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  1. No, I don't tell anyone about my invention, instead I create gold in my basement.
  2. Scenario one: The Royal family is brought down in disgrace because it turns out they are a bunch of ritual toddler killing satanists. I guess Sovereigns would go the same route as gold coins that Nazis minted. I don't know but I assume they have mostly or exclusively only melt value and maybe some rare ones still have numismatic value for numismatics that only care about what they always care about with coins, condition and rarity. Scenario two: The held back zero point energy technology is unrevealed. Gold can be artificially created already now (CERN) but only a few atoms and with a gigantic usage of energy. With the zero point energy technology, gold can cheaply be produced in the same quantities as copper, now. Numismatic Sovereigns keep their numismatic value. The same is true for all other numismatic coins - if you want to prepare for this scenario, only buy coins where the metal value plays no role in the total value. Much less liquid than currenlty gold bullion coins but still a way to preserve your wealth.
  3. We had a similar thread, recently:
  4. The Australian Kangaroo is the most beautiful bullion coin amongst these: Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Krugerrand, Britannia. The Krugerrand is the unsexiest of them. That's clear. Harder to make a ranking in-between. I would say no. 2 is either the Philharmonic or the Maple, the Philharmonic has the advantage of not depicting the Queen. The current year Queen portrait on the Kangaroo is actually the worst one from all 3 coins with the Queen on them. Still the most beautiful of these coins, that's not debate-able. Personally I think historic world coins that usually come in bullion and numismatic versions have more charm even though they might not always directly compete, aesthetically. That is e.g. the BritishSovereign, the Swiss Vreneli, the French Franc, the Austrian coins (Florin, Corona, Ducat), the German Mark, the US Dollar etc. Aesthetically, I don't really have a favourite amongst them.
  5. I still don't know what the right ratio between gold and silver is but stay away from Hatton Gardens Metals. I ordered one specific Sovereign from them and got another one. No apologies, nothing. Very unprofessional. Of course during the Shtf it will be preferable to be in Bulgaria rather than in Germany with her daily left wing terrorism, loads of entitled and violent "refugees", German zombies and a fall from a big hight.
  6. I can't copy and paste it now, so you could search the term "Krall", I have posted about Markus Krall a few times. I don't think Germany will bail out anyone.
  7. The first consideration for me would be it's easier to travel with gold, in a shtf scenario criminality will go up a lot and you want to travel from Bulgaria to Austria. Or maybe you want to send it but might stealing of parcels also go up during a shtf scenario, particularly of bigger, heavier ones? Maybe not but I would consider it a possibility. Therefore I would start with gold and as you want more than just a handful of coins so you can sell only a part at a time, I would stick to it for a while. I agree you should have both. I don't know what the right gold silver ratio is. For me space is the limiting factor for silver, thus I hardly buy it anymore. Maybe go for silver with the 1000 Euros and then concentrate on gold with your monthly purchases, but it's up to you, I'm not giving financial advice.
  8. I too would consider gold and should you decide to go for gold and want to sell in Austria and want to spend roughly 300 Euros a month I would consider quarter ounce Austrian Philharmonics - and I would consider buying the old Schilling Phillharmonics and not the newer Euro ones. I was in this shop below on my holidays last year, I said I wanted to buy a one ounce gold coin - they didn't even ask what coin but only "Schilling or Euros?" as the Philharmonic has a similar popularity in Austria the Sovereign has in the UK. So why would I go for Schilling Philharmonics? The Austrian National bank has guaranteed to exchange Schillings into Euro indefinitely - you could still get Euros for your old Austrians Schillings there. So, the Schilling is not legal tender there anymore but exchangable into it at the national central bank, so the Schilling Phillharmonic is almost as good as the Euro one, plus in case the Euro collapses and the Schilling is reintroduced there, you have the right gold coin, too. Unfortunately, the Silver Philharmonic was only introduced after the abolishment of the Schilling. https://www.goldundco.at/edelmetallpreise.html you get you pay Wiener Philharmoniker EUR 1/4 Unze 7,78 351,40 375,00 EUR Wiener Philharmoniker ATS 1/4 Unze 7,78 348,60 360,90 EUR PS: Needless to say, I bought a Schilling Philharmonic
  9. The wording is bad. He said "ideal" but in the context he meant the gold price based on physical supply and demand without the much bigger paper market on top of it - on this physical basis, he thinks the price would currently most likely be about 1750 Euros, increase its purchasing power considerably during the upcoming crisis and afterwards go back to the purchasing power that 1750 Euros currently have, in whatever denomination.
  10. No, not at all, that's why I find these statements interesting, usually you only see gold dealers talking about short term moon figures, often high even for moon figures, as if they were the long term gold price. That's what makes me believe this could be a good guess of someone from the gold business who knows what he is talking about. Because the long term non-moon figure is what interests me and I would like to know where it is and what other people think where it is.
  11. That's very true but it's still remarkable because at the same time he says he thinks it will go beyond 2000 Euros during a crisis he also thinks is going to happen. Based on this video he would have to recommend potential customers not to buy when gold is at 1900 Euros. Obviously he won't do that but it's still a remarkable deviation from the usual "buy, it's undervalued and it still will be at $5000 because the price should be at 20.000 at the very least anyway, so always buy".
  12. Just watched a video of the owner of a big German PM shop (Kettner Edelmetalle), talking about this. As most people here wouldn't understand it, I rather don't link to it but tell you about it: The ideal gold price, based on its purchasing power and without the huge influence of the derivate market, would be between 1700 and 1800 Euros (currently 1750 Euros are almost £1500), although he thinks there is no question it will go over 2000 Euros but only when, given the current economic situation but the first statement would imply, eventually it would come down again to what is currently the purchasing power of 1750 Euros. He didn't really tell in detail how he came up with this figure but to me it seems reasonable, once we pass the £1500 we will be in the bubble area. It's none of these extreme figures that are flying around (and that he too thinks are likely to happen in an economic crisis but only for the duration of the crisis) What do you think?
  13. I've made one big orde with them last year, delivery in 2 parts, no issues. I can't remember how long the delivery took but I didn't call or email them so it must have been in time. But that was well after Christmas.
  14. I think you are asking the wrong question. The right question in my opinion is, is it the right time to buy a house, now. I think the clear answer is, no. Property prices all over the UK compared to the average UK income - if you compare this ratio back in the 1950s to the same ratio in 2007, when someone looked into it, properties were ca 5 times more expensive in 2007 - in terms of purchasing power per average income. For example, if the average income was £300 in the 1950s and the average property cost £6000 and the average income in 2007 was £1500 then the average property would have cost £150.000 in 2007. The numbers are made up but the ratio isn't. The point is, what goes up, also comes down. How much longer can it be after 70 years of a ratio only developing one way? It should also be mentioned the property prices haven't gone up equally, across the UK, compared to the average income. Around London more than e.g. in the North of the UK but to it went up considerably, all over the UK. Of course a house is better than a few Sovereigns. But selling them in times of more and more economic instability - which indicates the income/property ratio reversal is not in the far distant future - I would rather be patient and wait for properties to become relatively cheaper.
  15. A few tubes of them is the only silver I want to buy this year, I'm actually disappointed it will be released after the Horse of Hanover because I think chances are, silver prices will be considerably higher in autumn than in spring because of the dark economic forecasts for 2020 but maybe silver will first drop before going up, in the beginning economic crisis or maybe it's still till 2021 before it kicks in. People love dogs and with a decent design it should gain a long lasting premium. I'm even considering all silver versions, proof and 10oz although I currently have no piece of silver bigger than 2oz and don't actually plan to change that. And the one and quarter Oz gold version too, bullion and proof for the one Oz. But it all depends on the silver and gold prices in autumn. If they are too high, I won't get any greyhounds at all.