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  1. I have bought a couple Sovereigns since my last post. But now i received the beautiful walnut box Alun makes to keep my sovereigns in. And have some empty slots left. So again looking for some more full gold sovereigns.
  2. I would like to participate also. I'll have to check the stack to decide what would be a proper gift.
  3. Preferably in the Netherlands or with low shipping costs. Seems like shipping usually kills the deals for me
  4. Hello all, I need to quench my thirst for sovereigns. Hence my search for some more full gold sovereigns. If you have some for sale please get in touch. Looking for coins close to spot (of course). Cheers, J
  5. I am well aware it is all about the sov's, but I do think you should post the packaging they come in. Outstanding packaging and great coins!
  6. Alun's boxes are truly superb! Great craftsmanship, good service and good value.
  7. One quick more bump. Trade for sovereign also.....
  8. Weekend bump!! Open to offers also.
  9. Indeed it is, and your bars make a large part of it
  10. Def! I would have bought them in a heartbeat but spend my cash on a couple of sovs and the new 1oz Reverse Proof Libertad.... I'll trade you a QB 10oz Griffin