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  1. For any purchases we must be careful if we purchase “retail” amounts. Postage costs can make the purchase of anything up to say 10 oz of silver marginal. Buying in ones and twos is totally uneconomic when you add in shipping. Remember adding in the shipping, many forget shipping is a cost of goods. Like most things the smaller guy always gets the rough end of the pineapple.
  2. Mate - Thank you As per the listing AUD46.25 plus postage. If we call them somthing other than silver, insurance should cover it - about insurance AUD12-15 up to AUD100, so should cover 2 coins. If you do not want insurance it will be the postage and the packaging. Let me know. I would do 2 coins as this keeps i under AUD100 and the will easily be under the 250gram where the next postage band cuts in. Waiting for your decision. - best email so I can get all your details and we can keep it private. dan@foxint.com.au or chronos@foxint.com.au
  3. rob6 Thank you. Love to sell some. I bought a lot for the watch company and I will not use them all. So more than happy to sell. dan@foxint.com.au - postage will be shi#. I will be guided by you as to what I put on the customs form. Medal seems to work, but silver or bullion tends to get the customs boys excited. I have only ever shipped watches to the UK.
  4. Thanks Mate - I am in Orange in Central NSW currently same time zone as QLD. Looks like mostly UK people on this forum. That is great at least you know Doctor Who....Nothing like this (that I found or could join) down under. Keep it up. But as I said in another post....prices from overseas are expensive.
  5. Hi Diesel Thanks I will check it out. But I look at the US sites and they are cheap until one factors in the postage. I am selling a watch on eBay and with insurance tracking etc....too the Nederlands it was AUD42.00....so makes selling/buying stuff very expensive. Almost like VAT and then our government adds our VAT. I am trying too get good generic silver: Britannia/MapleLeaf/Kangaroos....even the 1 oz silver Kangaroos are so expensive even here....My best buy was the Chronos from the Pressmark Mint.
  6. Hi Guys....would this also be true for a bloke living in Australia? Seems like prices here are really high. Shipping tends to kill it for me
  7. CadmiumGreen - Thank you for fixing my mistake. I am not good with forums, so I tend to make all sorts of strange comments. I am glad you like the Sword - MS-5517. Here is a photo for the Brits on the Forum - bottom right is the Doctors Watch. Yes the real Doctor - Doctor Who.
  8. CadmiumGeen - Has posted photos of the others in the limited release set. They are excellent, I have the full set - but only for my collection. I love the whole Chronos Theme. Works well with my watches - www.orangewatchcompany.com - there will be a small release of special top "chronometre" (almost) graded watches that will get a 2019 Chronos as part of the kit. Not much info about the watches yet. - see my FB page for updates:
  9. CadmiumGreen Thank you. I (foxint) have the full set (one each for me) and they are excellent.
  10. Hi Guys - new here, but I have some Silver BU coins that are extra to my needs: CHRONOS – 2019 Chronos Series: 5th Edition. Country: Tokelau (Legal Tender) Denomination: NZD5.00 Weight: 1 oz Size: 38mm (diameter) 2.8mm (thickness) Metal: Silver Purity: 0.9999 fine silver. LBMA-certified silver blanks Other: Brilliant Uncirculated Billion Coin Limited mintage of 15,000 http://www.pressburgmint.com/chronos-2019 Selling from my personal collection. New Untouched, Mint in Capsule. AUD46.25 Plus insured trackable shipping Australia Post (or courier if requested) Payment: PayPal or Bank Deposit. Contact: dan@foxint.com.au chronos2019_info.pdf
  11. Thank you everyone. I have a question: is there an option to read NEW posts since I last visited?? I am sure there is?? Thanks
  12. Mate - thanks Wow Sweden...I have cousins there. Thank you All great. I think the adbloking/unblocking is working. I am not too knee as CadmiumGreen suggested sending the silver without payment....It is well know. I am a total novice, so this is why I am asking. I really do not want to annoy anyone. Here are 2 photos of the stuff. Pressburg Mint Chronos 999 Silver. Chronos fits with the watches....
  13. Mate - thanks. I have added the site into Kaspersky. Now, I think it is OK.... As I mentioned above, I have some silver to sell. BUT...I am an Aussie business and I bought a little more silver than I think I need. Not sure if the silver (I make watches) will be good or bad for the watches, but may be prudent to sell a little bit - 10-20 ounces. Does anyone think this is a good/bad idea. Not wanting to step on any one toes. Also it will not be a fire sale.
  14. thanks....go to bed...ha-ha. almost 1pm here and 30C....hate the heat.
  15. Thanks Mate But I do not have adblocker on my extension list. I have Kasperski and not added this site to it - crossing fingers. Must be late in the UK.