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  1. He does say April this year to be fair
  2. When do you know when to sell - Chris from Silver Shield predicts silver to rise to $51 by 8th April - is that then the time to sell or wait till it shoots for the moon as many predict - what is your exit strategy, will you be looking to exit at a certain price or when it hits the moon exchange for property or similar, I know a lot are waiting til retirement but will they be tempted to sell early. Brian.
  3. agreed - the media sure were pushing for action, of course the media is owned by the elites and put pressure on Boris to act
  4. i know - so much for protecting yourself - funny
  5. I agree - media pushing the story - the trick they played on us all is a huge amount of the population already have coronavirus virus year after year, covid 19 is a new strain but the testing kits test for any strain of coronavirus so this is the reason why there is a huge amount of cases and not many deaths - it's like a big card trick
  6. interesting video, not very often you get an investigative reporter nowadays, usually media are just talking heads, prepare for the lead balloon and people will say I lost my job over this !
  7. I read this too, sadly when it's all over more people will die from the after effects, there will be many who will not cope with losing jobs, savings, pensions and the total cases of suicides will outnumber the corona virus death toll.
  8. We all know the economy was about to crash, then comes COVID-19 ( How Convenient ), now the media are warning us we are going to have years of austerity whilst the company CEO's who were borrowing from the banks to buy their own shares smoke cigars in the Caribbean and the politicians sell their shares before the crash, as usual the working man gets shafted, nicely executed plan the elites, again you have screwed us.
  9. looking like this will indeed happen
  10. just subbed your recommendations , thanks, will surely get me some knowledge in silver investment.....much appreciated
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