM SD 
    The capsule has a small chip in the lip but the coin is not damaged, it's hard to see but has very minor milk spotting by the 2018 (please see pic)
    PayPal F&F or BT for payment pls

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    Jvw reacted to NeutronJack in 2020 Oriental Border Britannia - Last in the Series   
    Interesting to note that the 2020 Oriental Border Britannia (Mintage of 100,000) is apparently going to be the third and FINAL Oriental Britannia coin from The Royal MInt, following the 2018 and 2019 versions.
    Only a slight variation in the border design compared to 2019, it seems.
    Personally, I've liked all three variations of the Oriental Border Britannia, both in gold and silver. But, perhaps it's a smart move by The Royal Mint to limit this 'Oriental Border' theme to a series of three.      
    Image (below) courtesy of Bleyer Bullion ...

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    Jvw reacted to Martysmith in Soveriegns and 1/10 Brits   
    I have the following for sale:
    2015 full sovereign £290
    2019 full sovereign £290
    5 x 2016 1/10 Britannia in OMP £128 each
    Buyers choice of postage on top. Buy altogether and I'll cover SD postage. 
    PPFF or bank transfer. 

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    Jvw reacted to Becca in Trying to get a start   
    I am totally new to buying gold and after doing some reading decided here seems a good place to start.
    From what I glean the consensus seems to be to buy Sovereign and or Britannia coins and there is a leaning towards purchasing off the forum if the price is right. ( I want also to slowly build a set of QB) I will take a silver membership and see how my luck goes hopefully asking questions as I go.
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    Jvw reacted to Sovstacker in How to clean Gold   
    Don't clean anything you are not willing to ruin. There are many ways to damage gold coins in the cleaning process.
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    Jvw reacted to Xander in How to clean Gold   
    I wouldn't clean coins.
    I submitted two gold sovs for grading, they were returned, " cleaned" which meant, according to the grader, they were only worth melt value.
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    Jvw reacted to evende in cheap 1 oz bullion gold coin   
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    Jvw reacted to ChrisSIlver in U.K. & Europe trade section & Arshimo, forum inline notifications of new topics   
    Hello everyone, the developer has been working hard to try to find a fix for this. 
    Apologies for the length of time taken to get a fix. We believe that it is currently working, I have tested it and it appears to be ok.
    Please however can you let me know if it’s working for you or not? Many thanks 
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    Jvw reacted to Piggybank in Opinions on gold coins to add on to my Treasure!   
    I love the Mexican Libertad.   It's a beautiful coin.
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    Jvw reacted to richatthecroft in Reverse proof Libertads   
    I see you are based in the US- I think Libertads are a much easier buy over there with you.  
    Generally, Gold Libs in Europe are mostly available in Germany and are priced around the same amount of Euros as they are in US Dollars.  I do get confused as to what people actually  pay for items in the US, in terms of what gets added on in State Sales Tax.  
    I'm not sure if you are interested in the Onza or the 1/2 Onza RP but I see APMEX have the 2018 RP with $30 off at $832 but despite this- I think if I was interested in a RP, I would be inclined to buy a 2019 RP at $882 due to the favourable mintage.  
    $882 Dollars is around £680- I realise that this is the headline price and not landed,  but here in the UK, as @silvernewbie points out- there's a dearth of Libertads available so shipping can be expensive from Germany, particularly if buying only one coin.  
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    Jvw reacted to MrScottsdale in 10oz Britannia Bar   
    1 x 10oz Britannia bar In Air-Tite capsule, got a couple of very faint marks below the waves.
    £167.60 + postage of your choice below
    1st class signed for £4.55 (at your risk)
    RM Special Delivery £7.40 (risk free)
    Payment by PayPal F&F or BT
    Thank you 🙂

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    Jvw reacted to TheBeast in 10oz 2008 Lunar S2 Mouse BU   
    Weekend BUMP!
    Only this weekend!! €610,- incl. Shipping in Europe!
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    Jvw got a reaction from augur in 🎅 2019 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Received the package from @adamthetaller.
    Two beautiful coins! Thank you very much!

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    Jvw reacted to Alun in Full gold Sovereign wooden box 24 coin   
    Hi All. 
    Ive made some smaller sovereign box's for the guys that couldn't get the larger variety in the safe 😁
    Same great Quality wooden box with a removable tray which means it can hold 24 full sovereigns over 2 levels.in the custom fit foam trays( snug fit) 
    Hidden magnetic catch and concealed pivot hinges.
    20x14x5cm approx
    Limited number @£48
    UK postage £4 
    International postage at cost
    Many Thanks

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    Jvw reacted to DarkChameleon in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    So you not reached 100 yet?....lol.
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    Jvw reacted to 1817Karl in 2020 Change in Direction | Sovereign Clear Out! £285   
    1873 sold many thanks @Jvw
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    Jvw reacted to 1817Karl in 2020 Change in Direction | Sovereign Clear Out! £285   
    Hi All. 
    I have a number of George V, Edward II and Victorian Sovereigns to sell as changing collecting direction. All will be VF of better (approximately 20 to sell). Im looking for £285 each for them, plus postage, if five or more are purchased, I'll cover fully insured postage. Detailed images can be provided for each coin. 
    The following dates are available. 

    Payment by BT or purchased through my website with debit or credit card (1.5% premium). 
    UK postage only or if posted abroad, buyer pays postage and at their risk. 
    Any questions PM me.
    Thanks for looking, Karl. 

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    Jvw reacted to Realwealthuprising in Full tube queens beasts x 2oz   
    Hi, I have 2 x 20oz silver tubes of queens beasts for sale. A 2020 tube and 2018 tube. Sold as bullion.
    Price is £330 tube plus £10 p&p (special delivery). Please PM to buy. Thanks.
    Bulls SOLD