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  1. I don't know about it being a copy and past and didn't read it, I just heard the quotes in on of Martin Sellner's German language videos. I assume he might have quoted from it in this English video as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrC7L_f5cok
  2. accomplices I'm not sure if it was fake or not although I tend to think it was rather real. But I always like to have a look at all possibilities. What is sure though that either the real/fake/MK-Ultra controlled attack was supposed to radicalise modest patriots, either by this gunman himself or by the people behind the possible fake/controlled attack. The media did not report the manifesto said he wanted to trigger repression against modest patriotic groups and radicalise them in the light of this unjust repression. He wanted them to follow his violent path. In Austria and to a lesser extent in the whole Western Media, there is/was a hysteria about a donation of this terrorist to Martin Sellner for whom it was one amongst many donations from someone unknown, even though considerably higher than average (1500 Euros). His movement was on trial last year, having been accused of forming a criminal organisation, after an anti Mafia law had been combined with hate speech law. They were acquitted in the first and in the second and thus last instance. The donation took place before the first instance started. Now the same prosecutor had Martin Sellner's house searched again, because of this donation. At the trial this donation was no subject as no one knew that this terrorist (assuming the story is real) would become one, later. Martin Sellner's group the Identitarian Movement was found not to be a criminal organisation and a few months later they are charged with forming a terrorist organisation. Either the prosecution failed to see that they were acutally terrorists in the trial - or, and of course it's that - it's a political prosecution. It also caused the Austrian Freedom Party that previously somewhat endorsed the Identitarian Movement, their leader had described it as a patriotic Green Peace or along these lines in the past, to completly distance themselves from the Identitarian Movement, after the donation. So, to conclude, the media and the judicial system in Austria and the Western media act out the strategy of the terrorist as he wanted repression against modest groups and got it. Also, he made an easily traceable donation (not e.g. bitcoin (how anonymous the Bitcoin really is, is another discussion). The media are accomplices of this terrorist/the people behind it. That is real in any case, regardless of it being fake/controlled or completely real.
  3. Christchurch Bloodbag Exposed – Woman On Ground Has Hollywood Style Blood Bag Under Her Arm http://breakthematrix.com/blog/christchurch-bloodbag-exposed-woman-on-ground-has-hollywood-style-blood-bag-under-her-arm/
  4. Thanks for all the feedback, I think, I will melt the safe down make rounds from it and sell it as rare pieces on Ebay. Or I might just keep the safe and focus on gold.
  5. A few days ago I got a safe delivered and it was the wrong one. (I only discovered that today.) It has a similar model number and almost the same price as the one I actually ordered and the same security grading. However, it has less volume, internally. The reason is that the walls are thicker. The outside dimensions are the same. This means, with this safe, I could not buy as much silver as I wanted. However, I'm unlikely to ever make if completly full if I only buy gold (and still some silver but less than planned), from now on. On one hand I like it that it has thicker walls. But on the other hand I would like to buy more silver. What would you do? Buying less silver (and more gold) and keep the thicker safe walls? Or have it replaced with the correct model?
  6. I have missed that too. However, it should be mentioned that it is likely that at least at some point he was an intelligence asset. (And once an asset it's difficult to get rid of this status) Why? Because he was charged with several dozens of illegal hackings in the early 1990ies and got away with it, without going prison. However, this means an asset not for Putin but for the Five Eyes. There was also a period where he leaked a lot about Arab countries and Turkey which indicates that he might have been an asset for the Mossad. Regardless of that (and how many of us would not have struck a deal to avoid getting into prison, honestly) he is still a hero as he helped leaking information that the public should know and the deep state wanted to hide, both about the Iraq war and Clinton's emails. Probably without that, Clinton would be US president now. But even from a neutral perspective, for the before mentioned reason, he is objectively a hero, even if the negative reports about his personality are true. I just hope it's Trump behind it for the reason of having him talking about Seth Rich.
  7. Could it be the case that Trump wants him to make this statement (and possibly other ones as well)?
  8. @Numistacker It took me a while to send it but on Wednesday you should receive my Maria TheresiaTaler.
  9. The Queens Beasts will fit in perfectly as they have the exact same diameter. I think you are right that both the Krugerrand and the Maple should fit. Also the Austrian Philharmonic but it will rattle a bit. 40.60 Kangaroo 40.60 Koala 40.60 Kookaburra 40.60 American Silver Eagle 40.00 Rwanda Dog 40.00 Libertad 39.00 Somalia Elephant 38.70 Krugerrand 38.61 Britannia 38.00 Maple 37.00 Austrian Philharmonic
  10. I didn't really plan on making a purchase before the next paycheck which is still almost a month away but this is really tempting. Should I buy or not buy, that is the question. I think I have to leave this one out but it makes my heart bleed. What a great price!
  11. Similar for me, just that I don't have a spread sheet. I keep all receipts and as the stack grows, I will make an inventory list soon. I don't care where or when I bought it as I don't plan on selling anytime soon and the information is still in the receipts anyway. When the time comes for selling, inflation will have made a direct comparison between the price at the time of purchase and the time of selling, straight out of a spread sheet, impossible and also official inflation rates are not necessarily accurate. Thus, to get an accurate picture I would need to calculate the exact real inflation. I know there is a site called shadow stats for the US Dollar but I never came across a £ or Euro version. I roughly know what the value of my stack is but when I calculate a concrete figure, I assume it's less, so for example a 1 ounce silver coin is worth £10 in my head, so that the figure at the end is lower and I can't get a negative suprise in case I should be forced to sell in the near future. A bullion Sovereign I calculate in with a value of £200, a one ounce gold coin with £900 (not that I would have many yet)
  12. I have received it only two days after I made the payment, well packaged, magnet and weight tested. Everything fine with the coins. It was a pleasure to buy coins from you @HighlandTiger
  13. My first piece of gold ever, a Jubilee Half Sovereign that I bought last summer, turned out to be fake. I had done gravity tests on all bullion Sovereigns I had bought till before Christmas. Just last week, I had a chance to have it X rayed at Baird & Co's when I bought Sovereigns there. It turned out to be 18K gold. My local dealer, who had no possibility to know for sure I gave him the coin back he had sold me, gave me a proof half Sovereign, 1996, as replacement. Before the X-raying, I was not sure if my gravity test was maybe not accurate enough for such small coins (it was my only bullion Half Sovereign, at the time). It turned out to be reliable. Back in December, I also tested a silver coin for trying out the testing method, a QB bullion coin. It was absolutely spot on what is should be. The point I'm trying to make - specific gravity tests do work. I doubt a dealer will take back coins based on the hammer test but it's more difficult to refuse to do so based on a gravity test.
  14. If you manage to bring it to a country where there is no capital gain tax, well that would be one possibility. Not sure if there would be an export tax to pay but I assume that would not be the case. In Germany there is no capital gain tax on PMs as long as you have hold it for at least a year. That's supposed to discourage short term speculation. For this you need to be able to show invoices for your purchases though. When I bought an Austrian Philharmonic 1 ounce gold coin on holidays in Austria, I have asked them about taxes - they said there is no tax, you would not need an invoice. I would assume it's similar in some Eastern European countries. Capital gain tax is only due after a profit of over £11600 and only for the part of the profit that exceeds this figure. For most silver stackers that would only ever be relevant in the case of strong inflation - which of course is part of your question. I think it unlikely that at a melt down of the global economy silver prices wouldn't go up in purchasing power but let's assume it. In that case if you had not made a gain in purchasing power but would get over the £11.600 - it would be interesting if you could argue you had no profit, even if you had a nominal one due to hyperinflation. I have the strong suspicion that bureaucrats would not bother about purchasing power but stick to the strict wording of the text book.