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  1. hi all, looking for some us dimes, Roosevelt or mercury not to fussy=] please pm me with offers if you have any for sale thank you!
  2. hello, can I get the kitco and the jm bar please.
  3. the auction has finished now I think.
  4. can I please see the argor heraeus, pamp suisse, umicore and the republic bank of New York.
  5. could I also get the 2x northwest territorial bars please
  6. could I get 3x silver town bars, the element bar and the bar with the crown on in the second pic please=]
  7. ok thank you very much for your help, I will try with bank transfer now
  8. ahhhhh ok thanks one more thing=] when using transfer wise do I have to send by bank transfer or can I just use debit card with IBAN num?