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  1. Hello all, I am looking for the first edition of the Clay Chiwoo coins (2016). If anyone has two spares I would love to get in touch and discuss price. Cheers!
  2. Welcome, nice to see more and more dutch people on here.
  3. Found both bars, Cheers @richatthecroft
  4. Hello all, I've ordered the new Silver Forum Bar 2019, but would also love to have the previous bars, Anyone perhaps willing to sell me theirs? Cheers! Found both the 2017 and 2018 bar within minutes of posting. Cheers!
  5. Lovely, put me down for one also please. #186 please.
  6. Lovely bar, wish you would consider shipping to The Netherlands.
  7. The chart on Buillionvault is what I need, but then in a table model, not the actual chart. And I will check out meta trader, but i prefer to run the excel without other software.
  8. Hi all, I am creating an excel-sheet with my growing collection. I imbedded live spot price in there and also some other graphs, just to see what prices have been doing in the last couple years/months/days. But now i would also like to imbed a graph of the hourly spot prices. To do so i need an online table with hourly spot prices, but I can not seem to find one. The years/months/days I found. Can anyone point me to a hourly table perhaps? I am not looking for existing graphs because I can not implement them in excel. Cheers!
  9. Jvw

    What gold bar to buy

    Oh I like those cast bars! I'll make sure to pick some of them up. Cheers for the suggestions and links. Just one quick question; I've also found some nice Perth Mint bars (Sealed and from trader). But googling kinda put me off a bit because of all the FAKE warnings. Even the sealed bars were forged so it seems. How can I make sure to pick up a real one? And perhaps just as important, how can I proof I have a real one when the time comes to sell the bar on again? Are the bars also registered?
  10. Jvw

    What gold bar to buy

    Thank you for the link and it looks nice! But it is posted mainland UK only and i am in The Netherlands.
  11. Jvw

    What gold bar to buy

    Excellent, thank you for the explanation very helpful indeed. (I don't know why I can not "plus" your reply because you deserve one)..... Those casted bars look lovely but will cost a pretty penny to ship to The Netherlands. And I collect both collectable coins and also some silver for stacking. I'm still trying to figure out what I like best. I bought a 1 oz Maple Leaf 40 anniversary coin and would like to add a nice 1 oz bar also. I usually buy with Heubach and they have a variety of bars. Same price just different brand. All are sealed and I think most have a serial no. also. Fairly safe to buy I guess. Would you guys go for a PAMP or a an Umicore for example?
  12. Jvw

    What gold bar to buy

    Good questions, I collect coins and would like to expand a little to bars. I was thinking of buying a 1 OZ bar to start. And def not on eBay but through dealers. No cast bars in that weight range I guess. The whole "spot price" and "gold price" is still a bit of a mystery to me. Is spot also the trade price? And does that work the same for Silver? So sorry for my newb questions....
  13. Jvw

    What gold bar to buy

    Hello, I am looking to buy my first gold bar. It seems all bars are equally expensive, any advice on which melter/make I should buy?
  14. Hello, i am new at the coin collecting and silver stacking. I am slowly buying some coins and would like to organise them in a database. I could use Excell, but before i start off with that i would like to hear thoughts and advise from you lot. I rather start off with a good system than a simple crappy spreadsheet So; Any advice on good coin database systems /programs? Cheers!