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    Ryan reacted to AgCoyote in Today I Received.....   
    Typically I don't go for proof coins but sometimes you see something you have to have. 
     2016 RCM Canada Geese on a Maple Leaf Silhouette They're only available until the end of July so act soon if you like these.
    I really wish the RCM would do a 1 ounce and 10 ounce bullion coin of a Canada Goose every year with a new design. I think an RCM Canada Goose could be every bit as strong as Perth Mint Kooks.

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    Ryan reacted to adamthetaller in Today I Received.....   
    First forum purchase arrived today, couple of very nice TSF 1Oz bars from @BackyardBullion

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    Ryan reacted to StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    Something new rarest JM London kilo bar I’ve come across 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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    Ryan reacted to Shinus73 in Today I Received.....   
    Sold some gold to play the ratio. Bought 100 First Majestic silver rounds from GS.be.

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    Ryan reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    I know it feels I have been ignoring Silver, but it ain’t true. Just not been posting much of it. Here is a recent stack of bars, such an interesting mix. Top line is a range of 100gm bars.
    And a shot of the bars case full enough so dropped it off at the safety box

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    Ryan reacted to StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    No words can describe it’s beauty,

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    Ryan reacted to adamthetaller in Today I Received.....   
    Latest forum purchase arrived today from @Robjw - a trio of trios, 2018/19 Oriental border Britannias and 2018 Dragons.
    Hopefully I can resist the shiny things on here until the end of the month... The stack is growing a bit quicker than it's supposed to be! 😳

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    Ryan got a reaction from MrScottsdale in (MrScottsdale) The Silver Card 1oz   
    Can I have a silver card please? 
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    Ryan reacted to Roy in GOLD BULLION & GOLD REFINERY WANTED   
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    Ryan reacted to StackerNoob in Stacker Noob's Most-Wanted List!   
    Hi All, 
    I'm hoping this won't get me in trouble. I'm after a number of items and so this seems the easiest way of doing things.
    So not so long ago I set out my goals for the year in a video on my channel. I listed a number of items that I was in the market for and in order to source some of these, I thought I would do a largish WANTED thread on the off chance that some of you might have the odd piece lying around that you are prepared to part with.
    Some of these will be harder to source than others, and some of these items may already be available somewhere in the listings, but this is just my way of doing things. I will open and close this thread as I flip between having funds and not. My prices are ambitious but not unfair. If you think you can come close please make me an offer!
    So if the thread is in WANTED status, I have cash on hand to spend, where it is in EXPRESSION OF INTEREST I don't have cash right now but still need some items on my list. I will only COMPLETE this listing when I get everything I want!
    So without further delay, here is my current list!
    1) 6 1 oz silver Britannias (any year outside 2015-2017 preferred) PAY UPTO £16/oz depending on year
    2) 8 1 oz silver Libertads (any year outside 2008) PAY upto £18/oz depending on year
    3) 10 1 oz silver krugerrands (2019 preferred) PAY UPTO £14.20 per oz
    4) ****10 oz silver Canadian Royal Mint bar PAY UPTO £165 depending on condition **** - SOURCED
    5) 1/4 oz Gold Libertad, any year PAY UPTO £300 depending on year
    6) 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Griffin PAY UPTO £290 depending on condition
    7) 1/4 oz Gold Maple leaf, 2015 onwards preferred PAY £275
    8. 1/4 oz Gold Perth Mint Kangaroo PAY UPTO £290 depending on year
    9) NEW ENTRANT: 10 oz bar capsule to fit 1985 tall E Engelhard bar***
    10) NEW ENTRANT: 10 oz bar capsule, standard size.***
    ***=current must have piece
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    Ryan got a reaction from MrScottsdale in (MrScottsdale) 1oz Silver credit card bar   
    Put me down for 2 for now 
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    Ryan reacted to jonrms in Hand poured Silver, by me.   
    I am listing MY Silver for the FIRST TIME!! I know I did a Launch Party. These are the Silver pieces. I will be giving them a GREAT polish before I send them out, But I wanted to show them here FIRST...… If it wasn't for @BackyardBullion @kimchi and Many more including @ChrisSIlver Then I would have never joined, and never been able to take part in so many events, such as giving my first pour away. And now being able to actually sell.
    I have the fronts of each one shown. I am happy to send more photos of any item on request. I do have them stored.
    I am offering ALL Silver forum paid members Free Delivery within the UK.
    Outside the UK All Silver forum paid memberships get a 50% off discount .. So postage is just £5
    Note Tracking on ALL deliveries, PO Box's I can only Track up to the PO Box.
    Normal deliver in the UK is £5 or Special £8
    Normal Delivery outside the UK is £11 or with insurance £15
    All items are F+F via PayPal .


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    Ryan got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in Mix Silver Clearout! Final Reductions   
    Lion please 
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    Ryan reacted to Frenchie in Today I Received.....   
    I received today the long awaited "Hephaestus" , third coin in the "Gods" serie from mint of Poland 

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    Ryan reacted to OnlytheBrave in Today I Received.....   
    Harrington & Byrne sovereigns arrived today. A couple actually feel thinner on the edge than previous sovereigns I have, but the weight ‘feels’ good. I need to get a digital scale. 
    Strange they sell these sovereigns so cheaply, and add all this fancy packaging which obviously adds cost. I don’t understand H&B: selling sovereigns slightly below spot, only 3 per household, all this unnecessary packaging, the weird sales call, no email on order dispatch etc. A strange bunch. Much preferred the process with Bleyer but maybe not the price 😄
    Also a small order from STG mainly to get me up to date with the Queens Beasts series. I dare say that’s me for a while or the wife will go crazy.

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    Ryan reacted to CoinStruck in Today I Received.....   
    Just bought five of the new Perth Mint 1oz silver Dragaon & Dragon billion coins (mintage 50,000). This is the third of this type of Perth Mint coin the first being the "Phoenix & Dragon", the second the "Tiger & Dragon" and now the "Dragon & Dragon". Not sure what they will do for the forth coin, perhaps an Australian theme - Emu & Dragon or Koala & Dragon??
    Also bought the second of their Birds of Paradice 1oz solver bullion coin. 

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    Ryan reacted to blackadder in Today I Received.....   
    Afew small bars from @arshimo2012

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    Ryan reacted to harrygill111 in Today I Received.....   
    Some spotty dogs too! 

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    Ryan reacted to Nick1368 in Today I Received.....   
    Beautiful coins, only %3 premium, not bad at all.

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    Ryan reacted to Lindeman in Today I Received.....   
    Last week ..but just got one into a deep capsule today: a pile of silver BU Yales. 
    Also a gold 1/4  Yale ....sadly got a tiny visible mark on the Queen’s neck, so this will not be going for grading. Yale side is magnificent. 

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    Ryan reacted to MHoppy in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks @SilverStan

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    Ryan reacted to silverleaf in Today I Received.....   
    A nice little box from the European Mint arrived today.

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    Ryan reacted to UKStacker in Today I Received.....   
    Very nice, I have some unicorns, but wish I'd have got a bull or something else for some variety
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    Ryan reacted to Lr103 in Today I Received.....   
    A 1oz Platinum Black Bull of Clarence

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    Ryan reacted to AndrewSL76 in Today I Received.....   
    I am yet to venture into the big bar market. This is making me very envious!!!