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  1. Weekend bump!! Open to offers also.
  2. Indeed it is, and your bars make a large part of it
  3. Def! I would have bought them in a heartbeat but spend my cash on a couple of sovs and the new 1oz Reverse Proof Libertad.... I'll trade you a QB 10oz Griffin
  4. Both the Aztec and the Brits are lovely bars!
  5. Lion sold, Griffin still up for grabs.
  6. That was quick! I would have scooped them up otherwise
  7. I just bought a couple of nice Sovs and will def continue to buy these. I like the history of these coins and they seem to have a small premium and close to melt/spot. Also easy to buy and sell.
  8. Coins arrived safe and sound! And I love the start of the coin collection with these Sovs. And I must say the packaging of the coins looks just as stunning. Beautiful made!!
  9. Hey Ron, Welcome! I'm relative new to the stacking and collecting business but if you have any questions I am happy to help. Ook in het Nederlands Cheers, J
  10. Yes, I've bought from them. Hassle free smooth transaction.
  11. Many thanks for the excellent service and quick smooth deal!
  12. Set with my hobby for quiet some time then I would be interested in bullion sovs for now. If anyone has some I would be interested.