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  1. Either do I. But as someone new to this I'd rather pace myself. On the other hand I only had about £500 to buy PMs this month so the profit or loss is not exactly going to be life changing. It might also work out better to wait and buy a 1 Oz coin instead of the fractionals I was planning and save on premiums.
  2. That's what I'm doing now. Sitting back to see what happens.
  3. My plan for this month's spend was for a 1/4 brit & 1/4 QB falcon and having seen the price rise this month has stalled me in the hope it may go down. But who knows what may happen. Decisions decisions.
  4. As the price in GBP is at year high are people on the forum still buying gold?
  5. Are you on the electoral register? They have to tie names and addresses to credit/debit cards etc to avoid fraud. If they do a cursory credit check something like not being on the electoral register could flag this up.
  6. I couldn't help myself as I liked the dog and decided to pay the massive premium. A nice piece regardless.
  7. I'm calculating between 5.5 - 7.5% for new coins. Is that just the way it is for now?
  8. What is considered a reasonable premium above spot on a new BU sovereign?
  9. Hi Pampfan, I've also taken a sudden liking to the PAMP bars. Today I ordered a 1oz silver Lunar dog to test the waters. They are expensive, the premium is huge and I hope it is worth it. I'll post back when I receive it.
  10. I've also been keeping an eye on the price this week. I hope it keeps going up as I pulled the trigger on another couple of Oz this afternoon.
  11. Impressive setup you've got going there.
  12. I'm guessing you go around pissing her off on purpose.😀
  13. I love it when flat earthers come out of their closet. It means I know who to ignore.
  14. The reason I mentioned interest rates was more down to the cost of production. Mine owners will have massive debts that need to be serviced and rate hikes are going to cost them. To my line of thinking it just adds another strain in an overburdened system.
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