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  1. is anything still available?
  2. hi, is there still 9 mercury dimes left? if so ill take them please
  3. ahh ok thank you thats kool I did scroll through but couldn't seem to see it anywhere , im going to have to get some extra hours in now=]
  4. hi sorry if I missed this question but am I able to add anything to my order next week if I've already placed my order this week?
  5. could I buy 2 monkeys, 2 dogs, 1goat and 1 rooster if available please
  6. good job byb, you've earned all the subs you get for the hard work you put in!
  7. ok thank you, I've gone for a few different coins so I imagine ill have to order sepretly
  8. order is in I think... bit of a dumb question but do the silver coins come in a small plastic case or shall I buy separate? silver noob here=]