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  1. I know, most people have no problems with being enslaved with a Chinese type social credit system or having their card cut off for criticising the government. It's not a future scenario but already happening, in the West and you don't need to be a genius to see it will increase a lot, if there is no cash alternative. Unfortunately, I don't have at hand this photo where a critic of replacement level migration holds into the camera his 20 or so debit/credit cards that were all cancelled because of his patriotic activism, of course without ever having been convicted of anything. Some here might already be aware of several cases of people having been kicked of platforms like patreon, for wrongthink, e.g. Lauren Southern.
  2. I would have a problem with that as I always pay in cash at the supermarket. I wouldn't want electronic records of my purchases. Only, when I'm not physically in the shop, I don't pay cash.
  3. At least on the spent side, 5 times at max, each time for PMs
  4. Now that you have your first gold coins, I would go for buying Sovereigns (or potentially other smaller coins) instead of 2 x 1 one ounce per year. With your suggestion you need to save up 6 months for one coin. This way you can't price-average very well and you need more discipline not to spend it or a part of it before the end of the 6 months. 2 oz is ca 8.5 Sovereigns, so if in your case I would buy one full and one half Sovereign, alternately, each month. That's 6 full and half Sovereigns each, thus 9 full Sovereigns if you wish which is close to the 2 full ounces. And the premiums are only slightly higher. If it is true that we are at the beginning of a long term bull market, it will be cheaper nonetheless as you will buy at lower spot prices, in average. If we aren't, at least you price-average much better, as said.
  5. I'm just following a really good alternative (till ca 10 years ago mainstream) journalist from Germany, on Telegram. I'm not sure to what English speaking journalist you could compare him too. In any case, Telegram is the place to go, although it's still small as an alternative media platform and in the English speaking world Tommy Robinson was one of the first and is probably now the biggest figure there with 50.000 followers. It's basically like Whatsapp but not censored as the founder is a libertarian. I think in Russia it's banned and one German politician has called for it to be banned in Germany, one leftist activst based in London has demanded it shoud be hacked because patriots use it to organise themselves.
  6. Fascinating how tame the press is as if it wasn't clear why Prince Andrew was there. Time to melt down our Sovereigns before even the last sheepl recognises what's going on! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7367511/Prince-Andrew-pictured-inside-paedophile-Jeffrey-Epsteins-63million-mansion-depravity.html
  7. It's a high end boat, it will have produced much more CO2 than a transatlantic flight would have. Also, the crew of 6 people will fly back. What a joke. Also, Greta Thunberg has an elitist family background, also even if you go back 200 years and more. There is a Carl Peter Thunberg, and Thunberg is not amongst the 50 most common Swedish surnames, whose writtings are given as footnotes in several books where also Adam Weisshaupt's writtings are given as footnote, also in books about, I can't remember, was it economy or forms of government, or both. Little Greta is pursing the same ideology of enslavement as her family has for centuries, just she is not aware of it. One of her ancestors also did "deals" (of what ever nature) with Alfred Nobel. She has a proper Freemason and Illuminati family background (Illuminati as the historic Illuminati). 1) There is no scientific consensus about a human made climate change 2) There are no long term geological measurements that show a correlation between CO2 and temperature 3) There is no laboratory experiment that could prove CO2 to be the cause for warming, directly 4) All climate models are non linear chaotic, therefore no predictions about the future climate are possible. Why is Greta still going nuts about it? She is an abused child, the sock puppet of her own family and their pals. Why do they pursue this issue? Because they still pursue the same aims their ancestors pursued - trying to hold everyone in poverty and gaining maximum control over a land as big as possible, thus from their point ideally the whole world. And this climate fairy tale achieves, if successful, exactly that. Every industrial activity causes C02, so fighting it, means fighting for us to become deindustrialised and poor. And of course how do you solve this "global problem" - with a world government, of course. A German alternative journalist has rightfully compared the Fridays for future madness with the Chinese Cultural Revolution. a fanaticized teenagers at the forefront that fight opinions that oppose their own ones, officially sanctioned absence from school. At least in Germany it's really extreme (burned down cars, agitation against small business etc), in the UK we only see a mitigated version of it. Greta, shut up!
  8. Well, I don't have any other interesting coins like this. I can more or less tick off silver in my stacking strategy now as I have enough (well, not really but space is an issue already), apart from historic coins like this and now I'm focusing on bullion gold, mainly Sovereigns, with the odd seminumismatic or even odder full numismatic piece. And on more Maria Theresia Talers (and possibly other Talers as well). The shop where I bought it, they said, they get about 3 a year and that was abroad. I don't think I would buy such a coin on let's say ebay. I will try and get more of them, though.
  9. The other day I received, for a second time, my 1776 Maria Theresia Taler, after it was graded, thanks to @Numistacker. Some might describe the grading result as a disaster but I still like it, it's still AU and it was conserved so it is almost as shiny as a new bullion coin, now. My first graded coin - I would have imagined the NGC slabs bigger, from the photos and videos. They are actually quite handy. Given the "detail" result, I will probably still get it out of the slab and put it into a capsule with a foam ring. It still makes a very nice, historical, ungraded coin. Before and after conservation:
  10. It's insured up to 4000 Sovereigns. No seriously, it must be valuables unless you claim for the legal tender value that some coins have, but who would do that?!
  11. I don't know what the situation is like in Holland but in Germany there are plenty of gold/silver shops. ft the situation is similar in Holland and given the population density of Holland you probably have 2 dozens of proper gold and silver shops within half an hour of driving. If you live close to the German border, I would also consider PM shops on the other side of the border Here there are two price comparison sites, for Germany: https://www.gold.de/kaufen/goldmuenzen/britannia/ https://www.gold-preisvergleich.de/gold/goldmuenzen/wiener-philharmoniker/ If your budget is small, Sovereigns, Vrenelis, Austrian Florins/Ducats/Coronas along with other similar coins from very roughly 1850 to 1950 are nice options. This site, although not the cheapest, has a nice overview by country: https://www.heubach-edelmetalle.de/catalog/goldmunzen Another alternative are modern bullion coins in various sizes, the Maple Leaf, the American Eagle, the Austrian Philharmonic, the Britannia, the Krugerrand, the Australian Kangaroo Personally, I wouldn't go for numismatic coins at the start (and possibly never), thus you also need to be aware some of the coins mentioned above (e.g. the Sovereign) have bullion and numistmatic versions but you will see that at the price per gram.
  12. What I did, first I bought a crapy safe, when my stack wasn't worth buying a more expensive one. You can then later use it as the fake gold safe. If you know for sure you will continue to stack for a while, you can buy a really good one straight away/save up for it. If you think about the costs, keep in mind, there is no such thing as total security. Insuring it with paper values counter acts the reason why many have PMs in the first place - paper always goes to zero. That's doesn't make insuring it wrong. The point is, don't endugle in the illusion of total security. It doesn't exist. Taking this into account, if you buy PMs long term, a good investment into a proper safe, is worth it.
  13. I don't know sentry safes but maybe they also have cheap along with proper models? In any case, personally I wouldn't consider buying anything under at the very least £500, better at least £1000. And nothing under a quarter of a ton. Personally, I have a number code lock, althouh originally I had excluded this possibility. Then I decided, it's the best option. Just because all the crapy safes have them too, it doesn't make them bad. I don't like keys as you need to hide them as well and there is necessarily a keyhole in the safe. To me, that's a potential entry door for lock smiths with a good picklock or simply for a heavy duty drill. But don't take this as advice, I'm not an expert, it's just the thoughts I had before buying a safe. That you are able to screw it into the wall and floor is mandatory, obviously but I think even most cheap safes have that feature. I would always look out for the the newsest technology, I think there are safes that so to speak spew out hot aluminium if you drill them, not as a gimmick via an apparatus built for that purpuse but because that's the reaction of the material to drilling. They are also getting more and more sophisticated in terms of making even the most heavy drills stuck through some kind of serration inside the wall. I would also consider buying a second, cheaper safe, with fake gold inside, also a bit hidden but not too much
  14. I have forgotten the most important question - is there a scenario where the Royals could become so unpopular that Sovereigns (and other coins that depict the queen ) could lose any numistmatic value?