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  1. Yes, he could cut it into slices and pour a flat layer of gold over the top, then it would like a honey bread.
  2. I don't have that much too but I want to continue to buy PMs for decades to come and I'd buy the sigma verifier at the beginning of my OM purchases rather than at the end of it. .... Not sure why it would be cheaper in the US, don't you have to pay an import duty anyway?
  3. Just seen this thread, I also have a Sigma tester but I live considerably further north in the UK anyway, so geographically that wouldn't have been a match. I have the pro version that measures all the way through the coin/bar (if they are not too thick as I don't have the extension for big bars), the one used here only measures the surface and just beneath, not sure how far exactly If anyone has doubts about one piece and lives somewhat close to me, things could be arranged as well or I also don't mind having them sent to me if the owner of the piece pays the postage. But I'm not going to state here where exactly, you'd have to PM me and find out. I don't have any gold bars but I can measure through capsules (1oz coins, Britannia, Eagle, Maple, Krugerrand, Philharmonic, Kangaroo) but Sovereigns and other small coins I had to take out as Sovereigns are too small for the bigger of the two sensors and the smaller one is too narrow for a capsule to fit in. Also for my double Sovereign I had to use the smaller sensor, I think they are too thin for the bigger one. I also have some extensions for smaller items but they only measure the surface. But theoretically you should be able to measure (the surface of) Sovereigns in capsules there - I have not tried it out though. These slabs are one reason I don't like bars. I want to be able to take it out. The packaging means nothing to me, no matter how may holograms etc they put on there. They should sell them in something you can open without destroying it, then you could easily do a gravity test.
  4. silenceissilver


    I would agree if he lived in the UK but although Sovereigns are principally a good buy in any country, they are just a bit less so outside of the UK. If I lived in the Benelux countries I would probably focus on coins of these countries and the Latin monetary union. They even have a bit less gold, I think 5.8g and thus they are closer to Ron's requirements. They share with the Sovereigns that they are historic coins, often at bullion value, with some numismatic ones. This page gives a good overview over different coins in different countries. https://www.heubach-edelmetalle.de/catalog/goldmunzen (They are good for getting an overview and I have bought from them before, but they generally don't have the best prices.) If I lived in Holland, I would look which ones of these are offered a lot in gold coin shops there (and on Dutch websites including Dutch Ebay). Of course none of these other coins there were minted as much as the Sovereign - maybe the Sovereign is more liquid than any of these other coins even in the Netherlands but because of the lower gold content, I would still go e.g. for the 20 Franc coins. But even buying modern 1/10 oz coins, if this is what your budget allows, is not wrong. Personally, since I have started buying precious metal coins, a bit more than a year ago, I couldn't have one single month without buying precious metals. So if I couldn't afford more than 1/10 that's what I would buy.
  5. Of course I do. That's why I have highlighted the parts that are important. Please don't missunderstand what I mean by climate change deniers. Climate change deniers are people that deny the natural climate change and insist it's not natural but human made.
  6. 1) It is proven climate change deniers are funded by the oil industry. For example the Rockefellers back the deniers of natural climate change. There are many more direct links, I can name a few more on request (but not before tomorrow). 2) There is no correlation between carbon dioxid in the atmosphere and temperature 3) There are no experiments that back the theory of the correlation between carbon dioxid and temperature in the atmosphere 4) The climate models are non linear chaotic 5) The meta study that claimed 97% of the scientists would back the deniers of natural climate change is a fraud, it's 0.3% Below two screenshots of how the consensus is being counted. Neutral = Endorsement and that's just one example of how they count. More on request (but again tomorrow) Most scientists are honest but some sum their studies up in a dishonest way
  7. Where do you store a tonne?
  8. Since I started stacking silver and gold I also keep thinking "this would have been an ounce of silver, a half sovereign, a full sovereign etc. Thus, I spend less, sometimes to an extent that makes it hard to get through the month but it's worth it.
  9. Got my first double Sovereign today. I also considered £2 coins from this forum but it had to be Pistrucci, this time. Still a £5 and a quarter Sovereign on the list. The scratches and marks are on the capsule.
  10. Good post but one little mistake. "Could" It's happening already, of course but unnoticed by many. Many patriots have not just their social media cancelled but also their paypals. And one, Martin Sellner, even has a collection of several dozens of bank cards of banks that closed his bank account because of his patriotic activism. He has shown them in one video, don't know which one, now. He lives in Austria and has to have bank accounts in countries like Hungary and Poland! That's happening now, not a future scenario.
  11. What changes? You make life easier for people who want to continue to use cash. There more cash is used, the more it is accepted. Now there are gyms that don't accept cash. For me that means I go swimming instead where they accept cash (OK, also for other reasons but still eventually I would have said good bye to this gym anyway just for not accepting cash.) I hate this, they are in control and what can I do attitude. It's an excuse for being lazy. You are a single person and you do what you can. More and more people are waking up more and more and there is every chance it will be enough.
  12. Why do they sell ice cream that looks like Karl Marx? The nose on the middle left, the beard at the bottom left and you can clearly see his eyes, forehead and hairline.
  13. They are made in the US, that's also where I have ordered mine. There is a place in Slovenia that sells them too. US: https://sigmametalytics.com/ Slovenia: https://www.sigma-verifiers.com/en/buy/precious-metal-verifier-pro I would definitely buy the pro version. The difference is, it measures all the way through the coin, the non pro version only measures the surface, so plated coins might not be detected, depending on how thickly they are plated and how deep the basic version measures, not sure about that. If you can't detect a plated coin, it's a waste of money, in my eyes. I bought it since already my very first PM coin, a half sovereign, turned out to be a fake - only 18K gold and although I got a proof half sovereign from the dealer instead, it was very complicated to find out it was a fake, starting with specific gravity tests and bringing it to another dealer who finally confirmed - even in writing - it's a fake, so with this paper I got the proof coin from the original dealer. The whole thing took half a year and had I not bought at this shop on a regular basis, with the owner having an interest in keeping me as customer, I might not have got my money back. Got the money back but I will not buy there gain. Apart from my latest PM purchases, I have tested every single coin and I'm happy to say I have no single fake in my stack (unless amongst my latest purchase). I have no piece bigger than 2oz (silver) or 1oz (gold) - if you have big bars you will need the external bridge - I don't have it as I don't need it. I think I have bought the small, the refiners and the micro-wand though or at least two of them- but I haven't tried them out yet, I could test everything without them. I'm not even sure if they measure through the whole coin, probably not so. Bigger coins, thus 1oz coins, I can test inside of their capsules, Sovereigns have to go under the smaller sensor and as it's narrower, capsules don't fit in there but the plastic bags do. I also tested a 5.6 silver heart present I had made for someone from @BackyardBullion this seems to be about the maximum size (or just above) for the sensors, without the external bridge. The green is green/orange/red - real/doubtful/fake and the 5.5 oz were in the orange.