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  1. Thanks God I didn't listen to your advice.
  2. Thanks a lot! So my 10 and 20 Coronas with chaplet and of course the Vreneli were actually minted at the time indicated on the coins. Just noticed my 8 Florin coin looks cleaned. 😑
  3. My post just above was supposed to be an answer to this post, obviously.
  4. 1892 10F Austrian Restrike Line number 6 Should that not be 8F? Also if you compare it with my post in today I received I knew there are 1915 restrikes and from the condition I took it that it must be one But from how they look, I had the suspicion others are probably restrikes as well. Does anyone know how many different restrikes the Austrian mint is or has been producing and what years and coins are concerned?
  5. Can this please wait for a few years?! I have only started with PMs last year and still want to load up more over the next years. Where are the gold price suppressors when you need them?!
  6. We had our fun but now it's time for a 5 year low. I don't give up my hope.
  7. "Should they ever decide to do so"? It's called taxes. When someone takes money from you against your will, it's called theft. Schools, hospitals, streets, domestic and outer security, courts etc. You can get it for 10% of the gross national product. And even those things would work better if they were voluntarily funded rather than by force, by a monopolist, aka Mafia. Confiscation aka theft is the primary function of a government. That's why they exist. So what's the alternative? A private law society. Not sure if his books about this subject have been translated into English but there is a long talk on Youtube by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.
  8. My first none one ounce and none Sovereign coins. I will still focus on Sovereigns and only buy the odd other coin and here with a focus on central Europe.
  9. Today I received 20 Austrian Corona with chaplet 1896 20 Austrian Corona without chaplet 1915 (restrike) 10 Austrian Corona with chaplet 1905 8 Austrian Florin 1892 20 Swiss Franc (Vreneli) 1947
  10. I don't think it was a good idea. It was welcome by the powers that be
  11. How "intelligent" can someone be to hand over money to the government deliberately?! Ending the gold standard was a very welcome side effect, of course. Also today, in this case Germans can "donate" to make the national debt smaller and there are actually people doing this. 😑
  12. There were visions of something like the internet in the 1950s - but with only one gigantic computer and everyone accessing it via an interface. Only one central sever of course makes 1984 real in that sense that whoever has control of his server can control the internet (and all records on it and therefore change events in the collective memory, at will). In the early days the internet wasn't like this, so this had to be remedied with CIA fronts like Fakebook and Google that were created to spy on everyone. I don't know about Ebay though. The "cloud" is clearly a further attempt to centralise the internet. It will fail though, it's just too doable to decentralise even the whole internet address system and also social media by replacing the existing platforms with social media that are based on the blockchain where thus information is stored on many different servers (the data of one of which can't be altered without the attempt showing up at all other servers) and thus can't be practically censored. Currently there are two such alternative social media in the making, Akasha Eterium and EOS/Voice, the latter one being a more developt version of Steem the existing content of which will continue to run as EOS/Voice. ...Sorry for getting off the topic a tiny bit.
  13. It's the same with 10k Euros in the EU thus I think it's based on a EU law. It happend to me with one well known dealer in the UK that they told me "we could not verify your address, please provide a proof of a address or we can't send it." I told them they had a proof of my address as they had delivered to me before and they have two choices, sending me the order or refunding me and paying for me to buy elsewhere should the spot price rise. They sent it then. That means they do background checks, address lists etc. All for your security of course. Unfortunately, my approach won't work in your case as it's based on a law they need to oblige to. Buy elsewhere. Edit: Of course this law is in place only to tackle money laundering. It has nothing whatsover to do with our rulers being psychopathic control freaks.
  14. Probably. Psychologically it makes people passive, the last thing needed in the patriotic camp.
  15. What to think of Trump clearly depends on what this Q Anon is about. This Q Anon has insider knowledge so in that sense he is real but that doesn't imply his intentions are as laid out by himself. There are still no high level arrests. As Q Anon is an insider or group of insiders, the "conspiracy theory" labels of the fake media are wrong. But it could still be taking the piss off patriots.